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The Weight of This Young Man Is Too Much – Fans Drag Cubana Chief Priest As He Shows Off His Son

Fans of celebrity barman, Pascal Chibuike aka Cubana Chief Priest have sent him a message after he shared a video of his five-year-old son.
The celebrity barman had taken to Instagram to post a video of his son attempting to swim to celebrate his birthday.
According to him, Obinna is his next of kin, and he is excited to mark his birthday.
He wrote, “Obinna Ya. Five In Few Hours. I’m So Excited For My Next Of Kin. Ahamefula !!!! Ikemefula !!!!
However, after viewing the video, some of his fans have urged him to do something about the boy’s weight.
Some dragged him for not cautioning his son, while some mocked his little boy.
See comments and video below:
No pls my brother if truly you love him and wants him to be your next of Kin then kindly take care of the boys health properly,it’s difficult to say no to them when u have all they ask but pls,thanks .
Obinna needs to stop eating food that has cholesterol and hit the gym more
Please the weight of the child is too much. It’s no sign or evidence of good living.
Just an advice biko .
He needs more Lessons for swimming. He doesn’t know how to swim and please don’t leave him by pool himself. Please take this Boy for swimming lessons. Not a hater but just small advise 👏👏👏
That belle na natural “floater” already
Ah mba at this age see size 😮,

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