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Months after getting married to his first wife, Portable is planning to marry his pregnant lover.

Portable Omolalomi, a well-known street rapper, is getting married to a second woman since he is expecting a kid with his lover, who is significantly pregnant.

This happens months after the singer and his first wife, Bewaji Zainab, got married during the naming ceremony for their son in June.

A source reported that Portable had been seeing the woman for almost 8 months before taking her to his parents’ house.

According to a source, it reportedly caused conflict with his first wife, Bewaji, who at first refused to welcome her into their home.

“The girl’s name is “Keji,” and they had been dating for roughly eight months. They first connected in Agege, Lagos, between January and February during a man’s party known as “Ogo Hookup.” In fact, he wants to wed her.

The woman is the fourth girl he has ever dated. Asabi, another female partner of his, is also expecting.

The source explained that Bewaji became upset because Portable was already well-known when she was with him.

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