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“Some people have never received valentine packages” and similar posts like this are probably the first thing you’d come across as you log in to any social media platform on the 14th of February every year.

Some playfully refer to this day as a perfect one to apply pressure and ‘press the necks’ of single people. But, has there ever been a day when single people are not subjected to pressure from couples? Those people have always restricted our airflow! God abeg!

To those of us single, it’s just another day to be reminded of our inexistent love life and to be pressured further when those in relationships upload lovely, and cute pictures and video evidence of them exchanging Valentine’s packages or gifts, flowers, and so on.

The work automatically assigned to the singles on this day is to display the ‘raise am, raise am’ act. Some do this by liking the couples’ posts, exclaiming, and leaving comments like ‘he-he’ ‘ awwn’ ‘God abeg’ and ‘God when’ while some will rather hiss, squeeze their faces, and scrunch their nose as they scroll past the posts with a speed of light.

People’s opinions about Valentine’s Day vary.

Some view this day as ‘overhyped’, some deem it important and look forward to it, every year while some think it is just like every other day. What then is the big deal about Valentine’s Day?

For the lucky few, it’s a day of happiness and to further bond with one another, for others it’s a day that opens up old wounds.

Now, here comes the question, Is Valentine’s Day really what it should be nowadays?

What’s Valentine’s Day all about?

Valentine’s Day is all about love.

St. Valentine, patron of love.

Valentine’s Day was presented in honor and remembrance of St. Valentine, a Roman priest. It is said that this man displayed love in its greatest form for the church through dedication and laying down His life. Since then, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as a day of “love”. A day celebrated between loved ones with a theme colour of white and red that symbolizes this special day.

Over time, Valentine’s Day evolved from the celebration of St. Valentine’s sacrificial love to a day for individuals, friends, and families to rekindle and keep the fire of their undying love for each other burning bright, to ensure their bond wax stronger, and to appreciate one another through admirable gestures, such as exchange of beautiful words, and substantial gifts that further preach love to their loved ones.

But, spoiler alert!!!

Valentine’s Day has lost its actual substance and uniqueness. Nowadays, the exchange of material things is used to measure the extent of love between couples. High expectations as well as competition for who got the most expensive gifts are now the order of the day during Valentine’s Day. Also, Comparisons of what others did for their partners to what their partners did for them now matter over the real love that should be celebrated. Most people believe that the only genuine manner their partners can sincerely establish their love for them is through expensive gifts which should not be so.

Valentine’s Day has been reduced to one single day that is all about overhyped excitement of partners who forget being good or showing love to one another for the rest of the year. The majority have misplaced perceptions about Valentine’s Day and they celebrate it just to follow the bandwagon.

Series of events on Valentine’s Day

We witness diverse happenings on Valentine’s Day, some lovely and prayer point worthy while some are filled with sad experiences. The lucky few get appreciated, and some get served premium breakfast as ‘e dey hot’.

We see instances of a cheating partner getting exposed as Valentine gifts and the bearers of the gifts collide with one another in the house of a girlfriend or vice versa. Both men and women are dumbfounded as they witness or see videos of their supposed partners presenting gifts to another person.

For people like this, Valentine’s Day will forever be a sour day until someone somewhere, the right man or woman appears to change their view about it.

Then, there are the ones who experience kindness from real partners who immensely understand and incorporate intentionality on a normal day aside the Valentine’s Day. To them, Valentine’s Day is just a plus one day to wax stronger and a reminder that their love can’t be shaken.

I know at this point, you’re wondering how to reset the true purpose of Valentine’s Day.

Here are some updates;

• As a person with an active relationship, avoid exerting pressure on your partners to get you expensive gifts as regards Valentine’s Day, as this is somehow unkind and stressful. Do away with high expectations and let your main focus be on growing to be better in your relationship.

• If your partner is not buoyant enough to get you any gift whatsoever, spend quality time with them, and bond over meaningful things on this day, it might be a movie night together in your room, or a game night. Indulge in any other interest you have observed that sparks joy in your partner.

• If you have once been hurt on Valentine’s Day, it’s understandable if your view about it changed completely after that experience but trust me, you’re deserving of love in its purest form. Be open-minded and give love another try. let me embrace my ‘single to stupor’ life

• To those of us single, let us keep exclaiming ‘God when’ to couples pictures!

• I’d advise us to not be a troll or leave hateful comments under couples’ posts or take memes or posts pointing at our dilemma to heart. Have it in mind that one of these days “God go run am” And if all those get to you, you better go find a partner! Or humor yourself and order a Valentine’s package for yourself, take pictures, and caption it “Valentine gifts from my man/woman” so you too won’t ‘carry last’

In all, we should be willing to rewire our ethos on the perception of Valentine’s Day. It’s all about love and love is all about being sacrifial, pure, selfless, and not materialistic as material things are just a plus. Therefore, all-round love should be the order of the day.

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U.S. Bureau Of Prisons Set To Probe Internet Fraudster, Hushpuppi Over Viral Photos Of Feast In New Jersey Jail

The United States authority has said it will probe a viral video of someone believed to be convicted internet fraud kingpin, Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, after holding a feast with others inside what was reported as his detention facility at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Hushpuppi is currently serving an 11-year sentence, in the U.S.

His ally and social media influencer, Tunde Adekunle, alias Tunde Ednut, celebrated his birthday on January 22.

Some fans and other celebrities joined the birthday across Nigeria and parts of the U.S. and a video surfaced showing a feast of different foods, including jollof rice, pasta and soda drinks, in what appeared to be a jail facility.

“Tunde Ednut, you can see that we are celebrating you in our own little way o,” said a voice which many Nigerians said belonged to Mr Abbas in the video that went viral on September 22.

“Fried rice is ready, Tunde Ednut birthday celebration. Jollof loading, pasta is here as you can see,” the voice continued as the person, who hid his face behind the camera, displayed a variety of delicacies on a white table.

The video, which the Peoples Gazette analysed, showed a grey double bunk and a bed covered in white sheets. The features reminiscent of a prison interior stoked rumours that Mr Abbas was having a swell time celebrating his friend’s birthday behind bars.

Nigerians familiar with Mr Abbas’ voice insisted that he was the one in the viral video. Mr Abbas, 41, was convicted for his role in a multimillion-dollar international fraud scheme in 2022.

However, the United States Bureau of Prisons told Peoples Gazette that the investigative department would take charge of the inquiry to ascertain the facts or lack thereof about the viral video.

“We take these matters seriously,” the prison facility said, adding that its investigative department would take charge of the inquiry to ascertain the facts— or lack thereof— about the viral video.

It was earlier reported that efforts made by Hushpuppi to reduce his 11-year sentence met a brick wall as the Appeals Court for the Ninth Circuit in Los Angeles, U.S. dismissed his application.

Abbas had appealed to the court for a review and reduced sentence, citing his behaviour during his stay in jail.

SaharaReporters had reported that Abbas in 2022 was convicted for money laundering and a series of online scams in tens of millions of dollars.

However, after reappraising his chances of success, according to Peoples Gazette, he raised the motion to appeal the sentence. The motion was filed in November 2022, two weeks after Judge Otis Wright sent him to jail.

The convict had enrolled in prison educational courses and also taken an active role in cleaning prison facilities, becoming one of the correctional facility’s top toilet cleaners, in a bid to earn a lighter sentence.

Still, the appellate judges remained implacable in their decision to deny his appeal.

The judgment was made on January 19. It was announced by Molly Dwyer, the court’s clerk, on behalf of the appellate judges.

Olalekan Jacob Ponle popularly known as Mr. Woodberry, recently asked the United States Court of Appeals to reduce his eight-year jail term on the grounds that the sentence was wrongly calculated.

Woodberry, an internet fraudster and an ally of Hushpuppi, had pleaded guilty to count one of the eight counts brought against him in the US.

He further agreed to surrender $8 million in proceeds of wire fraud as well as luxury cars and watches to the foreign government.

Woodberry earlier pleaded not guilty to the charges in which he was accused of engaging in a fraudulent scheme known as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

He was arrested in Dubai on June 10, 2020, alongside Hushpuppi.

He was subsequently convicted in July 2023 for scamming individuals and businesses of millions of dollars.


BBNaija’s Cross Thrills Fans With Performance At Davido’s Abuja Concert (Video)

Ex-BBNaija housemate, Cross Okonkwo wowed fans with his jaw-dropping performance at the just-concluded concert of Afrobeats star, Davido in Abuja.

It would be recalled that DMW boss, Davido touched down Abuja yesterday and gave the residents a thrilling performance.

Apparently, fans were surprised to see Cross, who lives in the city, also mount the stage.

A viral video shows him dancing and displaying some moves netizens didn’t know he had in him.

See Video Below;

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Burna Boy Rejects Cauliflower Cheese, Requests For Garri And Egusi (Video)

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy during an interview rejected a foreign delicacy as he requested for garri and egusi soup.

The singer was asked to choose his favourite dish from a selection of Nigerian and British dishes during a recent food testing interview with LADbible.

Jollof rice and cauliflower cheese were served to Burna Boy in the initial round of meals. One of the interview’s biggest highlights was Burna’s decisive rejection of cauliflower cheese.

He declined the cauliflower cheese, noting that it tasted awful in his mind but not touching it or tasting it.

Pot noodles and eba with egusi Soup was the second round of dishes that were served. The famous Afrobeat musician tasted the Pot Noodles and observed that he would need to use a special sauce to make it work with the Jollof Rice.

During the interview, he disclosed that his favourite food is jollof. Then, rather than merely tasting the Egusi soup, he opened the eba nylon and started eating it.

See Video Below;

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BREAKING: Tinubu Wades Into Akeredolu, Aiyedatiwa’s Feud

President Bola Tinubu has intervened in the conflict between Ondo Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and Deputy Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

A source said President Tinubu has invited members of the Ondo Assembly to Abuja Friday.

Prominent elders and traditional rulers in the week appealed to President Tinubu to intervene in the political crisis to avert looming anarchy.

It was gathered the Ondo Assembly has been divided with 11 lawmakers now in support of Aiyedatiwa.

Sources said the 11 lawmakers were reached out to by some forces outside Ondo State.

A sitting of the lawmakers scheduled for Friday was said to have been pushed by the 11 lawmakers.

One of them, who pleaded anonymity, said the sitting was part of the plans hatched in Abuja with the 11 lawmakers to declare Governor Akeredolu incapacitated and declare Aiyedatiwa Governor.

Speaker Oladiji Olamide, who confirmed the meeting with President Tinubu, said the outcome of the meeting would determine the next line of action.

Oladiji said the scheduled Friday’s plenary was to declare Aiyedatiwa as Acting Governor and not to declare Akeredolu as incapacitated.

He said the meeting with President Tinubu would hold on Friday afternoon.

“Our sitting was to declare Aiyedatiwa as Acting Governor. The Governor is still alive,” he said.

Details Shortly…

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Grammy Next – Portable Wins First International Music Award, Beats Seyi Vibez, Odumodublvck, Others

Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable has clinched his first international award.
This comes after he was announced as the winner of Best New Artist category at the just concluded African Entertainment Awards held in the United States.
The singer was nominated alongside other top Nigerian artists like Seyi Vibez, Odumodublvk, Blaq Bones, and others to win the award.
Portable emerged winner of the international award, making it the first international award.
The premium charts recorder, ChartsAfrica took to their Twitter page to announce his win.
“Congratulations #Portable on winning the Best New Artist Award at the 2023 African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEUSA),” they wrote.
Check reactions trailing Portable’s announcement as winner:
heisbibz wrote: “For same award wizkid collect best dressed artist…potable too Dey collect…nahhh not Grammy for babies ….wizkid fc, just leave me make I laugh small 😂😂”

dkingofafrica commented: “Portable go finish us this week for IG 😂😂😂”
yungstrikz said: “Portable get grace 👏👏”
yur_boyfriend penned: “I am bigger than Headies e don talk ham before 😂😂😂😂”
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Actor, Ibrahim Suleiman Explains Why It’s Not Always Good To Tease People With Their Weakness

Ibrahim Suleiman, the popular Nigerian actor, has talke about why it is not always good to tease people with their weakness.

The actor who shared an experience with a friend, said people teased him about not knowing how to drive.



However, after he asked what stopped the said friend from learning how to drive, he revealed that he was scarred deeply after surviving an accident that took the lives of two people when he was 15.

Suleiman tweeted; “Met someone recently (M.43) who can’t drive, and has never tried to learn. He was getting proper teased about it and we were all having a good laugh, but I noticed his unease. Later that day, I asked him what the real story was.

“Apparently, when he was 15 years old, He was involved in a ghastly car crash that saw 2 childhood friends not make it. It has scarred him deeply. Not everyone chooses to not do things like most people. I apologised to him for teasing him when everyone else was, and made sure to hint the others to avoid the topic.

“I cannot swim. Something happened when I was much younger (don’t want to go into detail) and it has made me averse to being fully submerged in water. I get teased about it a lot. I just laugh it off, because, personality. But not everyone can laugh off trauma. Let us be kind.”

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I Gained In Real Life; A Rich Father, Rich Friends And Two Passports – Kiddwaya Fires Back At Fan Who Said he Gained Nothing From BBNaija All Stars

Ex-BBNaija All Stars housemate, Kiddwaya has given a loud response to those saying he gained nothing after he was evicted from the reality show.

The evicted All Stars housemate took to his ‘X’ page to reveal some of the things he has gained in real life.

A social media user had gone online to make an analysis of the losers and gainers of this year’s edition.

Amongst other housemates, he had squeezed in Kiddwaya’s name into the list of losers of this year’s BBNaija show.

“People that gained this season VENITA, SOMA, ADEKUNLE, ILEBAYE, KIM OPRAH, NEO, ANGEL

People that loose this season


The ones that didn’t gain nor loose


In reaction, Kiddwaya said that he has gained a lot of things in real life, including a rich father, uncle, friends and two passports.

“Lol. I gained in real life. Rich father. Rich friends. Rich uncles. 2 passports. Complete freedom.,” Kiddwaya replied.

See Post Below:

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I Went To Have Fun On BBNaija, Not Win N120m – Tolanibaj Says

Nigerian reality TV star, Tolanibaj, has said she went on the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) All-Stars edition to have fun, and not because she wanted to win the N120 million cash prize.

The reality TV star was a participant in the ongoing BBNaija All-Stars show.

She was evicted from the show on August 27, alongside Frodd, after receiving the lowest number of votes.

Following her eviction, Tolanibaj received a lot of backlash over her conduct on the show.

She was criticised for fighting over Neo, a fellow contestant, who consistently denied their relationship and maintained that they were just friends.

She was also slammed for pushing for a relationship with Neo.

In a recently released vlog on her YouTube channel, Tolanibaj said she is used to being criticised and judged.

She also said she had already earned the title of  “queen of drags” before she entered the Big Brother house.

She added that she was not on the show to win the money, but just to have fun.

“I am used to getting dragged. Before I entered the house, I was queen of drags. I came out of Big Brother show, did I expect to be liked? The game that I played even backfired,” she said.

“I did not go there to win the money. If you remember on day one when they asked, I said no pressure… I am just here to have fun.”

Since her eviction, Tolanibaj has not granted the press any interview.

While explaining the reason for not engaging with the press, she said “I did not feel the need to grant anyone access to me and I wanted to be selfish with my time”.

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No Ghanaian Artiste Is Bigger Than Asake – Shatta Wale Says

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., the popular Ghanaian dancehall singer, who is also known as Shatta Wale, has made a new assertion.

He asserted that no Ghanaian artiste is as big as Nigerian singer, Asake currently.

He stated this in a Twitter space hosted by Ghanaian media personality, Serwaa, on Wednesday.

Shatta Wale said, “No Ghanaian artiste has even made it like Asake. Not even me.

“Nobody in this Ghanaian [music] industry has made what Asake has made. Let’s be realistic.”

The host inferred: “But you said you are the richest Ghanaian artiste and you haven’t even made it up to Asake’s level?”

Shatta Wale replied: “Why would I have to make it up to Asake’s level [before I would be the richest artiste in Ghana]? There is a Spanish artiste in Spain or Dominican Republic that is making money that we don’t know.”

Recall that Shatta Wale recently asserted that the successes of Nigerian musicians have dwarfed the achievements of their Ghanaian counterparts while congratulating Asake for selling out the 20,000-capacity O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom.