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Have you ever wondered why it is peculiar to Nigerians to be positive when in extremely difficult situations and particularly in trying times when the economy of the country seems to be swaying on an imbalanced scale? Nigerians still manage to proclaim positivity when inflation is the order of the day, when the usual price for food and other things is raised to power ten, the instances when individuals’ usual budget is no longer sufficient and the budget needs to be increased which may lead to exhaustion of one’s income on a particular need i.e foodstuffs alone whereas other bills need to be sorted urgently, and in most cases, one has to be placed on hold for the other to be fulfilled.

Is it to mention the periods when heat is taking a toll but the power holding company who holds a solution to that refuses to let go of the electricity? Or is it the numerous times citizens get exploited by those in power and those placed in charge of protecting the citizens? Have you ever wondered why regardless of all these, we always stay positive? As for me, I believe this positivity is a result of having grown thick skin over the years, and the resilience that follows the near irremediable nature of most situations we find ourselves and the situation of the country.

Against all odds, with our unshaken faith and optimism, our watchwords are those that exude positivity, and you’ll find us chanting these words in the face of difficulty, every one of us conveying it in the languages, and ways we know best.

Some of these words and why they’re used.

Most of these words are usually two to three words or more joined together to form a phrase and they are mostly formed with pidgin English which not only makes them more distinct while being used but also outrightly unique. Some of these phrases are;

1. ‘E GO BE’

‘E go be’ is one of the exceptional phrases used to portray positivity. It simply means, “It will come to pass.” It is mostly used as a word of assurance amongst Nigerians to cheer up one another. Although it sounds playful and is mostly used playfully, it holds a deeper meaning than it seems.


This depicts “eventually, we will be fine” It is mostly used to proclaim that something good will come out of a situation eventually, or to assure ourselves or a person that no matter the situation, they’d overcome and be fine at last.


This one holds an in-depth meaning, from the words put together alone, one can easily decipher that it means “God will grant a wish or request or God will take control of a situation” This phrase also radiates faith, hope, and assurance.


This is a plea to God and can be related to the one above in instances whereby people say “God abeg run this thing for me” a plea to God to speedily grant a wish or prayer. Nigerians mostly incorporate this while ‘catching a cruise’ that is while making a joke out of something. Take for instance couple uploading their lovey-dovey videos or pictures online or a person putting up a picture showing them accepting gifts or shopping stuff worth much money and several similar scenes, you’d see Nigerians commenting ‘God abeg’ on such media uploads. Although, ‘God abeg’ is used ambiguously nowadays, sometimes as an exclamation to a weird happening or to something funny.


This means “it has eventually happened.” This phrase announces good news about a particular thing an individual has been looking forward to. It might be Good news that a visa has finally been approved, or collection of salary at the end of the month, or admission into a higher institution or a new job, and so on. Several people look forward to using this phrase to announce when good things happen to them.

There are numerous positive words put together that have surfaced over time just to keep our faith and optimism going strong.
Do you remember any other words such as the ones above? You can also contribute by adding them in the comment section.

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