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“Some people have never received valentine packages” and similar posts like this are probably the first thing you’d come across as you log in to any social media platform on the 14th of February every year.

Some playfully refer to this day as a perfect one to apply pressure and ‘press the necks’ of single people. But, has there ever been a day when single people are not subjected to pressure from couples? Those people have always restricted our airflow! God abeg!

To those of us single, it’s just another day to be reminded of our inexistent love life and to be pressured further when those in relationships upload lovely, and cute pictures and video evidence of them exchanging Valentine’s packages or gifts, flowers, and so on.

The work automatically assigned to the singles on this day is to display the ‘raise am, raise am’ act. Some do this by liking the couples’ posts, exclaiming, and leaving comments like ‘he-he’ ‘ awwn’ ‘God abeg’ and ‘God when’ while some will rather hiss, squeeze their faces, and scrunch their nose as they scroll past the posts with a speed of light.

People’s opinions about Valentine’s Day vary.

Some view this day as ‘overhyped’, some deem it important and look forward to it, every year while some think it is just like every other day. What then is the big deal about Valentine’s Day?

For the lucky few, it’s a day of happiness and to further bond with one another, for others it’s a day that opens up old wounds.

Now, here comes the question, Is Valentine’s Day really what it should be nowadays?

What’s Valentine’s Day all about?

Valentine’s Day is all about love.

St. Valentine, patron of love.

Valentine’s Day was presented in honor and remembrance of St. Valentine, a Roman priest. It is said that this man displayed love in its greatest form for the church through dedication and laying down His life. Since then, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as a day of “love”. A day celebrated between loved ones with a theme colour of white and red that symbolizes this special day.

Over time, Valentine’s Day evolved from the celebration of St. Valentine’s sacrificial love to a day for individuals, friends, and families to rekindle and keep the fire of their undying love for each other burning bright, to ensure their bond wax stronger, and to appreciate one another through admirable gestures, such as exchange of beautiful words, and substantial gifts that further preach love to their loved ones.

But, spoiler alert!!!

Valentine’s Day has lost its actual substance and uniqueness. Nowadays, the exchange of material things is used to measure the extent of love between couples. High expectations as well as competition for who got the most expensive gifts are now the order of the day during Valentine’s Day. Also, Comparisons of what others did for their partners to what their partners did for them now matter over the real love that should be celebrated. Most people believe that the only genuine manner their partners can sincerely establish their love for them is through expensive gifts which should not be so.

Valentine’s Day has been reduced to one single day that is all about overhyped excitement of partners who forget being good or showing love to one another for the rest of the year. The majority have misplaced perceptions about Valentine’s Day and they celebrate it just to follow the bandwagon.

Series of events on Valentine’s Day

We witness diverse happenings on Valentine’s Day, some lovely and prayer point worthy while some are filled with sad experiences. The lucky few get appreciated, and some get served premium breakfast as ‘e dey hot’.

We see instances of a cheating partner getting exposed as Valentine gifts and the bearers of the gifts collide with one another in the house of a girlfriend or vice versa. Both men and women are dumbfounded as they witness or see videos of their supposed partners presenting gifts to another person.

For people like this, Valentine’s Day will forever be a sour day until someone somewhere, the right man or woman appears to change their view about it.

Then, there are the ones who experience kindness from real partners who immensely understand and incorporate intentionality on a normal day aside the Valentine’s Day. To them, Valentine’s Day is just a plus one day to wax stronger and a reminder that their love can’t be shaken.

I know at this point, you’re wondering how to reset the true purpose of Valentine’s Day.

Here are some updates;

• As a person with an active relationship, avoid exerting pressure on your partners to get you expensive gifts as regards Valentine’s Day, as this is somehow unkind and stressful. Do away with high expectations and let your main focus be on growing to be better in your relationship.

• If your partner is not buoyant enough to get you any gift whatsoever, spend quality time with them, and bond over meaningful things on this day, it might be a movie night together in your room, or a game night. Indulge in any other interest you have observed that sparks joy in your partner.

• If you have once been hurt on Valentine’s Day, it’s understandable if your view about it changed completely after that experience but trust me, you’re deserving of love in its purest form. Be open-minded and give love another try. let me embrace my ‘single to stupor’ life

• To those of us single, let us keep exclaiming ‘God when’ to couples pictures!

• I’d advise us to not be a troll or leave hateful comments under couples’ posts or take memes or posts pointing at our dilemma to heart. Have it in mind that one of these days “God go run am” And if all those get to you, you better go find a partner! Or humor yourself and order a Valentine’s package for yourself, take pictures, and caption it “Valentine gifts from my man/woman” so you too won’t ‘carry last’

In all, we should be willing to rewire our ethos on the perception of Valentine’s Day. It’s all about love and love is all about being sacrifial, pure, selfless, and not materialistic as material things are just a plus. Therefore, all-round love should be the order of the day.

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Listen To New Sound By Ugo Jonathan

Birthday song by Ugo Jonathan is the best birthday song to make your special day, listen and download here


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with his debut single of the year set to drop on the 1st of April 2023, recording artist Blacc Marley has allegedly been charged with the offenses of failing short to dept repayment.

The title of his acclaimed forthcoming single “CONTROVERSY” better describes everything the 20 year old Lagos recording artist is going through at the moment. One controversy highlighting another it’ll seem, he was said to be allegedly arrested in the early hours of Wednesday march the 13th, from the studio no
5 apartment on crescent cross estate, plot 1a, Hakeem Dickson link road by members of the Lagos state police department. He is yet to be heard from ever since then.

To pre order the sound below👇


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BlaccMarley Drops Pre-Save Link For New Song Titled Controversy (Project 1.2)

EYE OLUWAGBOTEMI AMOZ is a 20 year old fast rising Nigerian singer/songwriter Blacc Marley drops the pre-save link to his forthcoming single titled Controversy.

For The Pre-save Link

According to Blacc, his new song ‘Controversy’ which drops April 7th was inspired by series of events presently happening in his life.

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The Most Frustrating People to Be Out With When You Want to Have Fun.

You’ve made the decision to go out to party. That’s fantastic. However, if you truly want to have a good time at whatever event you attend, avoid going out with any of these people because they will frustrate you in some way.


If you go out with a couple, you’ll be sorry. They only know how to annoy PDAs and exchange saliva whenever they get the chance. I didn’t invite you out for a dry hump; I invited you out for drinks.


At the very least, introverts prefer to stay at home. Ambiverts have on and off days, and they don’t always realize they don’t want to be out until they are. If you’re out with an ambivert on a day when they want to stay in, God help you. They will irritate you by constantly acting as if they are being punished. They will not even attempt to have fun; instead, they will sit in a corner and press their phones. Meanwhile, they’re the ones who asked you to accompany them. Chisom, we just arrived; stop asking if we can go.

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9-5ers are full-blown party animals. It’s like they channel all the stress from their work into energy for turn up. When you go out with them, you’ll be exhausted within one hour. If you’re out with bankers, architects or lawyers to be precise, just be ready to stay out till 5 a.m. They don’t know when to call it a night, even when they have work the following day.

People who live with their parents 

They’ll try to include you in one stressful lie or scheme so that they can be out. When they’re finally out, they’re paranoid about getting caught. Can’t even post them on your insta story in case one grand cousin’s sister’s daughter accidentally finds your page. Omo, Tunde, this isn’t what I signed up for. Then there are the ones with 9 p.m. curfews, who try to make you leave early too. You and who? Do I leave with your parents?

People who live far away

They always have to leave early because their house is far from civilisation. You sef should know better than to invite somebody from FESTAC out at night. If you want them to stay longer, you have to give them a place to sleep.

Gym buffs

Latest 7 p.m., they’re heading back home because they have to go to the gym the next morning. And while they’re out, they won’t eat or drink certain things because it’s not part of their diet. And they’ll judge you while you’re eating your shawarma and fries at 11 p.m. As if you’re on the diet with them. 


All they want to do is record videos of every single thing that’s happening, all in the name of content. Instead of properly partying, they’re shooting “Come turn up with me on a Friday night” vlogs. If you give them the chance, they’ll carry tripod to the club. 

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This December, ‘How to Ball on a Mechanic’s Budget’

There are only a few weeks left in 2022, so you should already be able to tell whether you’re a baller or a mechanic. And if the latter applies to you, you’ll need these suggestions to make the most of the next holiday season.

Fast and pray.

Committing your account to God through prayer is the first step. Will he increase the value of your account, assign an assistant to find you, or grant you concert tickets in your dreams? If you don’t try, you won’t know.

Buy affordable tickets ‘not asake’ tickets😭’

Who’s to say that you need to be a big boy to hang out with them? Whether you obtained your ticket through a giveaway or just because you are the bird that didn’t sleep is irrelevant. What counts is that you’re outside, dancing to your favorite artist’s performance, and screaming your lungs out.

Get rid of your properties.

You need to increase your income because that is the sole reason you aren’t a baller. If you don’t have any properties to sell, don’t worry. You can make a lot of money by selling your body. Should we point out that you have a functioning kidney and a spare?

Take public transportation.

On the day of the event, you still don’t have enough cash to pay for Uber because you had to sell your father’s land to get Asake’s tickets. Don’t worry; you’ll enjoy public transportation. Use “o wa” as practice for when your favorite performs, as a pro tip.

Possess wealthy friends.

They advise follow who know road but hold your tfare! Additionally, it’s an indication that you should start cutting ties with your current buddies if they aren’t offering you free tickets. Were we able to figure out how you’d meet the wealthy? No. But we’re confident you’ll figure it out.

Eat from home.

There is no rule that says you can’t be a foodie, but try to eat something before you leave the house. We cannot allow you to become so hungry during your legwork that you pass out due to your refusal to pay 5K for pasta with facebeat.

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You Should Let Your Nigerian Parents Pick Your Partner for These 9 Reasons

You’re one of the fortunate few if your Nigerian parents have never tried to arrange for you to meet someone. Although there aren’t many advantages to having your parents pick a partner for you, there could be a few. Below, I’ve listed nine.

The best outcome for you is what they want.

They love you too much to choose just any random person since you are their child. To select the best member of the herd, they will take their time. However, there are situations when what people think is best for you may end up being the worst.

They desire to boast.

They’ll pick the greatest person even if they don’t want the best for you so they can boast to their friends and family that their child is dating the owner of Mr. Biggs.

They conduct research.

Nigerian parents are able to track someone down to their home village. So you won’t have to worry about meeting someone who is already married and has two children if they choose someone for you.

They could direct you away from their errors.

They’ve been married for so long and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. They can now help you avoid the traits in your relationship that they initially failed to see.

They are interconnected.

The networking kings and queens are Nigerian parents. Tell me how you learned that a friend’s child lives abroad, works as a pilot, or is connected to the English King. Better ask them for assistance because they might be aware that your future Canadian-passport holder partner lives nearby.

They’ll be aware of who will serve you breakfast.

What’s that proverb about kids not being able to see what an adult can see while seated? It applies here. Nigerian parents can notice things that we can’t because they have some form of 3D vision. They may be able to recognize a partner who will make you breakfast and who seeks a long-term commitment due to their advanced age.

Your cousin won’t be your date.

The likelihood of falling in love with your cousin would be nil if they choose someone for you because they are more familiar with the family tree than you are.

You can skip the talking stage

They will divulge all of your personal information to possible suitors, down down to the brand of soap you use. They’ll gather all of their data as well and inform you of everything. No need to speak on stage once more. simply wed!

They know how to shoot shots

Even while you might be too bashful to take the shot, your parents aren’t. They’ll be happy to speak with anyone on your behalf and do a good job of selling your product. They’ll make you sound so good that they could want to marry you right then and there.

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5 things you should never share with your partner, under any circumstances

Don’t talk about these things with your partner for the sake of your relationship and your mental health. Particularly number 4 and 5.


Refrain from doing it. Your clothing is lost forever. Ever.


They could feel the need to visit frequently. And when they text you to say they’re coming over for the fourth time in less than a week, you’ll break down in tears if you’re anything like me and enjoy my alone time and personal space. Just say that you reside somewhere out in the woods. (I don’t have the strength to concoct a plausible falsehood right now.)

Your music 

If you make the mistake of sharing your favorite music with your significant other, you won’t be able to hear Asake’s Palazzo when they serve you breakfast. When the music starts playing at the club, you’ll start sobbing uncontrollably.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

What kind of person are you? Why do you intend to share your STD with your partner?


Your significant other will now unlock your phone in order to find anything that will make their chest hurt while you are still in bed, jeje. By keeping your passwords to yourself, you may avoid this whole situation.

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If These People Aren’t on Your Twitter TL, Your Twitter Isn’t Complete

Twitter isn’t all that unlike from many Nigerian markets. Everyone is welcome to enter, and after spending some time there, you won’t be as astonished by what your two koro koro eyes are seeing.

If you use Twitter correctly, you should see all of these people on your timeline (TL).

Alpha males

“As a guy, you ought never to be seen with an umbrella. Declare your authority by telling the rain, “If you touch me, I’ll smack you.” Become a man.

People who get upset at everything

It could be just them.

Those who must always hold divergent opinions

These people wait for everyone to establish an opinion before stating the exact opposite—while still using bbuzzwords, mind you—in an effort to appear educated. “Some of us are wise, every other person overwise,” as Ololade mi Asake once said.


On the TL, someone is constantly extolling the virtues of Christ or another favorite deity. Additionally, you’ll see someone post a testimony of a miracle God performed for them online.

Always eager to drag Christians are certain individuals.

These people are ready to pull anyone who mentions the name “Jesus” if they hear it used in this manner. So Jesus kept you from dying, I see. Why didn’t he save everyone else who perishes every day?

Relationship people

You’re browsing Twitter alone, trying to find something to distract you from the breakup text you just got. The next thing you know, you’re wondering if you’re actually a real human being or a potato after seeing a picture of individuals celebrating their 12-year anniversary with before and after pictures.

Football people

Possibly the most insane but also the funniest folks on the platform. You’ll be OK if you let them carry on with their banter. Anything you receive if you, a non-football person, try to criticize their club or favorite players, consider it as such.


Since I receive all of my unsolicited medical advice from Twitter doctors, I haven’t visited the hospital in years. Regards, folks.

Comrade and vawulence people

It reminds me of insects. You can’t really see them right away (TL). However, as soon as you open the cabinets, you’ll notice them swarming all over the place in their vast numbers. To make sure everyone is comfortable while watching the “vawulence,” they even offer refreshments and seats.

Follow for follow people

No Twitter user should have fewer than 8,000 followers, ifb. Let’s begin a thread that is follow for follow. Those who liked this tweet should be followed. I’ll go back with everyone else. this significant 2022. SMH.

UI/UX Design Twitter

These people are always “experimenting” with Figma and “inadvertently” creating well-planned product designs.


Twitter serves as their workplace. Do they actually use the things they’re promoting, or are they just getting paid to say that? Don’t worry, it’s never really challenging to tell.

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All The Many Questions That Are Possibile When Beginning A New Job

Congratulations! You have been hired. has a distinctive type of anxiety.

At that point, your village’s imposter syndrome starts to make an appearance, with queries like, “Can you perform? How much time will it take for them to realize you’re a fraud?

There are further issues with the new 9–5, particularly in Nigeria, that are more work-related. So what are a few of these problems?

Where do they sell food?

I don’t play with food, and neither should you, as you can see. Finding out where the sweetest yet most reasonably priced food is sold is crucial on the first day of a new job. Never let capitalism triumph.

How many toilets are there?

We require time, music, and adequate solitude to conduct our business since we have shy sphincters. Because there is only one restroom in the office, you don’t want to have a situation where people are pounding on the door. I even suggest include “how many toilets do you have in the company” as one of the interview questions.

Hope they don’t owe salary?

The suffering shall never return. especially if you have gone through something similar in the past. One of the many inquiries that niggles at the back of your mind is this one.

Okay, what time do we close?

There are some 9–5 jobs that are actually 24-hour jobs. You may be wondering whether this is one of those, but hopefully it isn’t.

Is there December bonus?

Please, aid. God bless you and thank you.

What’s the cost of transportation?

Are there any delays on my commute? How much of my pay goes toward that and do I need to take five buses, a boat, and two flying carpets to go to work?

Can we work from home?

Please. I’m not good with traffic jams. Please.