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Which African country makes the best jollof rice? This has always been a topic of discourse between citizens across African countries, especially Nigeria and Ghana. Jollof rice is an extremely savory dish common to African households. No African country has come close to taking the trophy for the African country that makes the best Jollof rice from Nigeria.

Nigeria has always been and will always be the country that makes the best Jollof rice. Although Ghanaians will always argue this fact. Jollof rice is about being colorful. The other African countries have only birthed their Jollof from what they picked out of other’s ideas.

Speaking of making Jollof rice with completely rich ingredients, and using the right process in making it, leave it for Nigeria, and Nigerians, they own it.
We are not talking about ‘sapa jollof’ here, where you’d just mix powdered pepper with water and pour in everything at once. No!
We are talking about a savory and rich-in nutrients kind of Jollof rice. The kind of Jollof rice you will eat and forget your date of birth for a moment.

To crown it all, Nigerians have successfully invented different types of Jollof recipes without having to depend on other countries’ recipes.

This variety of Jollof has made NIGERIAN an African country with the A-list Jollof. And here they are;


Smoky Jollof Rice

Which one is smoky jollof again?
Nigerians can be funny while giving names to anything that was birthed or brought to life through their ideas.

But, you see this one, it is one of a kind. No other country makes it better other than Nigeria. This jollof got its name because it is prepared on firewood. Smoky Jollof is characterized by the way it is prepared, the unique scent of food that is almost burnt but not literally, and that savory taste that tells you it was made with the local means of cooking.


Party Jollof Rice

If you ask any Nigerian you come across what they see in party Jollof? Or what makes it stand out? They’d tell you party jollof is sweeter than any other type of Jollof and it is just the classic Nigerian Jollof Rice prepared at parties. It is the most popular Nigerian rice recipe and you will always see it at parties. It is easy to prepare.


Minced meat/beef Jollof rice

Beef or meat Mince Jollof Rice is a tasty version of Nigerian Jollof Rice prepared with minced beef or ground beef.
It is common knowledge that meat-endowed Jollof rice has a paradisiacal taste. Nigerians will gladly use all kinds of meats, mince them into small pieces, and add them to Jollof rice to give you that sensational taste of chewing Jollof at the same time with small chunks of meat.


Native Jollof Rice

I once came across an individual who thought this type of Jollof is made by native doctors hence, the reason why it earned the name. No, no, no.
Native Jollof is made with local cooking ingredients with palm oil as the main ingredient hence its name. In native jollof, you’d see locust beans, a lot of smoked fish, snails, and plenty of minced meat. It is another type of Jollof that made Nigeria the African country with the best Jollof.
Nigerians have a way of making people fall in love with their foods because this native jollof is another version that has managed to win the hearts of people at home and abroad.
Many times food vendors have sent this particular jollof outside the country to other countries.


Coconut rice?
By now, you would be saying out loud ‘Nigerians and food 5 and 6’

This Nigerian food is called the Jollof with another dimension!
It feels good when your friends think you are serving them the good old Jollof but gbam, the moment the first spoon enters the mouth, you are sure to be rewarded with looks of pleasure from them as it gives them an entirely different sensational taste. It makes you feel good, right?
Yes, this looks the same as the Jollof rice but the aroma and taste are different making it one of those special Nigerian Jollof rice recipes.

These are some of the several varieties of jollof rice that have made Nigeria’s Jollof A-list compared to other African country’s Jollof rice.

Have you tasted Jollof rice from some other African countries? Compare any one you’ve tasted to Nigerian Jollof rice, in your opinion, let us know which one is better or the one you prefer in the comments section.

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