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Actress Laide Bakare is called a “dirty boy” by Portable, who says, “I Can Buy, Marry You.”

Singer Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, has taken aim at actress Laide Bakare.

This is in response to her calling him a “dirty boy from Sango.”

Portable asserted that he could purchase and marry the actress.

After the artist made some crude remarks on social media page, Laide called Portable a dirty kid in an interview with Talk to B while talking about delicate and private subjects.

Personal questions were posed to her, covering the dispute over her child being claimed by two people claiming to be the child’s father.

She answered, saying, “That’s where Wahala started.” I sent out invitations once my Lekki house was completed. They saw it, too, and neither of us responded at all.

“I told them that they weren’t okay. You received my invitations, but you remained silent. So, after I bought my car, someone said, “Sorry, rich woman,” in a comment under my post.

The actress continued, calling Portable “a dirty mad boy from Sango,” and proceeded to harass and ridicule him after claiming that he was the one who had made the comment.

Portable retaliated in a later video, highlighting Bakare’s previous claim that she would cheat if her husband did.

As a result, he warned her not to hang out with his wife because her impact would.

“No be you do interview say if your husband cheats, you go cheat,” said Portable. As a result, I sent you a note asking that you avoid hanging out with my actress wife.

You could encourage her to cheat too because you’re unlucky.

“You called me a dirty boy, but I can buy and marry you,” Portable responded to Bakare’s remark about him being a dirty boy. Your spouse, who is he? Tell me about your spouse.

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I love you, Portable’s fourth babymama, Ashabi Simple, and even though you try to push me away, I won’t ever go.

Ashabi Simple, a singer, has turned to social media to express her love for her fourth child, singer Portable.

A heartfelt Valentine’s Day love note was sent by her on her Instagram story.

Following the singer’s public admission that she is not his wife but rather his baby mother and side chick, Ashabi made this statement.

She penned:

“I refuse to depart. I’m not going to give up. and will show up whenever you require me. You may not believe it. You can attempt to dissuade me by saying that I’ll simply walk away, but that will never happen. Regardless of the cause for departure.
I will always be here for you because I adore you.

She continued, saying:

I’d rather schedule a time to talk to you than over

I would rather schedule time with you than with someone else. I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day.

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If it’s not about money, don’t call me – Portable

The controversial musician Portable has sent a warning to people in Nigeria.

If the conversation isn’t about business or money, he advised people not to call his phone.

The British rapper Skepta and the “Zazzu” hitmaker, who is currently abroad, were spotted in a photo together sporting stylish suits and large fur jackets.

He insisted that God is the one who sends someone to encourage someone else.

“If not for money, don’t call us and don’t beg to shine some Geese, because we can’t support ham God dey; that’s just a person God dey sends to somebody,” stated Portable.

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Why I Love Money More Than Women – Portable

Popular Nigerian street artist, Portable has taken to Instagram to reveal why he loves money more than women.

He stated that money injects energy into him and with money he can always take care of his many women.

Recall that the singer dragged his fourth baby mama, Ashabi Simple for labeling him her husband.

He had noted that she’s his side chick and all he had done was get her pregnant and not pay her bride price.

See reactions to the video below;

yusufomobolanleola said: “Side chick Dey suffer 000 the girl no talk anything bad for that interview sha”

typretty2022 said: “Lori oro portable Oluwatoyin gba ope”

marley_kween said: “Shey wonti interview e ri kenu e kan”

ageless_sweetsoul penned: “We are your online mummy’s. We would tell you korokoro, when you messed up. As we dey love you love you music, Na so we go take correct you, if you make mistakes”

omotolani_brown_ asked: “Why u do like that for asahbi naw na love she love u oo”

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Portable And Baby Mama, Ashabi Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Controversial street artist, Portable and his fourth babymama, Ashabi have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

This is coming after Portable denied being married to the actress and referred to her as a sidechick.

It would be recalled that Ashabi Simple was recently featured in an interview where she described how she feels about the singer having multiple women in his life and how she handles it.

Portable didn’t take her describing him as her husband all too well.

He noted that they are not married and she had only gotten pregnant for him, while pointing out that she is his side chick and not a legally married wife.

The drama has taken a different turn as they’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram.

A quick check on their respective pages has shown that they no longer follow each other.

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Why We Attacked Portable – American Artist, Esquare Explains

The American artist Esquare has provided their viewpoint, denying accusations of assaulting Nigerian singer Portable.


Recall that Portable had claimed in a series of Instagram Story posts that he was attacked by individuals after failing to perform at a paid show.

The ‘Zazuu’ hitmaker, hired by two black Americans for an event, claimed that around 40 people assaulted him, resulting in serious injuries, including a broken leg.

He revealed that he had initially been booked for an event in December of the previous year by two black Americans, saying that costs escalated with the arrival of the New Year.

He disclosed how he had communicated the specific expense to them, even creating a video to explain it.

However, he said they requested a refund, expressing dissatisfaction with his delivered work.

Despite rumours suggesting that Esquare assaulted Portable in his residence, Esquare clarified that the incident occurred at a paid venue.


The singer said he received N2.5 million for the production of a song and music video, but logistical challenges prevented him from participating due to his distant location.

On the scheduled day of the shoot in Ajah, Lekki, Portable failed to appear, citing the distance.

In response, they agreed to pay him an additional N1 million, traveled to his residence in Ogun for pickup, but tensions escalated when they later demanded a refund of the extra N1 million, leading to an unpleasant situation.

He said: “I am Dr Fortunate and Prince and we are Esquare. There is a viral video going on where my brother and I happened to be on those videos. I just want to address the public misconception because a lot of false information was given out.

“Sometimes last year May, our manager in the United States contacted Portable’s manager and they reached an agreement on the collaboration. We agreed on N2.5 million. When we paid the N1.5 million, the beat was sent to Portable’s manager and he did his version and brought it back to us and we made some changes and everything came out perfect.

“We agreed that the music video would be done on September 23rd. My brought and I made the necessary arrangements on how to fly down to Nigeria to do the music video, and we saw on his manager’s Instagram handle that he would be on a tour during that time.

“We decided to postpone it to the festive period in December, which Portable’s manager agreed to. Then we had a change of mind and wanted to do the video shoot in Houston, Texas where we are based, since he was on your in the US but Portable’s manager declined.

“A date was later fixed for September 21st. He failed to show up on time to the music video shoot and when we called our manager to inform his manager of the appointment, our manager realized that Portable’s manager had sent a message canceling the shoot as it was too far from Portable’s location which is Sango, Ogun State.

“Through a friend, we were able to reach Portable directly. At first, he denied us and asked for proof, which we sent to him and he demanded an extra N1 million, claiming that his manager had collected N500,000 from the N1 million they sent to him.

“We gave him the money and even had to drive from Ajah, Lekki to Ogun State to pick him up and when we got to the location, he started exhibiting erratic behaviour and demanded we make it snappy since he has out her engagements. When we tried talking things with him after the shoot about the extra money we paid him, he flared up and said he was a member of a cult group and would call Area boys to cancel the event and kill us.”

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You Only Seek Justice For The Dead – Portable Tells Nigerians Days After Being Beaten

Controversial singer, Portable has slammed Nigerians for ignoring his cry for help.
He alleged that Nigerians only seek justice for the dead.
The singer said this from the hospital bed on Friday, days after being assaulted following his failure to perform at a show he was paid for.
Recall that Portable had on Monday morning cried out on the internet over alleged assault by an American-based singer, Esquare, and his boys.
However, sharing video and pictures from the hospital on his Instagram page on Friday, Portable questioned if it’s only the dead Nigerians fight for, noting that no one is seeking justice for him.
Speaking in pidgin English, he said; “Feeling so much pain right now, just your prayer I don’t want to die young.
“Nobody fights for me but I get GOD. Truth only always on my right. If God is GOD I will not fall Zazuu.
“Didn’t get myself since I was beaten by those guys, from one pain to another. Nah only d dead una dey find justice for? Evidence dey but no one do as if dey see it.”
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Na Me Buy Am – Portable Brags As He Receives Documents For His N60M Benz

Street artiste, Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable has shared a video of him receiving the car documents for his Mercedes Benz valued at 60M.

It would be recalled that the musician purchased a brand-new Mercedes Benz which he announced earlier this week.

The singer has finally received his car documents and has taken to social media to celebrate the feat.

He declared that the car was bought and completely paid for by himself.

Read some reactions below:

@jahy_official reacted: “Portable na werey 😂😂😂 E go sha tell everybody how much e spend”

@ChrisEjiofor7 said: “Congratulations to him, ‘No Gree For Anyone’ 💪”

@Ayorind18249781 reacted: “🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣The guy wan run comot portable side”

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Portable Purchases Brand New Lexus Reportedly Worth Over 30 Million Naira

Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable has spoilt himself this new year by acquiring a multimillion naira car.
According to information gathered, Portable has just gifted himself a brand new 2021 Lexus RX350 premium edition worth over N30 million.

The singer took to his Instagram page to celebrate the purchase of his new car as he showed off the fleet.
He wrote:
“IFA Olumope one door closed, three more will open. Aje Olokun.”
See some reactions:
that_lekki_carguy said: “That looks like 2020 RX 350 to me, I’m seeing 50 million naira! Abeg ooo, even Range Rover velar 2020 model isn’t up to 50 million naira o, and of course you know the vibe you can’t even compare those two cars! Velar is way mature….. But I’m justifying that the blogger’s actually right, it’s just slightly above that price for the new one, should be about 30.8_9 million naira, depending on the dealer …. Congratulations portable ❤️❤️❤️❤️”
iamstempee wrote: “Akoi grace ika of Africa plus another wife loading new wife 😂”

yinksbodurin said: “If it’s 2020 bro is not less then 40m but truly is 2020, but if it’s 2016 to 2018 is 35m baba nla big congrats”
uncleramsey wrote: “Abeg make em no use am get accident abeg🙏🏽”
See post below:
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Portable Shares Photos Of His Sons, Shows Off Their Christmas Outfits

Controversial singer, Portable has flaunted his four boys on Christmas day.
He also showed off the outfits he bought for them to celebrate the yuletide.
In a social media post, the singer could be seen hyping his boys.
At one point in the video, he asked them to do his signature ‘Zazoo’ pose.
This sparked reactions online:
@jahy_official asked: “Omo omolalomi 😂😂😂
How are his children so calm”
@BigSwissMo said: “I dey imagine make one of the pikin come house come say him friend beat am 🤣🤣🤣🤣..
Portable go disown am that day”
@D__Junior wrote: “😂🤣🤣omo dis children go dy reason which kind pa dem gt lik dis”
@lareto24 stated: “Portable is definitely a vibe on his own… 😃”
Watch the video below: