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Jamie Carragher criticizes former Manchester United players who stood up for Ronaldo during a club dispute and Erik Ten Hag

In a shocking interview with Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo attacked Erik Ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United. Liverpool star Jamie Carragher has backed Ten Hag.

The Portuguese superstar had declared that he ‘doesn’t respect’ the current United manager Ten Hag after expressing his discontent and frustration at returning to the team.

Carragher, who has harshly criticized Ronaldo since since the five-time Ballon d’Or winner returned to United in the summer of 2021, responded to the interview by asserting that “99%” of Man United supporters will prefer Ten Hag over the winger.

He tweeted;

“Ronaldo “I don’t respect the manager” 

“Ronaldo under ETH: Announced he wanted to leave, refused to come on as a substitute, walked off the bench and left before the game had finished. 

“9% of United fans will be on the side of ETH, which shows how badly Ronaldo has handled this.”

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