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Tracklist For Portable’s Debut Album “Ika Of Africa”

Ika Of Africa, the debut album from “Idamu Adugbo”, Portable, will be released soon, and the artist is showing no mercy as he discloses the tracklist.

The tracklist for street-hop artist Portable’s debut album Ika Of Africa has been made public. Portable, also known as “Idamu Adugbo” and “werey olorin,” describes himself as both of these.

Portable, who will be the only performer on the 16-track album, starts out strong and exudes the utmost confidence in his music.

With the release of hits this year ranging from “Azaman” to “Money Before You Love,” Portable had already solidified his ascent in the music industry before this. Ika Of Africa, a portable game, will debut on Friday, November 25.

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What if these Nigerian musicians were your classmates in secondary school?

Think of this as your yearbook if you were a member of the Class of 2022. These are the traits of the classmates you have. Let’s go!😂


The class’s huckster. He always has rips in his uniform from fights. On his head is a lapalapa. Teachers do not make an effort to make sure he knows what they are saying. They already know he won’t listen.

Tiwa Savage

tiwa savage
tiwa savage

She is the class’s hottie. Boys in your class that smell bad don’t even bother to approach her. She only hangs out with senior boys. Her attire? always spotless.

Burna Boy

burna boy
burna boy

His parents are wealthy, and he previously attended school abroad, but as a punishment, he is now back in Nigeria. He is now the privileged kid in the class who avoids all other students. He can’t tolerate Portable, and everyone else smells.

Tope Alabi

Give your life to Christ is what she has written on her desk. She leads the group in praise and worship each morning as the chapel prefect. She takes the lead and responds to queries as though it were a contest. In CRK, she has never received anything less than an A. She’s the only member in your group whose uniform wasn’t slim-fit.

Ayra Starr

ayra starr
ayra starr

Prefect of society. She literally puts forth good vibrations. There is never a dull moment with her.


She is mean. She is feared not only by juniors, but also by the boys in her class. She always occupies the last seat in the group. She also takes her phone to class.



Rema is only interested in going to English class because he loves the teacher. You know if you know, right?

Dwin the Stoic

He knows how to sing and makes it his entire personality, which has helped him win every talent competition since JSS 1. Swag? None. Babes? He’s been friendzoned by everyone. But he can sing, at least.

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Months after getting married to his first wife, Portable is planning to marry his pregnant lover.

Portable Omolalomi, a well-known street rapper, is getting married to a second woman since he is expecting a kid with his lover, who is significantly pregnant.

This happens months after the singer and his first wife, Bewaji Zainab, got married during the naming ceremony for their son in June.

A source reported that Portable had been seeing the woman for almost 8 months before taking her to his parents’ house.

According to a source, it reportedly caused conflict with his first wife, Bewaji, who at first refused to welcome her into their home.

“The girl’s name is “Keji,” and they had been dating for roughly eight months. They first connected in Agege, Lagos, between January and February during a man’s party known as “Ogo Hookup.” In fact, he wants to wed her.

The woman is the fourth girl he has ever dated. Asabi, another female partner of his, is also expecting.

The source explained that Bewaji became upset because Portable was already well-known when she was with him.

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After allegedly being slashed in the back in a club, Portable yells out, “I no want wahala o.” (Video)

Habeeb Okikiola, better known as the controversial singer Portable, has expressed regret after purportedly receiving a knife wound at a bar.

It may be recalled that the musician lost his cool when he saw his Range Rover had been vandalized after his performance.

Portable claims that a man who approached him in a club and pretended to be a fan hugged and stabbed his back with a knife.

He claimed that the fan merely hugged him and hurt him physically before leaving his act, not to spray money or do anything else.

The Zazoo singer disclosed that the event took place in an Oshodi bar in Lagos State.

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As hoodlums in Lagos damage Portable’s Range Rover, he loses control (Video)

Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, a contentious music artist, has gone berserk when his Range Rover was broken into while he was playing at a concert in Ijegun, Lagos State.
When the musician discovered that the back window of his car had been broken after the event, he was beyond furious.

To question why the crowds of people that had collected around his automobile, he had taken off his shirt.

The Zazoo singer was seen angrily leaping around and demanding to know who had done that to his car in the video that was posted online.

View the video here:

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Take A Look At Davido’s Response To Portable’s New Face Tattoo.

David Adeleke, better known as Dávido, the head of DMW, has responded to Portáble’s new face ink. 

Since displaying the tattoo he had done on his face, musician Portable has received a lot of negative feedback. 

Davido, one of the well-known Nigerian musicians to respond to the tattoo, advised “Werey musician” not to send anyone in response to the criticism. 

Davido posted a picture of Portable’s tattooed face on his Instagram account. Portable claimed that he doesn’t give a damn what people think of his face tattoo. Even Davido praised him at the conclusion of the statement. 

See the image below: 

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“Grace, Akoi!” ” – Portable is ecstatic after American rapper Trippie Redd contacts him about collaborating.

Portable, a fast rising Nigerian singer, has hailed himself after receiving a message from American rapper Trippie Redd.

The American rapper hinted at a possible collaboration with Portable, which got the Zazu crooner very excited.

Trippie Redd

Portable shared a screenshot of his conversation with the American music star, who expressed interest in collaborating with him.

We gotta work Brother,” Trippie told Portable. 

In response, an ecstatic Portable expressed his eagerness to work with Trippie on his first international collaboration. 

He posted screenshots of their conversation on social media with the caption, “I’ve got Chorus for you.” Zazu, let’s give them some street vibes.” 

See screenshot below: