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BBNaija All Stars: Big Brother’s Parrot Exposed Ike’s Secret To Housemates

Ike Onyema, the BBNaija All Star participant, has been exposed by an in-house parrot.

Ike was exposed by the parrot who revealed his secret discussion about pimping Venita and other female co-reality stars for rich boys at parties.

The parrot had during the normal daily routines of the house, acted strangely by speaking out loud the words of an housemate, Ike.

The parrot then continued to impersonate Ike Onyema’s prior private chat, in which he freely admitted to arranging connections between BBNaija females and wealthy individuals for social occasions.

Ike’s direct comment stunned his fellow housemates, sparking a flurry of debate and bringing a new layer of drama to the ongoing BBNaija reality program.

The housemates were taken aback when the parrot uncannily mimicked Ike’s remarks about planning parties for his acquaintances and arranging for BBNaija female participants to attend these events.

“I make money from PR, we organize parties and these boys call me to arrange big Brother babes for them.

“Venita knows how many times I have called her. I make the most money when I give BBNaija girls to ballers including Venita.”

The inclusion of Venita Akpofure’s name in his statement fuelled the debate even more, implying a direct link between her and Ike’s acts.

The housemates are still unsure whose statement the parrot mimicked.

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