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You Should Let Your Nigerian Parents Pick Your Partner for These 9 Reasons

You’re one of the fortunate few if your Nigerian parents have never tried to arrange for you to meet someone. Although there aren’t many advantages to having your parents pick a partner for you, there could be a few. Below, I’ve listed nine.

The best outcome for you is what they want.

They love you too much to choose just any random person since you are their child. To select the best member of the herd, they will take their time. However, there are situations when what people think is best for you may end up being the worst.

They desire to boast.

They’ll pick the greatest person even if they don’t want the best for you so they can boast to their friends and family that their child is dating the owner of Mr. Biggs.

They conduct research.

Nigerian parents are able to track someone down to their home village. So you won’t have to worry about meeting someone who is already married and has two children if they choose someone for you.

They could direct you away from their errors.

They’ve been married for so long and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. They can now help you avoid the traits in your relationship that they initially failed to see.

They are interconnected.

The networking kings and queens are Nigerian parents. Tell me how you learned that a friend’s child lives abroad, works as a pilot, or is connected to the English King. Better ask them for assistance because they might be aware that your future Canadian-passport holder partner lives nearby.

They’ll be aware of who will serve you breakfast.

What’s that proverb about kids not being able to see what an adult can see while seated? It applies here. Nigerian parents can notice things that we can’t because they have some form of 3D vision. They may be able to recognize a partner who will make you breakfast and who seeks a long-term commitment due to their advanced age.

Your cousin won’t be your date.

The likelihood of falling in love with your cousin would be nil if they choose someone for you because they are more familiar with the family tree than you are.

You can skip the talking stage

They will divulge all of your personal information to possible suitors, down down to the brand of soap you use. They’ll gather all of their data as well and inform you of everything. No need to speak on stage once more. simply wed!

They know how to shoot shots

Even while you might be too bashful to take the shot, your parents aren’t. They’ll be happy to speak with anyone on your behalf and do a good job of selling your product. They’ll make you sound so good that they could want to marry you right then and there.

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