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TUSSLE FOR OWNERSHIP!! Who do you believe is the original owner of Machala, Carter Efe or Berri Tiga?

Carter Efe, a popular Nigerian comedian, is being dragged on social media by singer Berri Tiga over their Machala hit song, which was removed from all streaming platforms days ago. 

Tiga went on the internet and claimed that he wrote and sang Machala. This caused quite a stir on social media, with rumors spreading that Efe benched Tiga after the track ‘blew.’

Remember how Carter Efe and Tiga created the Machala song, which swept the entertainment industry and went viral? According to new reports, the two stars had a falling out over the song, with one party claiming the other was trying to take all the credit. 

Berri Tiga claims he wrote the Machala song from start to finish. The singer responded during an Instagram live session after some fans asked if he produced the song. He claims he is solely responsible for writing and singing the song. 

Tiga went on to say that he had no idea why the song had been removed from all streaming platforms. He said:

“I effing sang Machala. I wrote and I sang Macahala 100% bro. I wrote Machala, I sang Machala from the beginning to the end.”

Tweet source: Yabaleftonline

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