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Read Blaqbonez’s Comment on BNXN’s Tweet Regarding Fake Streaming Numbers.

The music industry is in uproar as Blaqbonez joins BNXN in criticizing three strategies used by artists to boost their streaming numbers without attracting genuine listeners. Here is the rapper’s tweet:

Blaqbonez, a rapper from Chocolate City, has added his voice to BNXN’s criticism of the ways that artists and record company executives artificially boost music streams without attracting actual listeners.

Blaqbonez tweeted about it and stated: “All of you who use streaming farms will soon be exposed soon. awon hushpuppi”. This was in response to BNXN’s tweet in which he stated unequivocally that record company executives pay for music to be played on automation or robots in order to inflate streaming figures.

These tweets come soon after Ruger’s tweet in which he posed a riddle addressing a specific artist who employs influencer marketing strategies to keep a stranglehold on the scene.

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