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Alfreda had taken a seat at the edge of the bed while still laughing hysterically, she felt like punching David in the guts, maybe watching him double over and groan in pain would have eased the pain she felt at that moment. She touched her chest, moving her hand up and down her chest in a bid to calm herself. David stood there looking so confused and lost. The realization that she had been coupling with a kid who could not make sane decisions for himself and was easily pushed about like a wheelbarrow hit her like a wave. He has never made good decisions for them, she has always been the one looking out for them. How couldn’t she have known all this while? Is love truly, blind?
He just stood there scratching his brows, saying nothing.

“David? What game brought this ruin upon you? What silly game did you squander all our money on?.”

She was looking directly into his eyes and was at the brim of bursting into tears. Several minutes passed and David still had not said anything in response to the question. Her eyes widened suddenly, and she stood up abruptly and said,

“Don’t Tell me you gambled with all that money?” She got no response.

“Answer me David before I pluck your eyes out!” She cried.

His shoulders dropped, he sighed and said, “Something like that. It’s not really gambling, it’s just a sophisticated game of the rich. That is the name for it”

“Sophisticated game of the rich? Interesting. Tell me about it, Dav.”

“See Al, I thought I would be able to do it once, get a whole lot of money off it, and never indulge again according to how the leader of the group described it to me, it was supposed to be easy. I never knew it would turn out this way.”

“It’s no use crying over spilled milk Dav, and I have been patient enough with you at the moment, what the hell was the game you played?!”

“I’m not supposed to breathe a word of this to anyone who is not a member, for all I know there might be a monitoring bug on me, in my phone, or even in this house but since I am totally ruined, I have to tell you. It is called ‘the game of lords.’ It’s a large network of people and all the members are rich, I mean stinkingly rich but there are different categories of the rich there…those still looking for more money, those looking for pleasure, and the ones who make money off the other two. Ermm… we made bets on…on…peo…people’s life.”

He went silent, she saw his worried look and his eyes frantically searched her face for any reaction. What should she have done? Cry? Scream? All she felt like doing at that moment was laugh, laugh at the misfortune David had tabled before her and how unbelievable the seems. Maybe she’s been jilted by David. Maybe he was a jigolo who had planned to ruin her alongside his scammer friends all this while? She’s had become a victim of scam or… Her thoughts were interrupted when David asked,

“Are you okay Al?”

“Of course I am, at least your head is still intact. A very good evidence that I am still very okay.”

There was a long pause and she had to scream at him to continue.

“Calm down Al, I will” Another agonizing silence then he continued.

“We gather at THE NIGHT’s galore, you know that big apartment at the east side of Johnsbuggert City. At first, we were placing hefty sums on animal fights. Each night, we get to pick sturdy animals of choice to fight against opponents for the night, I noticed they were fed substances, I don’t know what it is but it seems like drugs, they said it is meant to energize them. The winning animal takes home the prize, and the other one ends up dead or gets shot dead if injured. I wanted to opt out because the sights of this were too horrific for me. But the anchor persuaded me that it takes getting used to and I was going to lose the money I have invested without a dime returned to me if I opted out that early, so I stayed and kept losing each game. I won on my fifth trip to the club but several games later, here I am about to be destitute.

He paused, searching her face, she noticed the genuine look of concern on his face and she just shook her head and glared at him.
She had wasted years loving a foolish man.
He sighed and continued, “It got worse Al, after my first month there they started bringing in human beings and we started betting on humans, able-bodied men. I wondered why they were taking such a risk, my guess was they were sweet-talked and promised heaven and earth and a truckload of profit like they did to me. The GOATS, we call them GOATS, they also ingest the powdery substance before they wrestle. It was no ordinary wrestling, they wrestled one another until death. The rule of the game was ‘You kill or you die’ It was as if everything was programmed. They let you get comfortable and they show you their true colors… the bets on the animals were like an initiation into their group and there is no turning back…it’s like…like crossing the Rubicon bridge. I tried hard to escape, to opt out but I was completely damned.”

He coughed, took a glance at my face, and continued.
“All I could do was keep playing, watch the gruesome game take place, loose and lend more and more money from other members and keep watching all over again as they wrestle relentlessly with one another, clawing blindly and breaking bones with each blow, none of the two fighters must rest, any slight attempt to rest from your GOAT is inviting death from the opponent and you, the GAME LORD losing money and the profits, it became a routine. Believe me, I tried but I was threatened, they threatened to falsely accuse me of all sorts of crimes so, I had to give in.”

The ringing of Alfreda’s phone had jolted the both of them. She looked across the bed at her phone and saw that it was the alarm she had set for 4 pm. The time had passed so quickly and David was still telling her what seemed like rubbish and seemed like the truth at the same time.

“You gave in to empty threats? Just like that?” Alfreda asked, she was about to reach the limit of her patience at that moment.

“I wish they were empty ones!” He cried.


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Monday, despite being the start of a new week, is a dreaded day for so many people.
“It’s about to be Monday again” “Tomorrow is Monday” “How I wish this weekend does not end” and so on is usually the lamentation of all and sundry prior to Monday, especially students, 9-5 workers, apprentices, and even the self-employed.

But why do people hate Mondays? Usually, Monday marks the beginning of a stressful week for some, and of rigorous school activities for students. A day that ends the comfort associated with a weekend, it is a day that kick-starts another five to six days routine race of humans chasing survival, that is, striving to make a means to an end which also at the same time makes it an important day. A day needed to kick-start the other days to continually set in place and stabilize our means of survival.

How to get Motivated for Monday

We all simply feel less motivated on Mondays and we tend to need an assurance or a sort of motivation that preaches “tomorrow will be better than yesterday” or “this Monday will be better than the past Mondays.” The truth is that we can be our own source of motivation. We can set the wheel of a better week running ourselves. How about we stop dreading Mondays? What if we start approaching Mondays with zeal and optimism?
Here is how you can make the best of the beginning of a new week:

1. Prepare your mind for a successful day/week:

View Monday as a day to gear yourself towards positivity, take time to relax your tense mind either by affirmations or meditations, reminisce back to the past weeks, reflect on your past tasks, check for mistakes, and seek for improvements to avoid recurring mistakes and be hopefully for the best throughout the rest of the week.

2. Have a positive mindset:

Cultivating a positive attitude in every ramification of life begets fortitude, assurance of the best, and enthusiasm towards one’s objectives. Every individual needs to approach Monday, the beginning of the week, the rest of the week, and the milestones ahead with a positive mindset. One should view difficult tasks as an opportunity to learn more and grow.

3. Set Clear Goals For the Week:

Setting clear goals itself is motivation enough to set a tone for a successful week ahead. This enables you to focus and narrow down the possibilities of overwhelming tasks to clear and purposeful ones. When you’re at it, be stern while setting your goals for the week, and outline the things you aim to actualize, they might be workplace-related jobs or geared towards personal development.

4. Have a curated list of your plans:

Draft a plan or to-do list to guide you throughout the day or week, and arrange the order of your tasks according to how they suit you or according to your work pace. Do not be in a rush to carry out if not required of you. An organized plan motivates and contributes to a successful week.

5. Seek more knowledge about your goals:

Associate yourself with individuals equipped with more knowledge on the goals you wish to tackle, and source for inspiration on your objectives by reading reassuring or motivational quotes, books, or online content like this one you’re currently reading. Indulge in activities that arouse your creativity and quest for learning.

6. Be Consistent:

Your motivation towards a new week can be further backed up by being consistent in whatever you set your mind on whether workplace-related or a self-objective, show up every day, and get it done at the time you have assigned to get it done. In other words, consistency serves as an instrument to spur a productive and positive week.

7. Be mindful of your well-being:

Good health is mostly underrated and unappreciated meanwhile good health is easily a source of motivation. Your body loses the ability to engage in important activities when experiencing weakness both physically and in the mind. Eating healthy, taking time to relax, and prioritizing self-care activities like exercises revitalize your mind and body.

Also, remember to always share your achievements with your loved ones, and celebrate your achievements regardless of how little. This would further make Monday less dreadful for you and motivate you for the coming weeks. So, as each beginning of the week draws closer, do not hesitate to seek and cling to any source of motivation, embrace positivity, look forward to daily growth, and of course, make more money.

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Which African country makes the best jollof rice? This has always been a topic of discourse between citizens across African countries, especially Nigeria and Ghana. Jollof rice is an extremely savory dish common to African households. No African country has come close to taking the trophy for the African country that makes the best Jollof rice from Nigeria.

Nigeria has always been and will always be the country that makes the best Jollof rice. Although Ghanaians will always argue this fact. Jollof rice is about being colorful. The other African countries have only birthed their Jollof from what they picked out of other’s ideas.

Speaking of making Jollof rice with completely rich ingredients, and using the right process in making it, leave it for Nigeria, and Nigerians, they own it.
We are not talking about ‘sapa jollof’ here, where you’d just mix powdered pepper with water and pour in everything at once. No!
We are talking about a savory and rich-in nutrients kind of Jollof rice. The kind of Jollof rice you will eat and forget your date of birth for a moment.

To crown it all, Nigerians have successfully invented different types of Jollof recipes without having to depend on other countries’ recipes.

This variety of Jollof has made NIGERIAN an African country with the A-list Jollof. And here they are;


Smoky Jollof Rice

Which one is smoky jollof again?
Nigerians can be funny while giving names to anything that was birthed or brought to life through their ideas.

But, you see this one, it is one of a kind. No other country makes it better other than Nigeria. This jollof got its name because it is prepared on firewood. Smoky Jollof is characterized by the way it is prepared, the unique scent of food that is almost burnt but not literally, and that savory taste that tells you it was made with the local means of cooking.


Party Jollof Rice

If you ask any Nigerian you come across what they see in party Jollof? Or what makes it stand out? They’d tell you party jollof is sweeter than any other type of Jollof and it is just the classic Nigerian Jollof Rice prepared at parties. It is the most popular Nigerian rice recipe and you will always see it at parties. It is easy to prepare.


Minced meat/beef Jollof rice

Beef or meat Mince Jollof Rice is a tasty version of Nigerian Jollof Rice prepared with minced beef or ground beef.
It is common knowledge that meat-endowed Jollof rice has a paradisiacal taste. Nigerians will gladly use all kinds of meats, mince them into small pieces, and add them to Jollof rice to give you that sensational taste of chewing Jollof at the same time with small chunks of meat.


Native Jollof Rice

I once came across an individual who thought this type of Jollof is made by native doctors hence, the reason why it earned the name. No, no, no.
Native Jollof is made with local cooking ingredients with palm oil as the main ingredient hence its name. In native jollof, you’d see locust beans, a lot of smoked fish, snails, and plenty of minced meat. It is another type of Jollof that made Nigeria the African country with the best Jollof.
Nigerians have a way of making people fall in love with their foods because this native jollof is another version that has managed to win the hearts of people at home and abroad.
Many times food vendors have sent this particular jollof outside the country to other countries.


Coconut rice?
By now, you would be saying out loud ‘Nigerians and food 5 and 6’

This Nigerian food is called the Jollof with another dimension!
It feels good when your friends think you are serving them the good old Jollof but gbam, the moment the first spoon enters the mouth, you are sure to be rewarded with looks of pleasure from them as it gives them an entirely different sensational taste. It makes you feel good, right?
Yes, this looks the same as the Jollof rice but the aroma and taste are different making it one of those special Nigerian Jollof rice recipes.

These are some of the several varieties of jollof rice that have made Nigeria’s Jollof A-list compared to other African country’s Jollof rice.

Have you tasted Jollof rice from some other African countries? Compare any one you’ve tasted to Nigerian Jollof rice, in your opinion, let us know which one is better or the one you prefer in the comments section.

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Have you ever wondered why it is peculiar to Nigerians to be positive when in extremely difficult situations and particularly in trying times when the economy of the country seems to be swaying on an imbalanced scale? Nigerians still manage to proclaim positivity when inflation is the order of the day, when the usual price for food and other things is raised to power ten, the instances when individuals’ usual budget is no longer sufficient and the budget needs to be increased which may lead to exhaustion of one’s income on a particular need i.e foodstuffs alone whereas other bills need to be sorted urgently, and in most cases, one has to be placed on hold for the other to be fulfilled.

Is it to mention the periods when heat is taking a toll but the power holding company who holds a solution to that refuses to let go of the electricity? Or is it the numerous times citizens get exploited by those in power and those placed in charge of protecting the citizens? Have you ever wondered why regardless of all these, we always stay positive? As for me, I believe this positivity is a result of having grown thick skin over the years, and the resilience that follows the near irremediable nature of most situations we find ourselves and the situation of the country.

Against all odds, with our unshaken faith and optimism, our watchwords are those that exude positivity, and you’ll find us chanting these words in the face of difficulty, every one of us conveying it in the languages, and ways we know best.

Some of these words and why they’re used.

Most of these words are usually two to three words or more joined together to form a phrase and they are mostly formed with pidgin English which not only makes them more distinct while being used but also outrightly unique. Some of these phrases are;

1. ‘E GO BE’

‘E go be’ is one of the exceptional phrases used to portray positivity. It simply means, “It will come to pass.” It is mostly used as a word of assurance amongst Nigerians to cheer up one another. Although it sounds playful and is mostly used playfully, it holds a deeper meaning than it seems.


This depicts “eventually, we will be fine” It is mostly used to proclaim that something good will come out of a situation eventually, or to assure ourselves or a person that no matter the situation, they’d overcome and be fine at last.


This one holds an in-depth meaning, from the words put together alone, one can easily decipher that it means “God will grant a wish or request or God will take control of a situation” This phrase also radiates faith, hope, and assurance.


This is a plea to God and can be related to the one above in instances whereby people say “God abeg run this thing for me” a plea to God to speedily grant a wish or prayer. Nigerians mostly incorporate this while ‘catching a cruise’ that is while making a joke out of something. Take for instance couple uploading their lovey-dovey videos or pictures online or a person putting up a picture showing them accepting gifts or shopping stuff worth much money and several similar scenes, you’d see Nigerians commenting ‘God abeg’ on such media uploads. Although, ‘God abeg’ is used ambiguously nowadays, sometimes as an exclamation to a weird happening or to something funny.


This means “it has eventually happened.” This phrase announces good news about a particular thing an individual has been looking forward to. It might be Good news that a visa has finally been approved, or collection of salary at the end of the month, or admission into a higher institution or a new job, and so on. Several people look forward to using this phrase to announce when good things happen to them.

There are numerous positive words put together that have surfaced over time just to keep our faith and optimism going strong.
Do you remember any other words such as the ones above? You can also contribute by adding them in the comment section.

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What PROCRASTINATION costs you and how to tackle it.

There is a common habit practiced by the majority of individuals. I refer to it as the “I will do it later syndrome” and it is generally referred to as procrastination.

Procrastination is being aware of the task at hand but choosing to postpone and carry out the task at die minutes or close to the deadline which mostly leads to the task being poorly done.

Procrastination does a lot more bad than good. Procrastination;

  • Disorganises schedules 
  •  Activates “the deadline mode”. Here, your brain is under the pressure of workloads and placed on impromptu to carry out the work meant to take some days under a few minutes to do research, put things in order and so on while battling with deadlines, you may make series of mistakes when carrying out a task.
  • Procrastination affects your income due to the inability to meet deadlines, which might lead to a query or a job being terminated if not done on time and loss of the stipulated reward or payment in the process. 
  • Procrastination affects your well-being i.e. the intake of food is also affected in the sense that the time meant to take in food is used to keep up with deadlines.
  • Opportunities may slip off one’s fingers, and one may miss life-changing events.

Procrastination can be a challenging habit to overcome, but with determination to change, some right steps to take, and incorporating discipline while taking those steps, you can reduce its impact on your productivity. Here are some tips to help you put an end to procrastination;

1. Define your goals for a certain period: Get a piece of paper or a journal or better still a notepad app on your phone, clearly outline what you want to achieve for the day, the week, or the month. Put down the tasks you have to get done and set an ultimatum to get them done. Outline what and what not to do when carrying out the tasks.

2. Set a reminder: A marked calendar, a to-do list with time intervals, and a labeled phone reminder placed on an alarm to remind you of a pending task can go a long way in getting your tasks done.

3. Create a Schedule: Create a to-do list for all the tasks at hand, opt for setting each task to each day of the week i.e. writing 1500 articles on Monday, doing laundry on Tuesday, rearranging the room on Wednesday, and so on. Also, set a particular time of the day to get the tasks done. 

4. Prioritize Important tasks: Make sure to downsize your to-do list to the paramount tasks, remove the unproductive ones away from the to-do list, the hard tasks that are likely to take a lot of time to be completed should be done first, followed by least hard then the easiest.

5. Eradicate Distraction: To not procrastinate while carrying out your tasks, focus and do away with any form of attractive and tempting distraction such as;

  •  Mindless scrolling on social media platforms.
  • Noise in the form of songs that you might be tempted to abandon your task and dance to, the source of noise might be your family or friends calling your name now and then. Find a solace away from noise or better still, carry out your task when the activities around you are lessened.
  •  Another source of distraction is the hustle and bustle of other people around you. What to do is ignore and try hard to concentrate. 
  • The source of distraction might be wall geckos or cockroaches fighting or mating, just shake your head and get back to work.

6. Books: Reading books that edify personal growth and teach how to break habits has a very big influence on you and can help provide you with more tips on how to tackle the habit of procrastinating.

Solid books like;

  • Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog: 21 Great ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
  • Neil Fiore’s The Now Habit
  • James Clear’s Atomic Habits

Most importantly, the determination and zeal towards changing this habit and cultivating discipline contribute a lot to finally eradicating procrastination.

Remember, procrastination has no benefit and you can not overcome it if your mind is not set on breaking through from it.

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In the previous article, 28 visa-free countries that Nigerians can visit were mentioned and we promised to curate a list of the topmost vacation spots where you can relax and enjoy breathtaking environs whether alone or with your loved ones i.e. girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, or family.

There are a lot of beautiful countries to visit, judging by the previous article, your wishlist might be filled up by now which brings us to the question that might have gone through your mind after reading the article– which of these countries guarantees a very interesting and memorable experience? Which particular visa-free country or countries can I go to enjoy a premium ‘soft life’ alongside my loved ones?

Here is a curated list and concise description of some suitable countries you can visit;


An island located in the eastern Caribbean, its capital is Bridgetown. This country is known for its breathtaking view of water bodies, beautiful waterside gardens, and buildings.

Barbados is a perfect place for a couple’s weekend getaway where you and your boo or bae can indulge in romantic and memorable activities away from work stress and the environments you have gotten used to. While in Barbados, you can visit Harrison’s Cave, Haute’s Gardens, Farley Hill National Park, and Barbados Wildlife Reserve amongst others.

Harrison’s cave

Image source -wikipedia

Image source-wikipedia

Haute’s gardens

Farley National park

Barbados wildlife reserve

The requirements for visiting Barbados are a passport valid for at least 180days and a return ticket.


This country is one of the most developed African countries surrounded by beautiful cities like Sal, Praia, Fogo, Buracona Blue Eyes, Santo antāo, and so on that now serve as tourist attractions. It is a perfect country to travel to when taking a break from work and tourism centers for tourists. Nigerians can easily get to Cape Verde by road transportation from Lagos State and the period of stay for a Nigerian is 30 to 60 days.


Fiji is a country located in the South Pacific, its capital is Suva, a city renowned for its beautiful architectural buildings. The Fiji Museum is said to have ethnographic exhibits.

Fiji is an ideal destination for beach and water lovers. Nigerian citizens can stay in Fiji for up to 120 days with their Nigerian passport. The exciting places to visit in Fiji are;

Fiji Museum

Image source – wikipedia

Coral Coast

Blue Lagoon Island.


Haiti is a Caribbean country perfect for a getaway as it is said to have several places that are pleasing to the eyes. Vacation here will not be complete without exploring the capital, Port-au-Prince which boasts beautiful beaches and historical buildings around the island, you can explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Citadelle. It is a mountain-top colossal fortress and one of the largest on record, the Labadee, a private port, and Sans Souci Palace was the royal residence of King Henri I of Haiti.

Haiti grants visa-free access to Nigerian passport holders for up to 90 days, there is enough time to explore all the places of interest.

La Citadelle

Image source - wikipedia
Image source – wikipedia


Image source – wikipedia

Sans Souci Palace


Seychelles is a small country in Africa, another amazing destination to spend your vacation. From its scenic views of water bodies to the views of beautiful coral reefs, to a variety of delicacies, and numerous activities like water diving, you get to have a close to none thrilling experience. A visitor’s permit is granted to Nigerians visiting Seychelles for a 30-day stay. While there, you can explore exciting places like Praslin, and Mahe, a beautiful city in Seychelles. The capital, Victoria, La Digue, and also get to see rare animals like the Aldabra tortoise.

Aldabra tortoise

There are a lot more countries that promise exciting experiences. As you visit these destinations, do not forget to abstain from stress-inducing activities, forget about work and bask in that moment, and also remember to capture the moments by taking beautiful pictures and videos.

Have you ever visited any of these countries? Share your memorable experience in the comment section below.

Story Time

Who Made David Mad? (EPISODE 2)

Alfreda knew immediately she saw the look on his face that David was in trouble. Big trouble. He is not difficult to read especially when something is bothering him and somehow, she is always quick to detect just like this moment.

She took a step away from the window planes, and turned to face him,
“David, you can’t pretend nothing is bothering you, it’s all over your countenance and I know deep down that something is wrong, this was further rooted when you raised your voice at me over the phone today. what exactly is the problem? I need to know,” She asked in a barely audible and persuasive tone.

A low groan escaped his lips and he pushed himself up against the pillow. She noticed he was trying not to make eye contact with her and that made her more agitated.

“Al, I’m deeply sorry for raising my voice at you. I don’t know how to begin telling you this, I’m so scared and afraid. Saying this might cause a rift between us and I don’t want that, Al. I would be able to bear this burden alone,” He said while still making efforts not to make eye contact with her.

“David, you not speaking to me about whatever is going on means only one thing, and it is that you do not trust me. I need to know what is eating you up, baby. Do you know how I feel? As if you built a shell around yourself and you’ve withdrawn into that shell, shutting me out. What you seem not to know is, that I’m not happy when you are not, Dav. So please, talk to me,” she pleaded.

“Sweetheart… er hmm…you see…one thing I want you to know is that I will never intentionally hurt you, you’ve always been my rock, always been there when I need you most, you prioritize me over anything else even your career and I feel like I am the luckiest man on earth every single day and I pray earnestly to God that I do not want to hurt you cause I love you with all my heart, without you, my existence is meaningless, my life had a turn around when you came into it.”

At that moment She had struggled to even breathe as a blush crept up her neck and spread widely across her cheeks. Oh, how he has a sugar-coated tongue, he has always been that good with words, words that made her insides tingle.

She had snapped back to reality, beginning to get impatient and it seemed as if he was deliberately stalling time. Was he pulling her legs?

“Baby, I know all this, just share with me what has been bothering you.”

“Al, you see…ermm…,” He paused to clear his throat

“I have wronged you, all we have built is down the of my stupidity. All our savings are gone, I sold off my car and yours, and the owner is not yet here to pick it up because I told him to wait until I have informed you. I’m sorry I did not do so before going ahead to sell it. Al, there’s no hope of getting a proper apartment again, I sold my position at the office too, and I took out loans in my name and yours. We’re in a huge debt and we’re back to square one.” Then he went silent.

She said it! He was pulling her legs or he was simply playing a prank on her like the videos she has been seeing all over the internet nowadays where people play pranks on their loved ones while a camera was on somewhere across the room.

She had stood up to ransack every nook and cranny of the room, scattering things along her trail, looking for the hidden camera. Surely, this must be a prank or if it turns out not to be that, then it must be a dream.

“Al, take it easy, what are you looking for? You’re scaring me with your reaction. Al..Al..Al!”

She turned towards him suddenly and snapped,

“For God’s sake, where did you hide the camera? Where is the damn camera? I know all this is a prank but it is no longer funny, when did you start shooting videos for comedies, Dav? You know I hate surprises like this and you should have told me beforehand. So, where exactly did you place the camera?”

While doing all that, her heart was slamming widely against her chest. She had looked straight into David’s eyes and what she saw horrified her. She saw guilt, anguish, and woe.

“Dav, you were playing a prank, right? You were trying to see what my reaction to that news would be, right? Are you being serious?”

“Yes, Al. I’m damn serious”

Her throat had gone dry and painful.

She sat on the bed next to him and said, “It’s no problem, all you spent was for the investment of your start-up company, right? The one you started alongside, Jide? Is it not moving according to plan? Not to worry, everything will get into place soon. I know all this is to make our life and that of our children better and it’s not easy for a start-up company to boom immediately. We just have to trust God and put in more effort to make it work. Do you need more money, then? I can take out of my savings for you, baby”

“No, dammit! There was never a startup company Alfreda. Our lives are ruined!.”

“Our lives are ruined? Oh no, darling, you must be joking”

Suddenly, something had dawned upon her and she rushed towards her vanity table, opened the drawers, and ransacked it from top to bottom, she moved to their wardrobe, ransacked it, and still could not find the documents to both her car and his. She rushed downstairs and searched everywhere for her car keys but found nothing.

She had picked up the phone to call David’s friend, Jide, and cunningly asked Him about the start-up company and he denied having started something of such and even laughed at the idea of a start-up company.

She ended the call and put off her blouse to fan herself as a wave of heat came upon her from nowhere. The atmosphere had been cold but it seemed as if she was in an incinerator.

This is a dream and she needed to wake up.

“Somebody wake me up,” she screamed

“Alfreda!” David called rushing down the stairs toward her

“Get it together, Al you’re not helping matters, you’re rather Making it worse with your display. You know, I didn’t want to tell you. If I had known you’d go berserk like this, I wouldn’t have told you anything” He said with a straight face

“Make it worse? My display? You said that to me? You sold my car, spent all over saving, did all sorts of things and you said those words to me? I trusted you to know what you were doing but there was no company to start with. Oh God! I have been fooled. My head… My head is hot. Where did all the money go, Dav?”

She got no answer.

“What did you spend that money on before I go crazy? A mistress?”

“It was a game that was supposed to make me rich, The game took it all”

Right at that moment, she indeed went berserk

Then she laughed. She laughed like she never had in her entire life.


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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is what they say and here you’re working tirelessly without taking a break even when you have all the time in the world to relax, you still chose to work, ‘ahh’! Are you running a race with a clock?

Yes, it’s common knowledge that humans need to work mainly to earn a living and alongside, achieve some goals we’ve outlined for ourselves but at some point in time, there is a need to take a break, relax, and possibly make unforgettable memories while at it.

Making plans for a vacation to indulge in sightseeing tours in other countries is one of those ways to relieve work stress. As in ‘no kee’ yourself with work, try ‘dey’ enjoy small small!

There is an existing phenomenon that says exploring, that is, traveling to other countries is an essential part of life as it helps garner knowledge, learn about the cultures of other nations, and most importantly, have unforgettable experiences.

From having a bucket list of countries suitable for vacation, and as per the motto of Gen Z ‘delulu is the solulu’ i.e delusion is the solution, we progress to fantasize on several occasions about how every moment during the vacation is going to materialize, especially the things of interest you’d indulge in so much that your imagination is getting the better part of you. From booking an amazing hotel room with breathtaking views of the seas or landscape to trying different dishes, exploring beautiful places, taking aesthetic pictures for the gram, and generally speaking, having the best time of your life.

Now, you already have a ‘boujee’ budget enough for you to go on vacation and to explore during the vacation but you have a problem that is very much like a big issue that can mar your vacation plans and that problem is a Visa!

It’s common knowledge that a visa is compulsory to endorse international movements.

Almost all the countries in the world require a visa before entry, this policy is particularly peculiar to Nigerians and we all know how stressful it usually is to obtain one. Everybody wants to live a soft life, we can’t come and die on top visa.

If you’re a Nigerian reading this content, I have good news for you! With a Nigerian passport, you can travel to a few countries visa-free!

Countries Nigerians can visit visa-free

The Nigerian passport ranks 191st in the world as of March 2024 according to VisaGuide Passport Index.

The updated list of countries Nigerians can travel to visa-free with only a Nigerian passport as of 2024 shows a total of 28 countries and these countries are;

1. Barbados

2. Benin

3. Burkina Faso

4. Cameroon

5. Cabo Verde

6. Chad

7. Cook Islands

8. Ivory Coast

9. Dominica

10. Fiji

11. Ghana

12. Guinea

13. Guinea-Bissau

14. Haiti

15. Liberia

16. Mali

17. Micronesia

18. Montserrat

19. Niger

20. Niue

21. Senegal

22. Sierra Leone

23. Saint Kitts and Nevis

24. Gambia

25. Togo

26. Vanuatu

27. Antigua and Barbuda

28. Kenya

The period of stay for some of these countries can be as long as 30 days and some others longer than that, usually 90 to 120 days. It is important to take note of this so as not to forget yourself while enjoying your stay to avoid the risk of being penalized for overstaying or banned from future visits. Don’t turn yourself into ‘contraband’ by overstaying.

The question now is which of these countries promises a very interesting and memorable experience? Which particular country or countries can I and ‘my boo or bae’ go to enjoy a premium ‘soft life’?

In our next content we will give an overview of the top most appealing countries you can visit to ‘chop the life of your head’ visa-free and all you need is only a Nigerian passport.

Everyone is meant to enjoy life, and we must! The goal is to work hard, make money, and live life to the fullest.

I hope this pushes the idle ‘God when’ and ‘God abeg’ category of people to sit up and work hard. Everyone deserves to enjoy life but it requires a lot of effort.

On the Blaze


Over the years, Nigeria’s macroeconomic stance has been suffering drastic reduction, amidst the downswing in the entire economy, is the irregularity and immense increase in exchange rates, the declension in the total amount of goods and services produced, and total income earned, hyperinflation in prices of goods and services, the total decline in the level of employment of productive resources. This continuous economic downswing is leaving the majority of Nigerians in hardship.

Due to the obvious hardship in the country, serial emigration is now a constant occurrence as the number of people who relocate daily has extremely increased.

It is not uncommon to see individuals making plans to relocate even before the situation of the country got to this stage, the majority has always had ‘japa’ plans, that is relocating from here to another country to either start life afresh, live a better life, further their education from whence they had stopped here in Nigeria or to search for employment opportunities.

Every day on social media, we come across posts captioned with “a new dispensation” followed by a popular meme that has been adopted for that purpose.

Emigration to another country is one of the better options Nigerians are left with. Simply put, it is an easy way out of the present situation of the country that seems unchanging anytime soon.

As a Nigerian who wishes to migrate abroad to live, experience a new work environment, and start a new phase of life, or as a Nigerian student who wants to further their education abroad, you might be faced with conflicting thoughts about where to emigrate to, how to and processes such as visa application and collection can be challenging and draining.



This write-up focuses on 5 easiest countries Nigerians can emigrate to, the means of migration, and mainly, other countries suitable for emigration aside United Kingdom and Canada as it is no news that Nigerians migrate mostly to the United Kingdom and Canada which makes migration to these two countries very competitive, and difficult for most to migrate to.


1. Switzerland🇨🇭

Switzerland is a country in Europe, one of the top-tier countries suitable for Nigerians seeking to emigrate.

It is reported to be one of the countries with a stable economy and steady offers of quality standard of living for immigrants. However, it takes several years of residency before becoming a Swiss citizen.

Official languages are: Romansh, French, German, and Italian

Means of migration: university admissions and application for student visa.

Individuals can also apply for the long-term type D visa by providing the crucial documents required such as passport photographs, international passport, proof of financial evidence, certificates of preceding education i.e degree, original enrollment letter from a recognized Swiss educational institution, proof of English language prolificacy test like IELTS or TOEFL and a proof of paid tuition fee after getting the application form.

2. Germany🇩🇪

Germany is an abundantly rich European country with a stable economy but a high Standard of living with equally high job opportunities.

Official language: German Deutsch

Means of migration: becoming a student is the easy way of migrating to Germany and standing a chance to obtain a German visa.

However, it is required that you’re proficient in English and be specific about the institution of study.


3. Singapore🇸🇬

Singapore is a country in Asia and it ranks as one of the top countries with generous diplomacy towards migrants. This country has an incredibly balanced economy, top-notch work-life balance, and low cost of living. The number of people migrating to this country continues to increase due to its conducive living environments, flourishing businesses, and numerous job opportunities. Workers are constantly needed in various sectors.

Official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.

Means of migration: According to,

Singapore has several work passes immigrants can benefit from,

You can get a student pass (student visa) if you are moving to Singapore to study in any of the Singaporean educational institutions. As a foreign student, you can be eligible for permanent residency only after spending more than 2 years in Singapore and passing at least one national exam.

A student visa will allow you to work without a work permit, provided that you meet the conditions for work.

Singapore has a strict visa and employment law, so you must have a job before you move to the country and obtain a work visa. Singapore has several work passes that you can benefit from.

However, the options for permanent residence for work are limited. That being said, you can move permanently to Singapore with one of the following:

  • Employment Pass.
  • EntrePass (Investor Program).
  • S Pass. of Singapore.”


4. Belgium 🇧🇪

Belgium is a European country that is not much talked about but also tops the list of suitable destinations for Nigerians seeking to migrate abroad to start a new life.

Official languages: French, Dutch, German

Means of emigration: Emigrating to Belgium requires applying for a long-stay visa from the Belgium embassy in your country. Application for the residence permit to stay is required to stay longer than three months immediately after traveling to the country with your long-term visa.

When you start working in Belgium, you can request permission to live there permanently.

Belgium is known to offer a program for those who wish to establish their own business or start-up company, which can automatically lead to obtaining Belgium residency.

Becoming a permanent resident in Belgium comes with a full package of benefits, such as going to work in high-quality settings, admissions to the school, medical benefits, and being permitted to vote.

In conclusion, while the relocating processes might be challenging, the experience varies, depending on the steps and means followed by each individual and the situation in which they find themselves.

However, it is advisable for individuals seeking to emigrate to a particular country to make necessary research or inquiries to be well-informed about the destination before embarking on such a journey. There are also some other countries with generous policies, making it easy for Nigerian immigrants.



Let’s talk


In a typical Nigerian home, there are stories our parents told that have lived with us through time and have been passed on from generation to generation and would likely still be passed on to the next generation.

Myths are told to scare or make one believe a particular thing does exist. Sometimes, it is told to make the recipient get something done or obey an order.

As much as there are weird myths, we can not fully conclude they contain no iota of truth.

The realization that all these myths are not so true came as we grew older, but deep down we know these myths would likely be passed onto our children.

Here are a few of these myths worthy to be passed on to the next generation;


At times, you would hear a young girl even a teenage girl saying; “don’t touch me o, my mum said I will get pregnant if I allow boys to touch me”

While growing up, we all were told this, and it instilled fear of unwanted pregnancy in both boys and girls as they already know the consequences of getting pregnant at an early age.

By now, we understood that this myth meant well as it was simply to make both boys and girls steer clear of immoral acts.

It is, however, one of the myths that should be passed on to the next generation as it easily passes across a message that cannot be said with actual words and a subtle way of educating young ones on ‘unwanted pregnancy’ early.


This particular myth automatically means once you eat while standing and the food stays in your leg, you will possibly experience hunger again, and in a typical Nigerian home, there is no food after you’ve just finished one.

This belief has made most kids heed the warning the myth passes across.

Eating while standing is a bad eating posture as it can also lead to discomfort from bloating, to cramps and gas.

This myth is one of those that should be passed on to the next generation.


As untrue as this might sound, it worked wonders in the sleeping posture of most of us especially when we were young as no one wants to be tagged a spirit.

Sleeping with the legs on the wall is considered a bad sleeping posture, one might develop an ache in the lower back.

It is undeniably one of the myths that should be passed on to the next generation.


Some of us took this too seriously and hated sleeping late to the extent that as soon as the clouds turned dark we would have retired to bed for the fear of being taken away or visited by a spirit.

One advantage we got from this was it instilled a proper sleeping routine in us early enough.

Health-wisely, sleeping late itself is not advisable.

This myth should therefore be passed on to the next generation.


Once upon a time, starting right into the sun, a girl dared the sun to come down.

As silly as putting this into action is, we cannot deny that most of us have tried staring into the sun checking how long we can withstand its brightness.

This could probably explain why this myth came into existence.

This myth has also been of good advantage as it cautioned this act and has saved us the trouble of having to spend money on treating eye problems.

There are so many other interesting myths that have originated from Nigeria and have been passed on over time. What other myths do you know and feel should be passed on to kids as it might be of advantage to them? Let us know in the comment section.