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14 People Killed As Plane Crashes In Brazilian Amazon

In what will come across as a really startling development, as many as fourteen people have been killed in a plane crash.

They were killed in the crash during bad weather in the Brazilian Amazon on Saturday.

The small propeller plane was nearing the end of its 400km (248 mile) trip between Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, and the remote jungle town of Barcelos when it went down.

Officials said all those on board – 12 passengers and two crew – were killed in the crash.

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the incident.

Amazonas state security secretary Vinicius Almeida said initial information suggested the plane crashed after running out of runway when it descended into Barcelos during heavy rain and low visibility.

Brazilian news site G1 reported that the plane was an EMB-110, a twin-engine turboprop manufactured by Brazilian aircraft-maker Embraer.

According to G1, the plane’s owner, Manaus Aerotáxi, said the aircraft and its crew met all the necessary requirements to be flying.

“Our teams have been on the ground responding since the moment of the crash to provide the necessary support,” Amazonas Governor Wilson Lima wrote on X (formerly Twitter) following the crash.

“My solidarity and prayers to the victims’ family and friends.”

The mayor of Barcelos, Edson de Paula Rodrigues Mendes, told CNN the plane was chartered by a businessman who works locally in game fishing.

Mr Mendes said the passengers were friends from other parts of Brazil who were involved in the sport.

Officials said the victims’ bodies would be taken to Manaus for formal identification.

Barcelos is a popular tourist destination as it lies close to several national parks.

September is considered to be the start of the peak fishing season in Amazonas. The state is especially known for its various species of ornamental fish such as tucunaré – also known as peacock bass.

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Jeff Bezos sells $2billion worth of his stock in Amazon

Jeff Bezos stated that his main motivation for making the move is t restore nature and transform food systems. He sold the shares earlier this week at the COP26 summit at in Glasgow Scotland.

jeff bezos
jeff bezos

The move has made Jeff the world biggest retailer according to a new forbes report.

jeff bezos
jeff bezos

“We must conserve what we still have, we must restore what we’ve lost, and we must grow what we need to live without degrading the planet for future generations to come,” Bezos said during his talk in Glasgow.

The sale, after accounting for capital gains taxes, barely changes his net worth. As of Friday, November 5, Bezos is worth $199.4 billion, Forbes estimates. He trails the number one richest, Elon Musk (worth an estimated $317 billion), by about $118 billion. 


Bezos has sold more than $8.8 billion worth of Amazon stock this year. Since taking Amazon public in 1998, the founder of the e-commerce giant has sold some $29 billion worth of Amazon shares, Forbes calculates; his stake in the company has gone from 42% in 1997 to just under 10% currently.