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Most Men With Beard Are Broke — Speed Darlington

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has revealed that most men with beard don’t have money.
He made the revelation on social media.
According to Akpi, if you take a look at the richest people in the world, you will realize that they don’t have beard.
He said: “Bearded men no dey too get money. They are not on the list of dollar millionaires and billionaires. Look around. Tell me, which president has beards.
“Maybe you are not dirty, but globally, facial hair is associated with poverty. Look around, which dollar billionaire has facial hair? Even African billionaires don’t have facial hair.
“[Femi] Otedola and [Aliko] Dangote don’t have facial hair. No American billionaire has facial hair. All the powerful presidents with strong armies don’t have facial hair. So, money and facial hair have no business.”

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