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In the previous article, 28 visa-free countries that Nigerians can visit were mentioned and we promised to curate a list of the topmost vacation spots where you can relax and enjoy breathtaking environs whether alone or with your loved ones i.e. girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, or family.

There are a lot of beautiful countries to visit, judging by the previous article, your wishlist might be filled up by now which brings us to the question that might have gone through your mind after reading the article– which of these countries guarantees a very interesting and memorable experience? Which particular visa-free country or countries can I go to enjoy a premium ‘soft life’ alongside my loved ones?

Here is a curated list and concise description of some suitable countries you can visit;


An island located in the eastern Caribbean, its capital is Bridgetown. This country is known for its breathtaking view of water bodies, beautiful waterside gardens, and buildings.

Barbados is a perfect place for a couple’s weekend getaway where you and your boo or bae can indulge in romantic and memorable activities away from work stress and the environments you have gotten used to. While in Barbados, you can visit Harrison’s Cave, Haute’s Gardens, Farley Hill National Park, and Barbados Wildlife Reserve amongst others.

Harrison’s cave

Image source -wikipedia

Image source-wikipedia

Haute’s gardens

Farley National park

Barbados wildlife reserve

The requirements for visiting Barbados are a passport valid for at least 180days and a return ticket.


This country is one of the most developed African countries surrounded by beautiful cities like Sal, Praia, Fogo, Buracona Blue Eyes, Santo antāo, and so on that now serve as tourist attractions. It is a perfect country to travel to when taking a break from work and tourism centers for tourists. Nigerians can easily get to Cape Verde by road transportation from Lagos State and the period of stay for a Nigerian is 30 to 60 days.


Fiji is a country located in the South Pacific, its capital is Suva, a city renowned for its beautiful architectural buildings. The Fiji Museum is said to have ethnographic exhibits.

Fiji is an ideal destination for beach and water lovers. Nigerian citizens can stay in Fiji for up to 120 days with their Nigerian passport. The exciting places to visit in Fiji are;

Fiji Museum

Image source – wikipedia

Coral Coast

Blue Lagoon Island.


Haiti is a Caribbean country perfect for a getaway as it is said to have several places that are pleasing to the eyes. Vacation here will not be complete without exploring the capital, Port-au-Prince which boasts beautiful beaches and historical buildings around the island, you can explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Citadelle. It is a mountain-top colossal fortress and one of the largest on record, the Labadee, a private port, and Sans Souci Palace was the royal residence of King Henri I of Haiti.

Haiti grants visa-free access to Nigerian passport holders for up to 90 days, there is enough time to explore all the places of interest.

La Citadelle

Image source - wikipedia
Image source – wikipedia


Image source – wikipedia

Sans Souci Palace


Seychelles is a small country in Africa, another amazing destination to spend your vacation. From its scenic views of water bodies to the views of beautiful coral reefs, to a variety of delicacies, and numerous activities like water diving, you get to have a close to none thrilling experience. A visitor’s permit is granted to Nigerians visiting Seychelles for a 30-day stay. While there, you can explore exciting places like Praslin, and Mahe, a beautiful city in Seychelles. The capital, Victoria, La Digue, and also get to see rare animals like the Aldabra tortoise.

Aldabra tortoise

There are a lot more countries that promise exciting experiences. As you visit these destinations, do not forget to abstain from stress-inducing activities, forget about work and bask in that moment, and also remember to capture the moments by taking beautiful pictures and videos.

Have you ever visited any of these countries? Share your memorable experience in the comment section below.

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