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I’ll Not Give Another Shot At Dating Venita – BBNaija Star, Adekunle

Adekunle, the Big Brother Naija reality star, has explained that he won’t consider rekindling his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Venita Akpofure.

Speaking in a recent interview with YouTuber Olufemi Daniel, Adekunle stated that their relationship had ended and he isn’t open to rekindling his affair with the actress.

Adekunle revealed that their relationship didn’t last beyond the Big Brother house, adding that he didn’t know Venita outside the house.

He said, “This is the first time in so long that I’ve spoken about Venita. Coming into the house was the very first time in my life I knew about Venita. I didn’t get the opportunity to know her outside the house. Whatever we had didn’t last outside the house. The only memory that I have of her is the one we shared in the house.”

The host asked, “If there’s ever an opportunity, would you give another shot at dating Venita if both of you decided to sit face-to-face and talk about it?”

Adekunle replied, “I can sit face-to-face with her, that’s not a problem, but because of everything that has happened, I would not want to give another shot at her.

“A lot of bad things happened. There could have been a better way to resolve issues from her part.”

Recall that Adekunle and Venita were an item in the Big Brother Naija All-Stars edition of the reality show last year.

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Adekunle opens up about why his relationship with Venita Akpofure turned sour

Former BBNaija housemate Adekunle has revealed the reason behind his relationship fallout with his ex-lover and colleague, Venita Akpofure.

You may recall that Adekunle and Venita were in a relationship during the Big Brother “All Stars” season, but after the show ended, they were no longer seen together.

For the first time since the “All Stars” season concluded on October 1, 2023, Adekunle has publicly addressed his past relationship with Venita from their time in the house.

In a recent interview, the reality TV star disclosed that he no longer communicates with Venita and that their relationship has ended. He mentioned that many bad things occurred after the show, and his first meeting with Venita was during their time on the show.

Adekunle emphasized that his only memories of her were from the house as he had no opportunity of knowing her outside the house.

Despite being able to be in the same room as Venita, Adekunle stated that he could never consider a relationship with her again due to the negative events that occurred, which he attributed entirely to her.

However, Adekunle noted that he and Neo, Venita’s brother, remain on good terms despite rumors circulating online.

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Venita Akpofure Reacts as Vee Iye Tags Her as a ‘Fool at 40’ Over Neo and Beauty’s Relationship

BBNaija star, Venita Akpofure has asked her colleague, Vee Iye to let go of the past.
This comes after Vee labeled her a ‘fool at 40.’
It all started after Venita liked a disparaging tweet aimed at Vee, shortly after Vee shared a glimpse of her mystery romantic partner, suggesting she was in a new relationship.
Many accused Vee of flaunting her newfound relationship as a response to a charming snapshot of her former boyfriend, Neo Akpofure, alongside his new girlfriend, Beauty.
Reacting, the insult from Vee, Venita took to her X page to beg her to let bygones be bygones.
In her words:
“I’m not Jesus. I cannot perform miracles and I cannot raise Lazarus from the dead. Namaste 🙏🏽. The past SHOULD stay exactly where it belongs…in the very stiff back.”
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My Romance With Venita Was Not Strategy – BBNaija Star, Adekunle Says

Adekunle Olopade, the Big Brother Naija All Stars finalist, has said his relationship with Venita Akpofure was not a strategy to get votes.

Speaking in a recent interview with Miracle OP, Adekunle said he was also a finalist in the ‘Level Up’ season last year despite not being in any relationship.

He said Venita’s intelligence was what attracted him to her.

“I don’t think the both of us navigated around ourselves as a way of strategy. Because if you noticed, we were always in the room. We kind of always took ourselves away from everything happening in the House. So, I don’t think at the back of my mind that would look like a strategy.

“We were just comfortable with ourselves. Because there was another madness going on in the House. We were like, no, this is not going to touch us,” he explained.

“Bless God that we found ourselves. But yeah, real life situations let’s see what happens as time goes on,” Adekunle added.

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BBNaijaAllStars: I’ll Spend My Energy Recuperating In Bed Next To You – Adekunle Tells Venita

It seems like BBNaija All Stars housemate Adekunle is love struck.
During a recent discussion, he revealed that he finds joy spending time with Venita.
He said this while discussing the happenings in the house with Venita, as he is already losing weight and would no longer interfere in the fights between housemates.
He said, ”Focusing in the house comes with abusing weight, fighting, and negative experiences will make me loose more weight.
I don’t have the energy for it; I would rather spend my energy recuperating in bed next to you; cos at the end of the day, when all the madness and craziness is happening in this house, next to you, I think it is the happy place for me.”
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BBNaija All Stars: Adekunle Declares Himself Married to Venita Akpofure

Adekunle has revealed that he’s now a married man.
This followewd the BBNaija All Stars housemate’s relationship with fellow housemate, Venita.
He made the revelation during a discussion with Cross.
Adekunle addressed a fellow housemate, Cross Okonkwo, in the dressing room on Monday morning and asked him to be more of a baby boy.
When he was told the same thing, he rejected it and stated that he had married his love interest and should be addressed as a married man.
“Cross, be a baby boy. No No No, I’m a married man,” he stated.
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BBNaija All Stars: Venita Should Remember That I’m Married – Seyi Warns Housemate

BBNaija All Stars housemate Seyi Awolowo has given a warning to his female colleague, Venita Akpofure.
According to Seyi, he’s not Venita’s husband, so she should mind how she talks to him.
Seyi made the clarification when Adekunle tried to have a chat with him about the back-and-forth clash between Venita and Neo.
Speaking on his stance with Venita, he revealed that he is trying to avoid emotional attachment with her as a married man.
He said, “Now, she’s already crying upstairs. Make Venita remember that I get wife for house. I’m not exactly her husband.”
When Adekunle further jibed, “You no be super hero,” Seyi responded thus: “Yes now, because this whole issue with Neo is becoming too much.”
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BBNaija All Stars: Pere Is In His 50’s And Has A Photo Of His Manhood In Every Ladies’ DM – Venita

BBNaija All Stars housemate, Venita was involved in a clash with fellow housemate, Pere Egbi and she spilled certain secrets about him.

Recall that a confrontation between Adekunle and Pere had occured when the latter insisted that the cap on Venita’s head to taken off and given to someone else while they were shooting a film.

This had caused a heated clash between Adekunle and Pere as they almost got physical.

Venita who was still angry at Pere over the fight revealed to her fellow housemate, Ike that Pere is actually in his 50s.

She also disclosed that the former US military officer told her that he couldn’t afford his flight tickets to come for the BBNaija show.

Ranting further, she disclosed that Pere is in the habit of sending his manhood photos to ladies DM.

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BBNaija All Stars: Big Brother’s Parrot Exposed Ike’s Secret To Housemates

Ike Onyema, the BBNaija All Star participant, has been exposed by an in-house parrot.

Ike was exposed by the parrot who revealed his secret discussion about pimping Venita and other female co-reality stars for rich boys at parties.

The parrot had during the normal daily routines of the house, acted strangely by speaking out loud the words of an housemate, Ike.

The parrot then continued to impersonate Ike Onyema’s prior private chat, in which he freely admitted to arranging connections between BBNaija females and wealthy individuals for social occasions.

Ike’s direct comment stunned his fellow housemates, sparking a flurry of debate and bringing a new layer of drama to the ongoing BBNaija reality program.

The housemates were taken aback when the parrot uncannily mimicked Ike’s remarks about planning parties for his acquaintances and arranging for BBNaija female participants to attend these events.

“I make money from PR, we organize parties and these boys call me to arrange big Brother babes for them.

“Venita knows how many times I have called her. I make the most money when I give BBNaija girls to ballers including Venita.”

The inclusion of Venita Akpofure’s name in his statement fuelled the debate even more, implying a direct link between her and Ike’s acts.

The housemates are still unsure whose statement the parrot mimicked.

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BBNaija All Stars: Adekunle’s Intelligence Attracted Me To Him – Venita Says

Big Brother Naija All Star housemate, Venita Akpofure, has talked about her fellow housemate, Adekunle Olopade.

She revealed the attractions that subconsciously got her into liking co-housemate, Adekunle during her diary session on Wednesday.

The actress said she is attracted to Adekunle’s brain, stressing that he is super intelligent.

She added that Adekunle is eloquent, articulate, and classy but still “a bad boy.”

“I’m attracted to his mind and his brain. He is very intelligent, very articulate, very eloquent. And he has class and is still a bad boy.”

She, however, said Adekunle is still affected by his misadventure with Allysyn during the Level Up season.

Recall that Venita recently disclosed to fellow housemates that she has been celibate for months, stressing that she has sex once every six months.