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Venita Akpofure Reacts as Vee Iye Tags Her as a ‘Fool at 40’ Over Neo and Beauty’s Relationship

BBNaija star, Venita Akpofure has asked her colleague, Vee Iye to let go of the past.
This comes after Vee labeled her a ‘fool at 40.’
It all started after Venita liked a disparaging tweet aimed at Vee, shortly after Vee shared a glimpse of her mystery romantic partner, suggesting she was in a new relationship.
Many accused Vee of flaunting her newfound relationship as a response to a charming snapshot of her former boyfriend, Neo Akpofure, alongside his new girlfriend, Beauty.
Reacting, the insult from Vee, Venita took to her X page to beg her to let bygones be bygones.
In her words:
“I’m not Jesus. I cannot perform miracles and I cannot raise Lazarus from the dead. Namaste 🙏🏽. The past SHOULD stay exactly where it belongs…in the very stiff back.”
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I’m Not Hugging Anyone Until The Price Of Deodorant Goes Down – BBNaija’s Vee Says

Ex-BBnaija housemate, Vee has explained why she would not longer hug people.

Taking to her X page, the actress asserted that she wouldn’t be hugging anyone until the price of deodorant goes down, indicating that she must have experienced some persons with body odour.

She also stated that some people were not using when the prices were as low as N1000 and it will only take a miracle now that it is 5k.

In her words: “I’m not hugging anyone until the price of deodorant goes down. Some of you weren’t using it when it was 1k, God help us now that it’s 5k.”

See some reactions to her post below:

TimCook asked: “They still sell deodorant of 5k?”

yikes_viusualz said: “I hope this shot is not aimed at Tacha 💀💀”

PRINCE CHARMING said: “I know it’s Tacha but I won’t say it loud. 😂”

lwayspimpinn wrote: “No free hugs again”

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I’m Getting Tired Of Wigs – BBNaija’s Vee Laments

Ex-BBNaija housemate and actress, Vee has stated that she is tired of wigs.

She also disclosed her plans to switch up her look to a low-cut hairstyle at the age of 30.

On the microblogging platform X, Vee expressed her exhaustion with wigs, citing their high prices, demanding maintenance, and discomfort from the heat.

She emphasized that the current situation is overwhelming for her.

She wrote: “I’m getting tired of wigs. The prices, the maintenance, the heat. It’s all too much for me right now.”

Taking to the comment section, a fan with the handle, @OfficialAdeloye suggested that she go on low cut.

The fan wrote: “Go on low cut baby”

Vee replied: “Doing that when I turn 30 👀”

See reactions to her post below;

King wrote: “God bless you for saying the truth , u are one of the celebrities out there that’s sincere and honest 🥰🥰”

bankychummz stated: “Cut that hair… be do or die”

Son of Grace said: “Go barb your hair’ll be free”

Adunni wrote: “Attachments are expensive tooooo”

Redfairylee said: “Wigs are sweet and easy .. it’s to just take it off …buy more of closure wigs instead of frontal ❤️”

Omotolani said: “Honestly, I’m tired of the prices”

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Dating In Lagos Difficult – BBNaija’s Vee

Reality star and actress, Vee has opined that dating in Lagos State is hard.

She noted that human communication is no longer what it used to be and has affected the nature of relationships.

The reality star said her emotional nature is also another reason she is sceptical about dating in Lagos.

Speaking recently on Clout Africa, Vee said: “The dating scene in Lagos is a bit harder than usual. As late millennials, early Genzs we are going for it right now, human communication is not what it used to be.

“I avoid situations before I get heartbroken. I’m a soft, romantic, lover girl so a bit of a balance between the brain and the mind, that is the constant battle for me.”

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Vee Warns Women That No Amount of Okra Could Ever Make Him Faithful

Reality TV personality Vee Iye has made her fellow women feel warm and fuzzy.

It won’t work, she says, to use outlandish techniques to make sure a man doesn’t cheat.

Vee Iye cautioned women against the flimsy notion that okra and cloves may woo a man into faithfulness in a tweet.

“All the okra and cloves in the world won’t make that man faithful if he doesn’t want to be,” the author wrote.

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I Want To Be Unnecessarily Sexy This December – BBNaija’s Vee Reveals

Ex-BBNaija housemate, Veeiye, has opened up about her plans for December.

The actress stated that she plans to be extremely sexy next month.

Vee made headlines on Twitter as the holiday season approaches by announcing that she plans to adopt an “unduly sexy” character in December, indicating her excitement to celebrate the season.

See Post Below;


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BBNaija All Stars: CeeC And Uriel Are My Faves So Far – Vee

Victoria Adeyele, the Nigerian reality TV star, who is also known as Vee has revealed her ‘faves’ in the ongoing BBNaija All Stars show.

Via a tweet, the former BBNaija star suggested she has taken a liking to CeeC as well as Uriel.

She said it may change as she noted they were the ones she liked so far.

Vee also predicted the duo would fare very well on the show.

“I like CeeCee & Uriel so far. I think they’ll do really well in the house,” she wrote.

During her time on the reality TV show, Vee and her colleague, Neo were an item.

Seeing she neither picked Neo nor his cousin, Venita who are both participants of the ongoing season 8, but chose someone who’d shared some intimacy with her ‘man’ one tweep voiced his reservation.

The tweep, Power of Will wrote: “But Uriel kissed your man.”

But Vee fired back stating: “I don’t have a man.”


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Laycon Is Wise But I Made The Right Choice Choosing Neo — Vee Replies Fan Who Asked Why She Did Not Date Laycon

Ex-BBNaija housemate and singer, Vee has explained why she chose to be in a relationship with Neo Akpofure rather than Laycon.

In a tweet, the BBN finalist expressed her admiration for Laycon, describing him as the wisest friend she has. Despite his occasional troublesome behaviour, she acknowledged his wisdom.

Vee further revealed that she sees Laycon as someone who possesses maturity beyond his years, describing him as an “old man in a young body.”

In her words, “Laycon is easily the wisest friend I have. He’s a nuisance but so so wise. There’s an old man inside him. I swear”.

In response, a Twitter user opined that Vee should have chosen to date Laycon instead of Neo Akpofure.

“You should have dated him instead of that tall thing u dated in the house Abi,” the fan stated.

In her response, Vee conveyed that she has no regrets regarding her decision and affirmed that she considers it to be the “right choice.”

“I made the right choice lol,”
 she asserted.

See post below;

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Vee speaks on dating experience in UK, gives kudos to Nigerian men

Popular reality star, Vee Iye speaks on her experience in the dating pool while giving kudos to Nigerian men over their counterparts in the UK.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate made this known in a podcast show where she referenced the financial aspect of going on dates.

According to Vee, Nigerian men are better at shouldering the finances of a woman when on a date, unlike UK men who go by the 50:50 method of splitting bills.

She, however, clarified that it had nothing to do with UK men being stingy, rather, it is a thing of culture which is different from how it is done in Nigeria.

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Why I Won’t ‘Japa’ Any Time Soon – BBNaija’s Vee

Reality TV star, Victoria Adeyele aka Veeiye or simply Vee has revealed why she’s not making any plans to leave or ‘japa’ from Nigeria.
The UK-born singer explained having lived overseas most of her life, she made her decision to return to Nigeria to forge a path and she wasn’t ready to derail on her mission by throwing in the towel and zooming off to her birth country.
Vee, describing herself as adventurous and a risk taker, said she has so far enjoyed every ounce of her stay in Nigeria especially as a resident of Lagos seeing she loved the ‘chaos’ that characterises the state.
She made these known in the the latest episode of “Me, Her and Everything Else” on ‘Hurt People, Hurt People’ with Stephanie Coker.
On having thought about ‘japaing’ back to the UK, Vee said: “I feel like almost everyday, I ask myself, why am I still here? But it different for me. I was born and raised there, my family is there. I’ve lived my whole life there. I’m a risk taker. I’m an adventurous person.
“When I said I wanted to come to Nigeria and figure things out, I wanna see it through. I don’t think I’m tired yet.
“I unfortunately love the beautiful chaos of Lagos; I don’t know why. But I feel like the same thing applies to people that have lived in Lagos their whole lives and they want to leave. I don’t blame them.
“I’ve seen a whole life and I feel like at this stage, being in Nigeria for now is okay with me. As long as I can still function here, still make some certain moves; yeah why not?! I don’t think I’m tired yet.”