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Over the years, Nigeria’s macroeconomic stance has been suffering drastic reduction, amidst the downswing in the entire economy, is the irregularity and immense increase in exchange rates, the declension in the total amount of goods and services produced, and total income earned, hyperinflation in prices of goods and services, the total decline in the level of employment of productive resources. This continuous economic downswing is leaving the majority of Nigerians in hardship.

Due to the obvious hardship in the country, serial emigration is now a constant occurrence as the number of people who relocate daily has extremely increased.

It is not uncommon to see individuals making plans to relocate even before the situation of the country got to this stage, the majority has always had ‘japa’ plans, that is relocating from here to another country to either start life afresh, live a better life, further their education from whence they had stopped here in Nigeria or to search for employment opportunities.

Every day on social media, we come across posts captioned with “a new dispensation” followed by a popular meme that has been adopted for that purpose.

Emigration to another country is one of the better options Nigerians are left with. Simply put, it is an easy way out of the present situation of the country that seems unchanging anytime soon.

As a Nigerian who wishes to migrate abroad to live, experience a new work environment, and start a new phase of life, or as a Nigerian student who wants to further their education abroad, you might be faced with conflicting thoughts about where to emigrate to, how to and processes such as visa application and collection can be challenging and draining.



This write-up focuses on 5 easiest countries Nigerians can emigrate to, the means of migration, and mainly, other countries suitable for emigration aside United Kingdom and Canada as it is no news that Nigerians migrate mostly to the United Kingdom and Canada which makes migration to these two countries very competitive, and difficult for most to migrate to.


1. Switzerland🇨🇭

Switzerland is a country in Europe, one of the top-tier countries suitable for Nigerians seeking to emigrate.

It is reported to be one of the countries with a stable economy and steady offers of quality standard of living for immigrants. However, it takes several years of residency before becoming a Swiss citizen.

Official languages are: Romansh, French, German, and Italian

Means of migration: university admissions and application for student visa.

Individuals can also apply for the long-term type D visa by providing the crucial documents required such as passport photographs, international passport, proof of financial evidence, certificates of preceding education i.e degree, original enrollment letter from a recognized Swiss educational institution, proof of English language prolificacy test like IELTS or TOEFL and a proof of paid tuition fee after getting the application form.

2. Germany🇩🇪

Germany is an abundantly rich European country with a stable economy but a high Standard of living with equally high job opportunities.

Official language: German Deutsch

Means of migration: becoming a student is the easy way of migrating to Germany and standing a chance to obtain a German visa.

However, it is required that you’re proficient in English and be specific about the institution of study.


3. Singapore🇸🇬

Singapore is a country in Asia and it ranks as one of the top countries with generous diplomacy towards migrants. This country has an incredibly balanced economy, top-notch work-life balance, and low cost of living. The number of people migrating to this country continues to increase due to its conducive living environments, flourishing businesses, and numerous job opportunities. Workers are constantly needed in various sectors.

Official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.

Means of migration: According to,

Singapore has several work passes immigrants can benefit from,

You can get a student pass (student visa) if you are moving to Singapore to study in any of the Singaporean educational institutions. As a foreign student, you can be eligible for permanent residency only after spending more than 2 years in Singapore and passing at least one national exam.

A student visa will allow you to work without a work permit, provided that you meet the conditions for work.

Singapore has a strict visa and employment law, so you must have a job before you move to the country and obtain a work visa. Singapore has several work passes that you can benefit from.

However, the options for permanent residence for work are limited. That being said, you can move permanently to Singapore with one of the following:

  • Employment Pass.
  • EntrePass (Investor Program).
  • S Pass. of Singapore.”


4. Belgium 🇧🇪

Belgium is a European country that is not much talked about but also tops the list of suitable destinations for Nigerians seeking to migrate abroad to start a new life.

Official languages: French, Dutch, German

Means of emigration: Emigrating to Belgium requires applying for a long-stay visa from the Belgium embassy in your country. Application for the residence permit to stay is required to stay longer than three months immediately after traveling to the country with your long-term visa.

When you start working in Belgium, you can request permission to live there permanently.

Belgium is known to offer a program for those who wish to establish their own business or start-up company, which can automatically lead to obtaining Belgium residency.

Becoming a permanent resident in Belgium comes with a full package of benefits, such as going to work in high-quality settings, admissions to the school, medical benefits, and being permitted to vote.

In conclusion, while the relocating processes might be challenging, the experience varies, depending on the steps and means followed by each individual and the situation in which they find themselves.

However, it is advisable for individuals seeking to emigrate to a particular country to make necessary research or inquiries to be well-informed about the destination before embarking on such a journey. There are also some other countries with generous policies, making it easy for Nigerian immigrants.



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