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What if these Nigerian musicians were your classmates in secondary school?

Think of this as your yearbook if you were a member of the Class of 2022. These are the traits of the classmates you have. Let’s go!😂


The class’s huckster. He always has rips in his uniform from fights. On his head is a lapalapa. Teachers do not make an effort to make sure he knows what they are saying. They already know he won’t listen.

Tiwa Savage

tiwa savage
tiwa savage

She is the class’s hottie. Boys in your class that smell bad don’t even bother to approach her. She only hangs out with senior boys. Her attire? always spotless.

Burna Boy

burna boy
burna boy

His parents are wealthy, and he previously attended school abroad, but as a punishment, he is now back in Nigeria. He is now the privileged kid in the class who avoids all other students. He can’t tolerate Portable, and everyone else smells.

Tope Alabi

Give your life to Christ is what she has written on her desk. She leads the group in praise and worship each morning as the chapel prefect. She takes the lead and responds to queries as though it were a contest. In CRK, she has never received anything less than an A. She’s the only member in your group whose uniform wasn’t slim-fit.

Ayra Starr

ayra starr
ayra starr

Prefect of society. She literally puts forth good vibrations. There is never a dull moment with her.


She is mean. She is feared not only by juniors, but also by the boys in her class. She always occupies the last seat in the group. She also takes her phone to class.



Rema is only interested in going to English class because he loves the teacher. You know if you know, right?

Dwin the Stoic

He knows how to sing and makes it his entire personality, which has helped him win every talent competition since JSS 1. Swag? None. Babes? He’s been friendzoned by everyone. But he can sing, at least.

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6 Places You Can Easily Find Love Before 2022 Ends

Because you haven’t met a romantic companion yet, your enemies are making fun of you even though November is almost gone. But it’s never too late to fall in love. Let’s aid you in your own self-help.

INEC office 

Keep an eye out whenever you go to pick up your voter’s card since the love of your life might be there. At least you know the person is a responsible citizen who cares about Nigeria if you fall in love at the INEC office.

Someone’s marital home 

Your true soul mate might be someone else’s companion. Don’t allow a ridiculous thing like marriage prevent you from finding them.

The nation’s capital 

Why not have the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with there in Abuja, if Abuja can boast of having a travel influencer President?


You already occupy all of your time there. Most especially in that Lagos traffic😩. It’s possible to fall in love there. To publicize your singlehood, you can hand out brochures or lug a megaphone around.


No one is exactly sure what is sold in all of these large markets. So, who’s to say you can’t spend money on finding a lifelong partner?


Startup announcements do not always occur. Inform people from time to time that you’re looking for someone to wear pajamas to bed with.