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These are the reasons Dammy Krane “hates” Davido so much.

Davido has been dragged by Dammy Krane ever since he recently called him out on social media for debt! 

Dammy Krane took the disagreement to Twitter on Monday and accused Davido of refusing to pay him for his songwriting contribution to an earlier-released track, even after privately approaching the DMW boss. According to the singer, Davido was still yet to pay him for his contribution to one of his songs. 

Remember how Dammy Krane was occasionally detained in the US for fraud? Dammy allegedly skipped bail and escaped to Nigeria. After arriving in the US, he was arrested at the airport, accused of a crime, and given a jail term. 

Davidó did not at all assist me when I was imprisoned – Dámmy Krane!

Dammy Krane claims that while incarcerated, he made contact with Davido and some of the 30BG’s key players to let them know that he had been sexually raped by some of his fellow inmates and to implore Davido to help him get out of jail as quickly as possible. 

Dammy Krane was ignored by Davido since he was unable to take action and did not want to damage his reputation.

Dammy was deported to Nigeria after spending his sentence in prison. He has never stopped blaming Davidó “for leaving him in there to be in prison for so long” and pleading with Davidó to try and get an elite Attorney to try and get him out of prison but Davido didn’t do so, according to reliable sources. The sexual assault in the prison had a negative impact on his mental state.

In my view 

Since he held Davido in such high regard, I personally believe his reasons for being unhappy with him are valid, but they should just attempt to work things out amicably. 

To the rest of you,

Do you believe Davido was justified in ignoring him while he was incarcerated? 

Let’s hear your opinions on this from everyone. 

Please comment below.

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