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I’m Looking For A Girl With ‘Sensible Backside’ For Marriage – Speed Darlington

Abroad-based Nigerian singer cum comedian, Darlington Okoye aka Speed Darlington has revealed that he’s ready to settle down.
However, he added that he’s looking for a woman with a sensible backside.
According to the US-based entertainer, he’s interested in marrying a girl with not only a nice body but who’s ‘behind’ is heavily endowed, emphasising his unfathomable love for big backside.
He pointed out that he would willingly turn a blind eye to the woman’s excesses as long as she had a butt that made sense.
“I’m looking for a girl to marry. If you’re a girl with a nice body, I’m heavily into nyarsh (butt).
“I value nyarsh so much that I’m willing to do ‘eyes left’ to your bad character if the nyarsh makes sense (he closes his right eye and turns his head leftways to dramatise his point while he spoke),” the ‘Akamu’ singer added.
He held his right ear while stressing the woman shouldn’t expect relocating to the US. “You are not going to America! You are not going to America!!’ he said.
“If I wanted an American wife, I for marry black American or white American but I didn’t.
“You will stay at home while I go to America and come back from time to time,” he stated.

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