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The Movie Industry Is Not Responsible For The Decadence In Society – Actress, Bimbo Akintola Speaks

Bimbo Akintola

Bimbo Akintola, the popular Nigerian actress, has talked about the role the Nollywood plays in society.

She said that the movie industry only reflects vices in society, rather than create them.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, she said, “It is not true that movies are responsible for the decadence in society. Yes, the industry educates on what is going on in society; but, are you telling me that Nigerians don’t raise their children at home anymore? I remember my upbringing; and I know what was real and what was not. What is happening in society these days is that mothers are so busy. With existing realities, both parents have to make money to keep their children on a certain level of affluence.

“Now, children are practically been raised by nobody. My mother raised us. She had a big shop which she usually closed at the same time with our schools. She was a millionaire, but she would always go home to be with us. But, parents cannot afford to do that anymore. Back then, a lot of mothers stayed at home, but mothers cannot afford that anymore. The industry is not what is affecting society. Rather, it is reflecting the problems in society.”

Akintola also stated that she had huge expectations from the incoming administration of Bola Tinubu.

She said, “The Lagos State government has given grants to actors and producers. I was part of the Presidential Campaign Committee. Asiwaju involved actors and musicians in the committee. His wife is also a huge fan of the arts. She was even telling us (actors) about all the films she had seen us in. I don’t have anything against any other person (candidate), but I would rather go with someone whose track record I know.

“I want to know that the person has worked before and will work again. I believe that in the next dispensation, many things will be different in the industry. Tinubu works with people who he knows are intelligent, intellectual and are performers. He has a think tank around him. He never works alone, and the problems of Nigeria cannot be handled by one person.”