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If you’re a Nigerian living abroad, use these strategies to deal with winter loneliness.

It’s a difficult time for Nigerians living abroad. It’s colder than your motherland, and all of your friends are at home with their families. If you’re lucky, your own family will be there to support you. How will you get through this without going insane?

We have suggestions.

Enter someone else’s relationship

If you’re desperate enough, there’s a solution for everything. Enter a relationship that is not yours, either with permission or by force. They believe they can snuggle together while wearing matching pyjamas? Demonstrate to them that ‘Naija no dey carry last.’

Buy plenty mirrors

The mind is not as intelligent as we imagine it to be. That is why there are illusions and magic. Surround your room with mirrors so that when you walk in, you feel like you’re in a room full of people just like you. Abi, don’t you like yourself?

Do igbeux and shayo

What else can make you feel less isolated? When you start to feel lonely, take something that will make you believe your family is in the room with you, commenting on your weight and asking when you’re going to marry. Just like in the old days.

Join a coven

If you are unable to find physical companionship, you can always turn to the spiritual plane. The winch was not caught by the cold. Furthermore, witches and wizards all over the world use brooms to fly. You won’t have to trek or disappear with bad graphic effects.

If witchcraft isn’t your thing, find a spirit husband or wife. We have a comprehensive tutorial.

Come back to Nigeria👀

Please return home. Isn’t this normal flooding, insecurity, and inflation? Is that why you want to freeze in another country? Come home jo, let’s throw banger together🥱

This is not the voice of your village people😂.

Set your goals for next year

It’s always a good idea to spend time lying to yourself about what you want to start, stop, and achieve in the coming year. Write down one goal per day and reflect on it. Before you know it, time has passed and winter has come to an end.

Sleep a lot

Someone who is awake realizes there is no one for them to play with. Sleep, wake up, eat, and return to bed. It has only been three months of doing this every day. Work that is simple.

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