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Tobi Bakre Shares Adorable Photo With His Son

Popular Nigerian actor, Tobi Bakre has shared an adorable photo with his son.

The former reality star took to the ‘X’ platform to share the cute image.

They both stood right in front of a large mirror in the living room.

The father of two captioned the picture with just two emoji symbolizing a father-son display.

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Why I Quit Banking Job For BBNaija – Tobi Bakre

BBNaija Season 3 housemate and actor, Tobi Bakre has opened up on why he left his banking job in 2018 to take part in the reality show.

He had worked as a currency dealer at Heritage Bank for four years but decided to resign as he found the job monotonous.

Tobi made this revelation during his appearance on the Menisms’ audiovisual podcast hosted by Olumurewa and Michael Sonariwo.

“My personality when I’m doing the same thing over and over it tends to get boring. At that time I was still young. I think I was 22 at that time. So, I said ‘okay I have always wanted to go on this show [Big Brother Naija], and I’m tired of this [banking] job.

So, it was either I start processing my japa [Visa] to Canada or I can go for [BBNaija]. And then it was more like you can go for this thing [BBNaija] and then come back and process your Canada [Visa] and whatever life brings.

“I was just really tired of where I was. So, I was like okay let me take a chance on this [BBNaija]. So, we went for Big Brother and then I didn’t really think after Big Brother this is what I want to do, that is what I want to do.

I was just like okay, in case anything should come up, I got like management, someone I respected and trusted. And I was like ‘please o, whatever it’s I’m doing there [Big Brother house], plz make sure there’s value to be gotten when I get out’.”

“Because I didn’t win, a lot of fans, people have sent money to my account. Sorry guys, I’m just confessing for the first time. I entered the bank with like nothing.

I remember myself and one of my friends, Adamu, that December because life was tough, we were like ‘let’s just spend all our money and enjoy ourselves’. And this is what we did. We were clubbing, we were partying, we spent all the money.

So there was really no money in January. I just got out [of Big Brother house] and I saw like N800 and something thousand in my account. So I [used it] got an iPhone. But then, I was ready to do the work. I think the rest is history,”

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I Drank Strong Alcohol, Went To Graveyard To Play Role In ‘Gangs Of Lagos’ – Tobi Bakre Reveals

Tobi Bakre, the former Big Brother Naija reality show star and actor, has talked about how he got fit for his recent movie role.

He revealed that he did all manner of gritty stuff to fit in his role in ‘Gangs of Lagos’, a feisty crime thriller.

Tobi played Obalola, a street King (Eleniyi – the owner of men) who started up nondescript with a childhood nested with scars of little beginning.

He said it was his first time playing a lead character, and the first time he really let himself go to embody a character.

He featured in the recent episode of Menisms audiovisual podcast.

Tobi said, “For ‘Gangs of Lagos’, that was challenging because like for the first time… you know as guys now, we build so many walls like you are ready for all the possible sad outcomes in life mentally. Like you don’t know it but… I was now playing the role of a strong guy but then in the same movie, he had moments when he had to be vulnerable. Bro, I had the toughest time. I had to tear my walls down.

“You know those plastic [herbal bitters] drinks na? I drank two within the space of five minutes. I just felt like I drank water because I didn’t feel anything. I was listening to the saddest music. This is the song I always remember from Gangs of Lagos, Celia song by Tiwa Savage. It is a very emotional song. I wasn’t trying to fake it [my role]. I needed to be actually sad, I needed to be there. So, I was putting myself in the scenario of this character.

“I was self-reflecting. There was a graveyard right in front of where we were shooting. So my head was in different places. And eventually, we shot that scene. After we shot it, and they said ‘cut’, everyone stayed quiet. And people in the background were sobbing. It was almost as if for that moment everybody forgot that we were acting and some people were actually tearing up.”

The ex-TV reality star said he rolled on the floor and rubbed sand on his face to fit into the role.

He, however, said his challenging task was the character’s vulnerability.

He revealed that he struggled to leave the character for a while after the movie.

Tobi said, “It [the character] leads sometimes like my wife now when I got home initially… Hardly, anger is the last emotion you can get but my fuss became shorter. On the road I’m driving, my fuss is a bit shorter because of this character I’m currently infusing. So, after the whole thing I had to just ease out.”

‘Gangs of Lagos’, produced and directed by Jade Osiberu, is the first African Original for video streaming platform, Amazon Prime.

The movie follows the story of three friends: Obalola (Tobi Bakre), Gift (Adesua Etomi-Wellington) and Ify (Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka), who each have to navigate their own destiny, growing up on the rough and bustling streets of Isale Eko, Lagos.

It hit the screens on April 7, 2023.