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How can I finish my appointments early?

As we are all aware, it can be difficult to stay on schedule when we have appointments, whether it be for work, classes, or gatherings with friends and others. 

In Nigeria, the practice of scheduling catch-up appointments an hour or two later than the actual time is known as “Africa Man Time.” 

I’ll give you some advice in this article on how to get things done and schedule your appointments as early as feasible.

Here are five crucial pointers to help you arrive for appointments on time:

Review Your Plans. 

You must first evaluate your arrangements if you expect to keep appointments. Before you ultimately leave the house, the plans must be the most crucial things you need to set in motion. Make a list of them, consider them, then take action.

Set alarms. 

Personally, I find alarms to be really beneficial when attempting to keep on schedule occasionally. As we all know, it keeps you intact and acts as a quick reminder.

Put Your Plans Into Action. 

You must adhere to all the instructions in this phase, including the preparations you must make before leaving the house.

Do not use “African-Man Time”. 

Every Nigerian will be catching up with appointments an hour or two later at this same period. In this region of the planet, it occurs frequently. Today, avoid using African man time to catch up on appointments early.

Avoid Distracting Elements. 

You must avoid anything at this time that could impede you from completing the tasks required to get ready for your appointments. Avoid using your phones, laptops, Play Stations, and TV, and keep them out of the room. 

In conclusion, pay attention to your plans, consider them, set alarms, carry them out, and avoid using African man time to avoid missing appointments in the future.