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Mohbad’s Death: DJ Splash Accuses Naira Marley And Gang Of Spiking His Food, Drinks; Says He’s Become Sick

Matthew Aderoju, popularly known as DJ Splash, has made accusations against popular Nigerian singer and rapper, Azeez Fashola, famously known as Naira Marley,

DJ Splash accused Naira Marley of spiking his food and drinks while with him which is currently trying to ruin his life.

SaharaReporters reported on Sunday that a woman who identified herself as DJ Splash’s mother, in an audio she sent to an online news blog, Gistlover, accused Naira Marley of ruining her son’s life after moving in with him. He noted that her son returned home with a ‘strange ailment’ and was abandoned by Naira Marley.

The woman said the problem started in 2021 after her son, DJ Splash won a competition and was given N100,000 cash.

She explained that after he won the competition, a lot of celebrities liked him and he was taken to many shows.

According to her, he later met Naira Marley and Zlatan and they danced together.

She said Naira Marley opted to take DJ Splash to live and work with him but she initially refused and insisted that her son would go to university first, but that Naira Marley agreed to send the young man to school.

But after some time, her son called her one day, asking her to come and take him away from Naira Marley’s house in the Lekki area of Lagos State where they lived.

Meanwhile, DJ Splash in an interview with actress Iyabo Ojo @iyaboojofespris which was shared on her Instagram page, alleged that Naira Marley constantly spiked his food and drinks, lamenting that something was now with him.

DJ Splash, who spoke incoherently in the interview, managed to tell his interviewer that his life had been ruined.

According to him, his mother sent him money while he was with Naira Marley.

“He doesn’t use to give me money to eat, even to put clothes. I am just trying to do something so that it doesn’t look I left home… Unfortunately, they started planning things together – maybe they tried to go into religious side – Christian and Muslim. They started planning things all together – Naira and his boys – all of them that dey house, they started planning together.

“…when I told him that I want to go into music apart from DJ, they started planning to make me mad…”.

When he was asked how he got to know that, he said he heard “during their discussion but they didn’t know that I heard what they said.”

He further stated that whenever Naira Marley was involved in something, he would want others to join in and anyone not interested would have a problem with him (Naira Marley).

Continuing he said, “I said okay, if they don’t want to support me for music I said I wouldn’t continue staying him. As they talk say how they will put something in my food, make him mad, call his mummy and plan things for him, let’s tell the mother he is not okay. They now called my mum and told her that I was not okay.

“They tried their best to make me go mad,” he said.

When asked if they spiked his food or drink, he said, “They do because this is not how I be. I am one used to studying my body. If not, what they did to me I am not I don’t behave like this before.”

He added that when he started noticing changes in his body, he stopped eating their food “and I started buying my own food.”

SaharaReporters had reported that his mother lamented that since she took her son out of Naira Marley’s house, she had been taking DJ Splash to different hospitals as he had been sick.

She said her son lost memory and had not been mentally sound but did not say if any of the hospitals diagnosed his ailment.

She said DJ Splash had become so sick that she had taken him to different hospitals and sold all she had.

However, she said her son had refused to take drugs prescribed by doctors, insisting that he would only accept drugs from Naira Marley.

Meanwhile, she accused Naira Marley of not answering her calls to date while her son’s health continued to deteriorate.

Speaking in Yoruba language, the woman said, “Hello, Gistlover, I’m the mother of Matthew Aderoju, who is also known as DJ Splash. I want Nigerians to help me. The issue started in 2021.

“He won a competition and was given N100,000 cash and they all liked him because he was good. They took him to many shows and his brother followed him. Naira Marley met him with Zlatan.”

She added, “We have a video of them together in which they danced. He said, ‘Wow, this boy is good.’ My son told me he met Naira Marley but I didn’t know who he was. We had a voice call and he pleaded with me to release my son to him. I told him he wanted to go to school and I’m a widow.

“I’m the only one taking care of them. I told him he learnt a vocation and that when he starts making some money, I want him to go to school (university). But he said I should not worry, that he would send him to school. He said he should come and stay with him.

“After he left for his place, I could not reach my son again. When we called him, we would not get him. It took long before I got him and you know in Lekki where they stay, if you don’t call, you will not be allowed to enter. I would ask my son how are things and he would say no problem, but after some time, he started asking me for money. I told him to return home if Marley didn’t keep to his promise.

“One day, my son called and asked me to come get him. He said something was wrong with him. That day, Naira Marley’s younger brother was having the naming ceremony of his baby. My son kept saying something was wrong with him but didn’t know what it was. He said we should not trust anybody, including Naira Marley.

“When we got to Lekki in the night, we met him outside and brought DJ Splash home. Since then, the problems have been massive. We took him to different hospitals. Later, he said if he didn’t see Naira Marley, he would not take drugs. I started calling Subomi, but they didn’t pick up.