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I Made Many Mistakes Since Taking Over Twitter – Elon Musk Admits

Twitter boss Elon Musk has admitted making mistakes since he took over the micro-blogging platform.
This is coming six months after he bought the company for $44 billion, according to AFP.
Recall that Musk had announced April 20 as the final date for removal of free Twitter verified badges
In a live interview with the BBC after agreeing to a last-minute invitation for the “spontaneity” of it, Musk appeared to tacitly acknowledge that one of those errors was the decision to label the broadcaster’s account “government-funded media”.
He said he would change the designation on the BBC’s Twitter handle after the broadcaster objected.
“We want it as truthful and accurate as possible –- we’re adjusting the label to ‘publicly funded’,” Musk said.
Britain’s national broadcaster is predominantly funded by an annual licence fee set by the government but paid by individual households.
The labelling spat follows an earlier controversy over a similar move involving the US radio network NPR, which Twitter briefly branded “state-affiliated”, the same way it styles government-run Chinese and Russian platforms.
The NPR stopped tweeting in protest.
Twitter now tags NPR, which has nearly nine million followers, “government-funded media”, and applied the same label to the BBC’s account.
Musk has expressed deep disdain for news media for years and recently installed an automatic response of a poop emoji to emails sent to the site’s main media address.
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Twitter Announces Final Date For Removal of Free Verification

Twitter owner and Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk has revealed a date he will remove free verified Twitter accounts.
This is as he urged all users of the micro-blogging platform to subscribe to Twitter blue.
Musk disclosed this via his Twitter account, @Elonmusk, on Tuesday.
He tweeted, “Final date for removing legacy Blue checks is 4/20.”
Before he took over as the CEO, verified Twitter users do not pay to get verified nor pay for a monthly subscription to renew their verifications.
Earlier, Twitter had announced April 1, 2023, as the date it would begin the removal of all legacy blue checks
“On April 1st, we will begin winding down our legacy verified program and removing legacy verified checkmarks. To keep your blue checkmark on Twitter, individuals can sign up for Twitter Blue,” the company stated in March via a tweet that was accompanied by links to subscribe to the premium program.
Musk had removed the verification badge of the New York Times, a daily newspaper based in New York City, United States of America, with a worldwide readership reported in 2022 to comprise 740,000 paid print subscribers, and 8.6 million paid digital subscribers.
The New York Times had said it would not subscribe to the Twitter Blue, except where it may be needed for their reporting.
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Elon Musk Loses Forbes Richest Billionaire In The World Title

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk is now second on the list of the world’s billionaires as Bernard Arnault takes the top spot.

Musk, 51, who bought Twitter for $44billion, last year earned the top spot on the Forbes World Billionaires list, which reckoned he had a net worth of $216bn.

However, it seems he is now in second place behind Bernard Arnault, 74, the chairman of French luxury goods giant LVMZ, which owns brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Tiffany & Co.

CNN reported that Arnault was able to overthrow Musk in the annual list after his net worth grew more than $50bn to $211bn, as Musk’s net worth slumped to $180bn, $39bn less than it was last year, thanks to the purchase of Twitter which was funded by Tesla shares.

Forbes said: “Musk has mostly tweeted himself out of the top spot on the ranks.”

However, Musk’s SpaceX valuation increased from $13bn to $140bn in just the past year.

Still, that proved to not be enough to compete with Arnault, 74, who had a “banner year” in 2022 due to record-high profits at his companies.

Frenchman Arnault first appeared on Forbes’ billionaires’ list in 1997, when he was worth just $3.6bn, with his wealth subsequently growing due to the 70 luxury brands he owns.

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Elon Musk Regains ‘World’s Richest Person’ Title

Elon Musk has been announced as the richest man in the world.
He regained his spot as the world’s richest person after briefly losing it to the French tycoon behind luxury-goods powerhouse LVMH, Bernard Arnault some months back..
The CEO of the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, dethroned the Tesla boss, pushing him to the number two spot for more than two months.
According to Bloomberg, a surge in Tesla stock has catapulted Musk back to the top of the Billionaires Index.
As of Monday, February 28, after the markets closed, Musk’s net worth was approximately $187.1 billion, surpassing Arnault’s $185.3 billion fortune.
Musk’s wealth was boosted nearly 70% surge in Tesla Inc.’s stock price this year, about 100% from its intraday low on January 6 as investors pile back into bets on riskier growth stocks amid signs of economic strength and a slower pace of Federal Reserve interest-rate increases.
The company has also benefited from more demand for its electric vehicles after cutting prices on several models.
Tesla shares rose from 5.5% to $207.63 at 4 p.m. in New York, boosting Musk’s net worth to $187.1 billion.
The 51-year-old tech boss entered 2023 with a net worth of $137 billion, after becoming the first person ever to lose $200 billion from their fortune and raising the prospect that he might struggle to reclaim his title as the world’s richest individual.
Musk’s loss came amid the fallout from his $44 billion purchase of Twitter where he has laid off thousands of workers while wading into thorny political debates.
Tesla investors had voiced concerns that Musk was spending so much time trying to right the ship at Twitter, ‘neglecting’ Tesla to suffer.
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Twitter employee fired over ‘meme’ bemoans lack of professionalism (Video)

An engineer at Twitter, one of the most popular social media sites, complains about the unprofessional manner in which his termination letter was sent.

Matt Shaver, a five-year employee of Twitter Inc., uses the platform to bemoan the condition of his termination letter, which arrived in the form of a “meme.”

This comes after Elon Musk, a billionaire businessman, bought the social site and started firing lots of employees.

elon musk
elon musk

Matt expressed his surprise at receiving his termination notice as a meme rather than via phone, text, or any official channel while posting a video on Twitter through his page.

The engineer claims that the meme with the tagline “Time to leave the nest” was provided to him via email by the new Human Resources manager, who goes by the name Hannah. You’re let go.

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Elon Musk named an African musician as his favorite musician. (Watch Video)

Elon Musk, a business magnate and the richest man on earth, has named Ghanaian singer Black Sherif as his top musical preference. 

Elon Musk claimed that he like Black Sherif’s music because he can identify with it and because it is his style of music. 

Given the number of people who would be curious to know Elon Musk’s favorite musician after viewing the interview, this is a significant endorsement for Blacko. 

Mr. Musk stated that he even performed a song by Black Sheriff the day before the interview and that he was looking forward to meeting him soon. 

Watch the video here: 

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There are not enough people on earth, civilization will crumble if birth rate keeps declining – Elon Musk

The richest man on earth, Elon Musk revealed during an interview with journalist, Joanna Stern on Monday, Dec. 6, that here are not enough people on earth and civilization will crumble if birth rates keeps declining.

elon musk
elon musk

The Tesla CEO and father of 6 revealed he is practicing what he is preaching and importantly doing his part to populate the earth.

elon musk
elon musk

Musk said:

“There are not enough people. I can’t emphasize this enough, there are not enough people. I think one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low grow rate and the rapidly-declining grow rate. And yet so many people – including smart people – think there are too many people in the world and think the population is growing out of control. It’s completely the opposite. Please look at the numbers, if people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble. Mark my words. Musk, who has six kids, said he’s doing his part to populate the Earth. I’m trying to set a good example. I’m trying to practice what I preach.”

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Jeff Bezos sells $2billion worth of his stock in Amazon

Jeff Bezos stated that his main motivation for making the move is t restore nature and transform food systems. He sold the shares earlier this week at the COP26 summit at in Glasgow Scotland.

jeff bezos
jeff bezos

The move has made Jeff the world biggest retailer according to a new forbes report.

jeff bezos
jeff bezos

“We must conserve what we still have, we must restore what we’ve lost, and we must grow what we need to live without degrading the planet for future generations to come,” Bezos said during his talk in Glasgow.

The sale, after accounting for capital gains taxes, barely changes his net worth. As of Friday, November 5, Bezos is worth $199.4 billion, Forbes estimates. He trails the number one richest, Elon Musk (worth an estimated $317 billion), by about $118 billion. 


Bezos has sold more than $8.8 billion worth of Amazon stock this year. Since taking Amazon public in 1998, the founder of the e-commerce giant has sold some $29 billion worth of Amazon shares, Forbes calculates; his stake in the company has gone from 42% in 1997 to just under 10% currently.