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11 waves That Show Your Partner Isn’t Your Best Friend

I constantly hear the phrase “I can’t believe I’m marrying my best friend” somewhere in wedding vows. It’s difficult for me to believe that everyone is best friends with their spouse. You folks may not understand what it means to be best friends with your significant other. So I made the decision to prove to you that it’s probably not true.

The two of you never have fun.

You don’t watch amusing trash together and giggle for hours, or act like children on sugar highs. You don’t engage in games or other enjoyable activities like face painting and such outings.

You are unsure of their preferences.

They are most definitely not your best buddy if they don’t know that you enjoy Papa Ajasco or Double Chickwizz. Best friends have extensive knowledge of one another.

You two don’t spend a lot of time together.

Even though you don’t live far apart, your friendship isn’t the best when you only see each other once every two weeks. They should always want to hang out with you because you two like each other’s company. Calls and texts are included in this. They would want to chat to you at any opportunity because they are your BFF.

They don’t refuel you

They are supposed to be your best friend and gas you up in all sorts and fashions in the comments area of each photo you put online. Under the picture, they’ll post at least five comments.

They don’t stand by you

Not merely career help is being discussed here. When I say support you, I don’t just mean when you’re being ridiculed by others or making jokes. The closest of friends stand by each other and defend each other.

You two don’t feel at ease with one another.

They’re not your closest buddy if you’re concerned about what your partner would say if you ate indomie from the pot while completely nude. They can show you their hairy bums and soup-stained clothing since they are best pals. It implies that individuals can act and speak without worrying about looking foolish. Have you ever puffed your chest out in front of your partner?

They do not dredge you up

Every five minutes, best buddies pull each other behind a little generator. Because they are aware of the limit, they don’t fear offending the other person. You can tell your partner they have a big head but still lack common sense, thus you’re not the best of friends if you can’t say that to them.

You are not permitted to steal their clothes.

They become really furious when you steal their clothing. That’s it? Just one friendship? It’s certainly not a romantic one. Just wickedness, that’s all.

They lack the skills necessary to cuddle without fornicating.

Any minor physical contact becomes sexual. I enjoy sexual attraction, but I also think that you should be able to be in the same room as your partner and yet engage in activities other than entering each other’s bodies. For the love of God, play some board games or something. Not all the time sex.

You two have different tastes.

Your preferred artist need not be their favorite. Best friends have at least a few activities or topics they enjoy discussing in common, even if you don’t share a favorite sports team. With his lover, my friend enjoys watching Yoruba movies; that is the definition of the best friendship.

Not a single meme is sent to you.

Instagram clips, tweets, or TikToks that are amusing My best friend is always the first person I send an idiotic thing to on my TL since we can both make an entire year’s worth of jokes out of it. If your lover responds to whatever you email them in a dull manner, forget it.