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This December, ‘How to Ball on a Mechanic’s Budget’

There are only a few weeks left in 2022, so you should already be able to tell whether you’re a baller or a mechanic. And if the latter applies to you, you’ll need these suggestions to make the most of the next holiday season.

Fast and pray.

Committing your account to God through prayer is the first step. Will he increase the value of your account, assign an assistant to find you, or grant you concert tickets in your dreams? If you don’t try, you won’t know.

Buy affordable tickets ‘not asake’ tickets😭’

Who’s to say that you need to be a big boy to hang out with them? Whether you obtained your ticket through a giveaway or just because you are the bird that didn’t sleep is irrelevant. What counts is that you’re outside, dancing to your favorite artist’s performance, and screaming your lungs out.

Get rid of your properties.

You need to increase your income because that is the sole reason you aren’t a baller. If you don’t have any properties to sell, don’t worry. You can make a lot of money by selling your body. Should we point out that you have a functioning kidney and a spare?

Take public transportation.

On the day of the event, you still don’t have enough cash to pay for Uber because you had to sell your father’s land to get Asake’s tickets. Don’t worry; you’ll enjoy public transportation. Use “o wa” as practice for when your favorite performs, as a pro tip.

Possess wealthy friends.

They advise follow who know road but hold your tfare! Additionally, it’s an indication that you should start cutting ties with your current buddies if they aren’t offering you free tickets. Were we able to figure out how you’d meet the wealthy? No. But we’re confident you’ll figure it out.

Eat from home.

There is no rule that says you can’t be a foodie, but try to eat something before you leave the house. We cannot allow you to become so hungry during your legwork that you pass out due to your refusal to pay 5K for pasta with facebeat.

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Ed sheeran confirms he is on the remix of Fireboy DML ‘s Peru

Ed Sheeran revealed he is on the remix of Fireboy DML’s Peru which is currently banging in Ghanaian and Nigerian clubs according to him.

Ed sheeran
Ed sheeran

The award wining English songwriter and singer was speaking on how he got to work with Fireboy DML on Apple music 1 Rocket hour with Elton John.

Ed Sheeran and Elton John
Ed Sheeran and Elton John
fireboy dml
fireboy dml

Fireboy DML shared a video 5 days ago which hinted a remix is coming featuring an unknown Uk artiste on the 24th December, before Ed sheeran confirmed it.

“He said, “Fireboy DML would love you on the remix of this song.” And I’ve just found it really intriguing. So I recorded a verse for it… and it’s a song that’s blowing up in Nigeria and Ghana at the moment and their club scene runs over Christmas. “So you basically put a song to the club in the middle of December, which would seem a weird thing to do in England. But yeah, so I’ve done the remix for this song, but this is the original and it’s just, it’s an earworm, and it’s addictive, and I’m obsessed with it. I mean, Cherry will tell you, I’ve had this song on repeat constantly in the house for the last week.

Buju and Maleek Berry have hit covers for Peru and alot of Nigerian artistes have recorded and shared their versions online since the song dropped in July.