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I Was 14 When I Was Admitted to University – Ayra Starr

In a recent interview, Nigerian artist Ayra Starr revealed that she was accepted to a university at the age of 14.

She added that although she aspired to be a teenage pop sensation, her mother insisted that she complete her education before pursuing her music career, so she earned her first degree early.

In a recent interview, she revealed this to American media behemoth Billboard News.

“I got into the university at 14,” Starr recalled. I feel like ever since I was a kid, my mother has been blackmailing me with music. “You have to do this if you want to do music,” she said. I initially said no when she proposed that we move from the Benin Republic to Lagos, but she persuaded me that Lagos is the land of music.

She stressed that I must complete my education before I may pursue a career in music. Many Nigerians typically complete their secondary education at the age of fifteen or sixteen. I realized that I would never be able to pursue a career as a teenage pop star if I waited until I was 15 [before finishing my secondary school]. I also aspired to be a teenage pop sensation. So, I wrote JAMB, or what you guys called SAT here, and I joined my older brother.

“To be honest, I didn’t get into all these Ivy League colleges with this result, but it was good enough to get by. It satisfied my mother’s needs. I was accepted to a reputable university. I took the course for three years. International Relations was the subject. And right away I also began performing music covers online the year after I graduated, and I was signed to the Mavin Records label in the same year.

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I Adore Seyi Vibez Tracks: Asake Admits

Singer Asake, from Nigeria, has expressed his admiration for the songs of fellow musician Seyi Vibez.

The disclosure was posted on his Instagram feed.

For the past year, Asake and Seyi Vibez have been frequently compared by music lovers, who see them as competitors in the industry.

It’s widely held that Asake and Seyi Vibez have similar vocal styles, so that fans have to pick between the two.

Asake, the hitmaker of “Lonely At the Top,” expressed genuine appreciation for Seyi Vibez’s new song, “Different Pattern,” on his verified Instagram profile.

Asake added a music emoji to his expression of affection for the song, implying that he has listened to it multiple times.

“Really, I adore @seyi_vibez different pattern,” he wrote.

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Fafa, I Love You: Omah Lay Pays Tribute to the Woman He Datted With at the London Concert

In a video, Nigerian artist Omah Lay is seen shouting out to the woman he danced with during his “Boy Alone Tour” performance in Europe.

On Tuesday, February 20, the incident took place at London’s Eventim Apollo.

Remember how Omah Lay caused a commotion when, while performing his song “Bend You,” he allegedly asked a female fan who was going to the show with her boyfriend to join him on stage?

Online videos of the pair’s silhouettes posted by attendees sparked controversy, with many criticizing them.

Omah Lay wrote a reply to the fan professing his love for her in spite of the strong criticism.

Shopsydoo, a British-Nigerian media personality, was heard pleading with Omah Lay to give the fan—whom he named as Fafa—a shoutout in a video that went viral on social media.

The vocalist complied.

“Oga, give Fafa a shoutout, that your fan,” said Shopsydoo.

Omah Lay: “Is that her name, Fafa? I adore you, Fafa.

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Actress Laide Bakare is called a “dirty boy” by Portable, who says, “I Can Buy, Marry You.”

Singer Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, has taken aim at actress Laide Bakare.

This is in response to her calling him a “dirty boy from Sango.”

Portable asserted that he could purchase and marry the actress.

After the artist made some crude remarks on social media page, Laide called Portable a dirty kid in an interview with Talk to B while talking about delicate and private subjects.

Personal questions were posed to her, covering the dispute over her child being claimed by two people claiming to be the child’s father.

She answered, saying, “That’s where Wahala started.” I sent out invitations once my Lekki house was completed. They saw it, too, and neither of us responded at all.

“I told them that they weren’t okay. You received my invitations, but you remained silent. So, after I bought my car, someone said, “Sorry, rich woman,” in a comment under my post.

The actress continued, calling Portable “a dirty mad boy from Sango,” and proceeded to harass and ridicule him after claiming that he was the one who had made the comment.

Portable retaliated in a later video, highlighting Bakare’s previous claim that she would cheat if her husband did.

As a result, he warned her not to hang out with his wife because her impact would.

“No be you do interview say if your husband cheats, you go cheat,” said Portable. As a result, I sent you a note asking that you avoid hanging out with my actress wife.

You could encourage her to cheat too because you’re unlucky.

“You called me a dirty boy, but I can buy and marry you,” Portable responded to Bakare’s remark about him being a dirty boy. Your spouse, who is he? Tell me about your spouse.

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Those Who Make Fun of Me Because of My Children’s Custody Will Never Win My Soul Over – Do2dtun

Celebrity Dotun Ojuolape, often known as Do2dtun, has pledged to never forgive those who make fun of him because of his familial problems.

I will never forgive them, he declared.

To make this public, Do2dtun took to X.

Do2dtun emphasized that he would haunt those guilty even after he died, saying that he wanted no one to go through the suffering he is going through.

He wrote: “My soul will never forgive those who tell me, ‘That’s why they took your kids away.'” My ghost will torment you all if I die today. What I experienced should never be endured by anyone. Just a rough kid with a rough skin, that’s me. Every one of you will pass away too soon.

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Breaking: Former Barcelona player Dani Alves is given a four-year jail sentence

According to BBC sources, Dani Alves, a former football player for Barcelona and Brazil, was found guilty by a Spanish court on Thursday of sexually abusing a woman in a Barcelona nightclub.

Alves has been sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

Details to follow.

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Adekunle Gold: “This year, all of my songs will be produced by my wife, Simi.”

The musician Adekunle Gold from Nigeria has released a statement.

He announced on Twitter that Simi, a fellow musician and his wife, will be mixing every song he releases in 2024.

With the simple tweet, “Simi is mixing every song I drop this year, btw,” he made this revelation on Wednesday, February 21st.

The news delighted Simi personally. She reassured her spouse that she would be delighted to carry out the task and that she wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.

“Simi” “It wouldn’t be for anyone else 🌼,” she answered.

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I’ve Generally Dated Older Women, Says Singer Khaid

Khaid, a Nigerian singer, has been transparent about his romantic relationships.

The majority of the women he has dated, he disclosed, are older than he is.

The 19-year-old singer made this announcement while appearing as a guest on the most recent episode of the podcast Spill With Phyna, which is hosted by Phyna, the reality personality Josephina Ijeoma Otabor.

“The majority of women I’ve dated are older than I am, and they don’t really mind,” he remarked.

In contrast to popular belief, older women are more “experienced and respectful,” according to Khaid, who also emphasized that they are not domineering.

He feels that lying is a deal breaker.

The singer went on, “The relationship is over if a lady cheats on me.”

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Joeboy reacts, saying, “Miss Me With All That Drama,” after Mr. Eazi and Temi Otedola unfollowed him and left the label.

Joeboy, a well-known Nigerian artist, responded to his former record label boss Mr. Eazi and his spouse Temi Otedola unfollowing him on Instagram.

Joeboy, whose record label is Empawa Africa, had already declared his intention to finally quit the company.

He wrote a note to his former boss thanking him for taking a risk on him before leaving.

Everything appeared normal up until the point that it was revealed they had unfollowed him and that their split wasn’t amicable.

Joeboy reacted by saying that he was only available to develop quality music and sign other gifted singers, not to engage in controversy.

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Nkechi Blessing bemoans the rising cost of airline tickets, saying, “I will start flying economy.”

Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a well-known actress from Nigeria, has bemoaned the rise in airfare costs.

Since a ticket can now cost up to N9 million, the actress, who often travels in first or business class, is considering taking an economy ticket overseas.

Nkechi Blessing posted a screenshot of the ticket pricing and announced that, unable to comprehend the absurd price hike, she will be beginning her travels in Economy class this year.

“The flight ticket cost nine million naira. I believe that I will fly economy this year. Well, what is this? Haaa God. Nkechi composed.