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The ICAO council expelled Russia.

Due to its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been expelled from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) at the current United Nations General Assembly for aviation, which started last week in Montreal, Canada. 

Russia was removed from the United Nations Organization for Aviation’s top division after a democratic vote among member nations, marking the organization’s first expulsion of a nation from that position.

Russia refused to accept the election results after more than 170 nations cast ballots, calling for a new vote. However, the vast majority of nations declared the election to be free, fair, and conclusive. 

This change is viewed as a major turning point for the ICAO, where the status quo has been “constant” for the past 70 years. 

More than 190 nations are currently members of ICAO, a specialized organization of the United Nations established to establish global safety, environmental, and operational standards for commercial aviation.

Additionally, Russia won’t be allowed to fly to any European destinations, according to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which is in charge of assuring safety and environmental protection in air travel throughout Europe. 

Russia won’t take part in international aviation events, and their aircraft won’t be recognized safe enough to fly in the airspace of any ICAO member state.

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Nigerians Are Being Warned by Tinubu Against Making “Another Mistake” in Elections.

In preparation for the general election in 2023, Tinubu asked the electorate to exercise “intelligent and discerning” judgment. 

Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, has urged Nigerians to learn from the “mistakes of the past” as political campaigns formally begin on Wednesday. 

In a statement on Wednesday, Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos, also asked the populace to exercise “intelligent and discerning” judgment as they got ready to elect the nation’s next president in the general election of 2023.

“We must show that we have learned from mistakes of the past. We must be prepared to make difficult decisions. We must be wise, we must be discerning; we must choose progress. We must favour reason over sentiment,” Tinubu said in a message to mark the official commencement of the 2023 presidential election campaign activities across the country”. 

In preparation for the elections in 2019, Nigeria’s electoral agency, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), today formally lifted the ban on political party campaigning. 

Last weekend, INEC made public the names and qualifications of the political parties’ candidates for the election.

In the contest to succeed incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, Messrs. Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP) are seen as the front-runners among 15 others. 

Since the former governor of Lagos entered the competition for success. Many Nigerians have expressed serious concern over Buhari’s health, particularly his detractors who have questioned if he is qualified to lead a nation that takes pride in being a “giant of Africa.” 

Videos of 70-year-old Tinubu with his clothes wet have repeatedly been brought up by his detractors to raise concerns about his weakened health and insinuate that the APC presidential contender may struggle with incontinence.

In spite of this, Tinubu pleaded with Nigerians to join him in his goal of winning the position of leader of the nation, saying he was prepared to lead the nation to greater glory through creative ideas. 

He claimed that as they launch their campaigns to persuade the populace to elect them to power, he and his running companion, Kashim Shettima, are prepared to present their vision of a flourishing Nigeria.

“Our nation stands at a brink of history,” continued Tinubu. Like practically every other country in the globe, we are faced with formidable obstacles. Some of them are of our own making, while others are the results of circumstances that are completely out of any Nigerian’s control. We cannot afford to make a mistake on this one, that much is evident. 

As the APC gets ready to launch its campaign, Tinubu’s choice of a Muslim-Muslim ticket has also been a significant oddity. 

Even while the APC presidential candidate stated his action was based on merit rather than religious concern, the fact that Shettima, a sitting senator on the same faith platform, was flown has drawn criticism.


Kizz Daniel Has Purchased a New Mansion.

Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, popularly known as Kizz Daniel, a popular Nigerian singer, has purchased a new mansion. 

The Afrobeats musician, who is presently on a globe tour, announced the news on his social media page. 

He has “always desired a house along the waters for my wife and kids,” he says. He posted pictures and wrote: WHAT A YEAR ALWAYS WANTED A HOUSE BESIDE THE WATERS FOR MY WIFE AND KIDS , SO , GOD AND THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD HELPED ME BUGA. 


Nigerian celebrities and followers of the artist have celebrated with him on social media. He deserves congratulations.


Omah Lay is said to have purchased a new mansion.

Omah Lay of Port-Harcourt appears to be living life to the fullest as he apparently gets a new mansion. See the images of his rumored new crib below.

Omah Lay, the creator of Boy Alone and Port-own Harcourt’s Afrobeats wunderkind, has made a new comment on the music scene after photographs of a mansion he allegedly just purchased surfaced on the internet.

On September 28th, a user with the handle @RichyWokes shared the news on Twitter. The poster captioned photographs of a beautiful property with Omah Lay himself appearing in one of the photos, “Big ups bro @Omah Lay” in the tweet.

Omah Lay, a very closeted artist known for sticking to himself as demonstrated on his debut album, Boy Alone, has yet to make note of his allegedly new acquisition and may not verify or deny it for some time. 

However, images of the allegedly acquired mansion may be found below.


Falz responds to the destruction of cocaine in Lagos worth N194 billion by the NDLEA.

The rapper is not persuaded by the alleged destruction planned by the NDLEA.

Falz, a well-known Nigerian rapper, musician, and songwriter, was one among the numerous Nigerians who responded to the most recent NDLEA activities.

In a warehouse in Ikorodu, Lagos, the National Drug Law Enforcment Agency (NDLEA) recently found 1.8 tonnes of cocaine, which is estimated to be worth a staggering N19 billion Naira on the black market. On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, the agency released videos and photos showing that it had set the cocaine on fire.

Heavyweight rapper, a lawyer, and rights advocate, questioned the burning of the cocaine on Twitter the same day in response to the news. The rapper claims that the entire burning event is a hoax because the substance will be used as evidence in court and shouldn’t be interfered with. He stated: This administration must really think that we are daft sha!! What is this lamba that the NDLEA is giving with this cocaine seizure saga? Dem dey burn evidence?

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These are the reasons Dammy Krane “hates” Davido so much.

Davido has been dragged by Dammy Krane ever since he recently called him out on social media for debt! 

Dammy Krane took the disagreement to Twitter on Monday and accused Davido of refusing to pay him for his songwriting contribution to an earlier-released track, even after privately approaching the DMW boss. According to the singer, Davido was still yet to pay him for his contribution to one of his songs. 

Remember how Dammy Krane was occasionally detained in the US for fraud? Dammy allegedly skipped bail and escaped to Nigeria. After arriving in the US, he was arrested at the airport, accused of a crime, and given a jail term. 

Davidó did not at all assist me when I was imprisoned – Dámmy Krane!

Dammy Krane claims that while incarcerated, he made contact with Davido and some of the 30BG’s key players to let them know that he had been sexually raped by some of his fellow inmates and to implore Davido to help him get out of jail as quickly as possible. 

Dammy Krane was ignored by Davido since he was unable to take action and did not want to damage his reputation.

Dammy was deported to Nigeria after spending his sentence in prison. He has never stopped blaming Davidó “for leaving him in there to be in prison for so long” and pleading with Davidó to try and get an elite Attorney to try and get him out of prison but Davido didn’t do so, according to reliable sources. The sexual assault in the prison had a negative impact on his mental state.

In my view 

Since he held Davido in such high regard, I personally believe his reasons for being unhappy with him are valid, but they should just attempt to work things out amicably. 

To the rest of you,

Do you believe Davido was justified in ignoring him while he was incarcerated? 

Let’s hear your opinions on this from everyone. 

Please comment below.


What One Thing Would You Take Away From The World If You Could, in Order To Improve It?

Hi there guys 

As the song by Michael Jackson says:

“Heal the world, Make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race”

All of us desire a better world. For the sake of not only ourselves but also of our loved ones and friends. 

However, there are many horrifying things in the world that wreak havoc on our beloved planet. 

The end is today!


What One Thing Would You Take Away From The World If You Could, in Order To Improve It? 

Let’s hear from everyone. 

Leave a comment.

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R. Kelly Was Found Guilty Of Several Sexual Crime Charges.

The disgraced musician was found guilty of using child pornography and seducing children.

In a federal trial held in Chicago, R. Kelly was found guilty of crimes related to child pornography.

The disgraced musician was found guilty of three charges of child pornography and three counts of luring children for sex, according to CBS News. The 55-year-old was cleared of seven other allegations, including conspiracy to obtain child pornography and obstructing the course of justice. Milton “June” Brown, a former assistant, and Darrell McDavid, a co-defendant and former accomplice, were cleared of all charges.

The accusations came from the Chicago state trial, where he was cleared in 2008. Kelly faced 21 counts of producing movies that contained child sex abuse in 2002. One recording’s validity was confirmed by the police and FBI, but a jury in 2008 was unable to establish that the individual on the recording was a minor, therefore Kelly was freed. McDavid and Brown, his co-defendants, were charged with manipulating the 2008 state trial by intimidating and bribing witnesses.

Kelly has been found guilty twice so far this year. He was convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking in New York in June and given a 30-year sentence.

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A majority of Americans now use iPhone Smartphones.

In one of the most recognizable technological images of the twenty-first century, Steve Jobs is shown holding the iPhone aloft while donning his trademark black turtleneck. Since its debut at the 2007 Macworld convention in San Francisco, the iPhone has developed into a worldwide phenomenon, with more than 1.2 billion handsets having been sold as of this writing.

Source: Visual Capitalist

The smartphone industry is currently a highly competitive one. 

iPhone has accounted for a solid 16% of the worldwide smartphone market. But in the US, the iPhone has succeeded in capturing more customers’ hearts and minds. According to recent information from Counterpoint Research and the Financial Times, iPhones now account for 50% of all installed users* in the United States. 

What makes this brand so well-liked when there are so many smartphone brands accessible to American consumers—many of them at lower price points?

The Apple of America’s Eye is the iPhone.

Numerous factors, according to experts, explain why the U.S. surpasses other markets for Apple’s main product. 

Of all the major smartphone manufacturers, Apple has the most brand loyalty. Nine out of ten iPhone users in the US want to buy an iPhone as their subsequent device. 

iPhones seem to lose value more slowly than other smartphones. 

In general, American consumers are less price sensitive than those in many other nations. 

Apple has been outspoken in its messaging about safeguarding user privacy and data, and it looks that this message is hitting home with customers. 

It’s worthwhile to delve deeper into this final point.

In conclusion , Apple has used its marketing clout to affect public opinion at a time when Americans are concerned about privacy, regardless of whether iPhone is more secure than other devices. And based on these most recent installed user base statistics, it seems that this tactic is working.

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Wizkid’s bodyguard claims that his phone was stolen at a Lagos club.

Roy Emmanuel, Wizkid’s bodyguard, has lashed out after his phone was allegedly stolen at the popular Quilox Club in Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Roy stated on his Instagram story on Monday that he left his phone on top of a car at the Quilox car park on Friday, and a lady picked it up. 

He shared CCTV footage of a woman retrieving a phone from the top of a car, and he asked the public for information on the woman in question.

Roy promised to keep the lady’s identity private after recovering the phone, after revealing that it was an iPhone. 

He also promised to reward anyone who could provide him with useful information.

“I forgot my phone on a car at club Quilox on Friday, and the lady in brown picked it up,” Roy wrote. Anyone with information about her should contact +234 803 890 **** or the Club Quilox contact at 0803 345 ****. 

“This is an iPhone.” I promise to reward, and after her recovery, we can keep her identity private. Thanks. #ONGOD” 

Poco Lee, a famous dancer, reacted to the situation by criticizing the lady for taking the phone away.

He believes she should have asked for the owner or left it with a club employee. 

Poco Lee commented on Roy’s Instagram post, “Not cool though.” You could have easily requested the owner! Or simply leave it with someone who works there rather than taking it away.”