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I’m The Number 1 Musician In West Africa – Speed Darlington Declares

Speed Darlington, the controversial Nigerian rapper, has declared himself the number-one musician in West Africa.

According to him, he is currently the most trending musician in the subregion.

The ‘Akpi’ crooner appeared in the latest episode of the ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’ podcast hosted by content creator, Bae U Barbie.

“I am the number one musician/celebrity in West Africa. No one is hotter than me,” he boasted.

Meanwhile, Speed Darlington recently warned fans to stop comparing him with controversial singer, Portable.

He warned that nobody should compare him with the ‘Zazo’ hitmaker as he is the bigger artist among them, noting that he is a star.

The rapper added that he goes around doing his business free and doesn’t have any reason for police to chase him around unlike Portable who was recently arrested by the police for allegedly owing 14 million naira for his G-Wagon.

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Most Men With Beard Are Broke — Speed Darlington

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has revealed that most men with beard don’t have money.
He made the revelation on social media.
According to Akpi, if you take a look at the richest people in the world, you will realize that they don’t have beard.
He said: “Bearded men no dey too get money. They are not on the list of dollar millionaires and billionaires. Look around. Tell me, which president has beards.
“Maybe you are not dirty, but globally, facial hair is associated with poverty. Look around, which dollar billionaire has facial hair? Even African billionaires don’t have facial hair.
“[Femi] Otedola and [Aliko] Dangote don’t have facial hair. No American billionaire has facial hair. All the powerful presidents with strong armies don’t have facial hair. So, money and facial hair have no business.”
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I Don’t Make Music For Poor People – Rapper Speed Darlington

Darlington Okoye, the Nigerian US-based music artist, who is also known as Speed Darlington, has made a new claim.

He said unlike many of his colleagues, he doesn’t make music for “poor people”.

He stated this in a recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast co-hosted by actor, Nedu, Husband Material and Diety Cole.

Speed Darlington said Audiomack streaming platform is for poor people.

He said, “I don’t m*ss with Audiomack. Audiomack is for poor people. My music is not for the poor.

“If you no get money, you can’t have my song.”

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Why it is better to rent than buy a house in another man’s land – Speed Darlington

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington who is known for his controversial views opines that it is more advisable to rent than to acquire a house in a location that is not one’s homeland.

According to him, owning a house in a different state or region would limit a person’s ability to relocate quickly in case of unforeseen circumstances. He suggested that renting a home as a non-native resident would be a more appropriate option than buying land.

In a video posted on his TikTok page, Speed Darlington argued that owning a house in a foreign location would impede one’s freedom.

Speed Darlington on why renting a house is better than buying

“It’s better to rent than to buy houses, especially in another man’s land.

“If you buy a house, over time it [the place] gets crowded. [And] maybe you decide, I don’t like here anymore, e don cast; everybody know where I live now, I want to move to other part of the state or other part of the country.

“You can’t just pack your things and go. First, you need to sell that house. Only God knows when you are going to sell because not everybody has money to buy a house.

“So, now you are stuck at this address, and you can’t leave. Freedom is an asset.

“Freedom, the ability to pack up and disappear anytime. But if you rent, you can pack up and leave anytime.”

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Davido Lacks Talent – Rapper, Speed Darlington

Darlington Okoye, the controversial US-based Nigerian rapper, who is popularly known as Speed Darlington, has made a controversial claim.

He asserted that musical talent is not singer Davido’s forte.

The rapper said it amazes him how the DMW boss manages to achieve and maintain a great music career despite lacking talent.

He stated this via his Instagram on Friday.

Sharing a flyer of one the singer’s upcoming events, Speed Darlington wrote, “I don’t know how you manage to maintain a career. Your lack of talent amazes me yet you have a career”.

DAILY POST reported that Davido recently admitted that his latest album ‘Timeless’ was either going to make or break him.

The ‘Assurance’ crooner said he was elated that fans finally accepted his album at the fourth time of asking.

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I’m Looking For A Girl With ‘Sensible Backside’ For Marriage – Speed Darlington

Abroad-based Nigerian singer cum comedian, Darlington Okoye aka Speed Darlington has revealed that he’s ready to settle down.
However, he added that he’s looking for a woman with a sensible backside.
According to the US-based entertainer, he’s interested in marrying a girl with not only a nice body but who’s ‘behind’ is heavily endowed, emphasising his unfathomable love for big backside.
He pointed out that he would willingly turn a blind eye to the woman’s excesses as long as she had a butt that made sense.
“I’m looking for a girl to marry. If you’re a girl with a nice body, I’m heavily into nyarsh (butt).
“I value nyarsh so much that I’m willing to do ‘eyes left’ to your bad character if the nyarsh makes sense (he closes his right eye and turns his head leftways to dramatise his point while he spoke),” the ‘Akamu’ singer added.
He held his right ear while stressing the woman shouldn’t expect relocating to the US. “You are not going to America! You are not going to America!!’ he said.
“If I wanted an American wife, I for marry black American or white American but I didn’t.
“You will stay at home while I go to America and come back from time to time,” he stated.
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“Call me jealous but I’m glad Portable was denied US visa” –Speed Darlington 

Speed Darlington, a popular US-based Nigerian rap artist, has expressed his delight that popular street hip hop singer Portable has been denied a visa to the United States.

Speed Darlington relayed this while speaking during an Instagram live session with his followers.

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He said that someone had told him that the ‘Zazzo’ superstar had been denied Visa to the US.

Speed Darlington said that he believes that to be true because if it were false, a certain Yahoo boy living in California would have flown him from Nigeria.

Speaking further, he expressed his excitement at this development and asked his those who would interpret his happiness as jealously to go ahead.

Watch him speak below: