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Wizkid’s ‘Essence’ Introduced The World To Afrobeats – Blaqbonez

Popular Nigerian rapper, Blaqbonez, has spoken about the impact ‘Essence’ by Wizkid and Tems made on Afrobeats.

According to him, Afrobeats skyrocketed in popularity after Wizkid released ‘Essence’ featuring Tems in 2020.

During a recent interview with American outlet KTLA, Blaqbonez stated: “Afrobeats took a massive leap when Wizkid dropped Essence and it went crazy. It just told the world Afrobeats is something you really have to watch.

“Crazy things are happening right now for Afrobeats. More talented artists are coming up.”

Recall that Wizkid recently denounced Afrobeats, saying he does not wish to be boxed into any particular genre.

Wizkid’s team has also described ‘Essence’ as an R&B song.

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I’m One Of The World’s Most Attractive Men – Nigerian Rapper, Blaqbonez Boasts

Emeka Akumefule, the famous Nigerian rapper, who is popularly known as Blaqbonez, has boasted that he is one of the most attractive men in the world.

He explained that he is picky when it comes to choosing a partner because he believes that he is very attractive.

Blaqbonez reiterated that he can’t date or marry a social media-savvy woman.

Speaking in a recent interview with content creator, Bae U Barbi, Blaqbonez said, “I genuinely think I’m one of the most attractive men on planet earth.”

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Religion Won’t Get One to God’s Paradise – Blaqbonez

Hip-hop singer, Emeka Akumefule aka Blaqbonez has revealed one easy way to make to heaven.
According to him, religion will not get us to heaven.
He stated that adhering to a particular faith does not ensure one’s entry into paradise.
Blaqbonez said via his X account that kindness to others will keep people alive if there is an afterlife.
The rapper asserts that, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if someone is a nasty person who reads religious texts every day or doesn’t miss Sunday services.
The artiste wrote: “If there’s indeed an afterlife, following any religion isn’t going to save you, being good to people, especially those u don’t have to would be the difference, nobody cares that u read a book every morning and don’t miss Sunday services if you’re an asshole.”
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I Can’t Date A Lady Who Tweets Frequently – Blaqbonez

Rapper Emeka Akumefule aka Blaqbonez has revealed the kind of woman he cannot date.
According to him, he can’t date a lady who frequently tweets on the microblogging site Twitter, now called X.
The rapper recently featured on the Zero Conditions Podcast where he disclosed that he consistently avoids scandals, which is why he filters the women around him.
He stressed that for this reason he does not like women who have many tweets and does not relate with them because he feels like they would air out his dirty laundry.
He said: “I don’t really like to talk to people and females that have too many tweets. I don’t speak to them because I feel like you are two seconds away from going to tell the world about my business. You are literally two seconds away from blasting me, not even on the grounds of, ‘You’re trying to ruin me.’ You just tweet everything that goes on in your life.”
He stressed that even though he uses the micro-blogging platform, he is not fond of airing every opinion he has online like most female users.
Blaqbonez added that he does this for the sake of his peace and maintaining the sanctity of his brand.
“Me I have lots of tweets but if you go and check I don’t even make a lot of tweets, I retweet things. I’m not always talking. I 100% filter the babes coming my way, I’m upstanding about my peace I really care about my brand and peace. I don’t want to be with anyone who will soil it,” the rapper added.
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Blaqbonez Is The Best Nigerian Rapper be– Ghanaian Singer, Amaarae Declares

Ama Serwah Genfi, the Ghanaian-American singer, who is better known as Amaarae, has asserted that Blaqbonez is the “best rap artist.”

The ‘Sad Girlz Luv Money’ crooner made the assertion during a question-and-answer session with her fans on Twitter recently.

She also expressed her admiration for other Nigerian rappers such as Psycho YP and Ladipoe.

A fan asked: “Are you a fan of Naija hip hop? And if yes, do you have Naija rappers you love?”

Amaarae responded: “I love love love Psycho YP’s movement he moves like such a hustler I really respect his music and brand.

“Blaqbonez I think for me is the best Nigerian rap artist he is a fire rapper and knows how to make fire songs that girls can also like which I think is important.

“Ladipoe has also a hacker-mixing commercial with consciousness. I love his voice as well.”

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Everyone Will Know ‘Yahoo’ Artistes From Real Ones Someday – Blaqbonez Speaks

Blaqbonez, the popular Nigerian rapper, has called out some of his colleagues.

He called out his colleagues employing the services of streaming farms to boost their songs on digital platforms.

In November, 2022, he wished every artiste using ‘streaming farms’ would be exposed atteactibvy commendation from his colleague, Yemi Alade.

His prediction followed after BNXN’s doomsdays wish for every artiste who had these ‘streaming farms’ on their payroll.

BNXN’s expectation for streaming farm clients was elicited during an uproar on Twitter while he engaged in verbal war with Ruger after the latter accused the former of forcing his songs down people’s throats for years in what came across as a puzzle.

Reacting, the ‘Finesse’ singer carpeted Ruger alleging his boss engaged the services of streaming farms to enable his songs top music charts, wishing every artiste patronising the said platforms would meet their loo.

Corroborating BNXN’s claim, Blaqbonez hoped every artiste using ‘streaming farms’ would be exposed.

Tagging them as fraudsters, Emeka the Stallion’ tweeted: “All of you using streaming farms would be exposed soon. awon hushpuppi.”

In a new tweet, Blaqbonez labelled such artistes ‘Yahoo artists’ still expressing optimism that they’d one day be fisher out and disgraced.

“One day these platforms would catch you streaming farm guys, and then everyone would know the yahoo artists from the real ones. Continue”, he said.

Streaming farms are services designed to inflate streams or add a lot of fake listens to a song.

By taking advantage of the business model of streaming platforms like Spotify, they massively increase the number of listeners and in turn raise the hype surrounding the artiste.

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Read Blaqbonez’s Comment on BNXN’s Tweet Regarding Fake Streaming Numbers.

The music industry is in uproar as Blaqbonez joins BNXN in criticizing three strategies used by artists to boost their streaming numbers without attracting genuine listeners. Here is the rapper’s tweet:

Blaqbonez, a rapper from Chocolate City, has added his voice to BNXN’s criticism of the ways that artists and record company executives artificially boost music streams without attracting actual listeners.

Blaqbonez tweeted about it and stated: “All of you who use streaming farms will soon be exposed soon. awon hushpuppi”. This was in response to BNXN’s tweet in which he stated unequivocally that record company executives pay for music to be played on automation or robots in order to inflate streaming figures.

These tweets come soon after Ruger’s tweet in which he posed a riddle addressing a specific artist who employs influencer marketing strategies to keep a stranglehold on the scene.

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The first headline show by Blaqbonez will take place in London.

For the first time in his career, the gifted rapper will dazzle his UK fans with a headline performance.

Emeka Akumefule, also known as Blaqbonez, is a gifted Nigerian rapper and vocalist who has confirmed his debut headlining performance in the UK.

The Chocolate City signee will follow up the accomplishment with a performance in London. The sophomore album “Young Preacher,” a 14-track project with artists like Lojay, Amaarae, Tay Iwar, Tekno, Sauti Sol, and others, is scheduled to be released on Friday, October 28, 2022.

The musical talent revealed on his social media page on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, that the event will take place on November 11th, 2022, at London’s Omeara Live Space.

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Blaqbonez’s video has sparked accusations of jealousy, which TG Omori addresses. Read

As he responds to claims of jealously of Blaqbonez’s Back In Uni video, TG Omori has drawn the ire of users of the bluebird app, Twitter. Read our story below to see what the video director had to say.

On the most recent episode of “Twitter NG Music Tussles,” Blaqbonez’s Back In Uni music video director, TG Omori, finds himself in a confrontation with a well-known Twitter user after being accused of being envious of him.

Asiwaju Lerry, a well-known Twitter influencer, responded to the video director’s simple tweet of “Skits,” which caused things to escalate. Lerry then accused TG Omori of being envious of Blaqbonez’s video.

“TG Omori is the last guy I anticipated to be throwing shade at Blaqbonez music video,” Lerry wrote on Twitter. Is he envious or has the Twitter craze made him delusional? Omori then reacted with a quote tweet in which he expressed his love for Blaqbonez. “Lol jealous?” he exclaimed. You Dey discover a relationship, right? Blaq is a brilliant n entertaining person most of our videos together except shut up n bling were his ideas so wasn’t expecting less. I am aware that you have been asking God for a TG OMORI dragging date, but not today. Rest, then.

“Lol na only SKITS wey I tweet na why you wan level my scores?” he continued, adding to his earlier statement. Boy, be careful.

The music video for Blaqbonez’s song Back in Uni was released today, October 12, and it was directed by Blaqbonez and Perliks Definition. Blaqbonez decided to become a video director because he couldn’t afford TG Omori’s fee, a decision that was publicly made public.

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Ayra Starr Discusses Blaqbonez’s “Back In Uni” Video and Shares Her Opinion.

The Mavin Princess voiced her thoughts on the image, which was also reflected in Blaqbonez’s most recent video.

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, better known by her stage name Ayra Starr, is a gifted Nigerian singer and songwriter who recently shared her opinions on Blaqbonez’s newest music video for “Back In Uni.”

On Wednesday, October 13th, 2022, rapper Blaqbonez from Chocolate City released a self-directed music video for his new song “Back In Uni,” and the video has since become a hot topic.

Known for his ingenuity, Blaqbonez copied a number of scenarios from other videos by Nigerian celebrities like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Portable, Ruger, Ayra Starr, and many others.

Ayra Starr praised the rapper and called the video “amazing” when asked about it in an interview with COOL FM.