Can a man marry a very wealthy woman who wants him to take the role of the wife?

When someone is immensely wealthy, it signifies their wealth is enormous and they have unlimited resources.

Every man in Nigeria wants to be in charge of his home since, as they say, the man is the family’s head. It implies that he should be respected by his wife and children because he is the one who works to support and care for the family.

However, you find a woman who you would like to start a family with, but she wants you to be the man and doesn’t want you to work; she will do all the work and take care of everything. She will give you whatever you require, no matter how much. You only need to take care of the kids, the house, and the laundry.

So, what choice will you make? 

Can You Marry A Lady Who Wants You To Be The Man But Is Extremely Rich? 

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