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Twitter employee fired over ‘meme’ bemoans lack of professionalism (Video)

An engineer at Twitter, one of the most popular social media sites, complains about the unprofessional manner in which his termination letter was sent.

Matt Shaver, a five-year employee of Twitter Inc., uses the platform to bemoan the condition of his termination letter, which arrived in the form of a “meme.”

This comes after Elon Musk, a billionaire businessman, bought the social site and started firing lots of employees.

elon musk
elon musk

Matt expressed his surprise at receiving his termination notice as a meme rather than via phone, text, or any official channel while posting a video on Twitter through his page.

The engineer claims that the meme with the tagline “Time to leave the nest” was provided to him via email by the new Human Resources manager, who goes by the name Hannah. You’re let go.

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