‘Suya’ Is My Favourite Food – Israel Adesanya

Nigerian-New Zealander professional mixed martial artist, Israel Adesanya has revealed his favourite Nigerian meal.

According to the current UFC middleweight champion, skewed goat or cow meat popularly known as ‘suya’ is the best food on the whole planet.

The UFC champion made the revelation while answering a question about jealousy as a Nigerian based on the recent growth of Ghana when he was featured as a guest on the Flagrant Podcast.

Adesanya, who recently dropped his Style Bender documentary film, said Nigerian jollof was superior to any other.

Speaking about his preference for suya, the fighter said he preferred suya made from goat meat and it is the one he takes.

He noted that “We ain’t jealous; also jollof rice came from Nigeria.

“So yeah no no it’s not chicken it’s normally goat meat or beef nose.

“Suya is the best food that’s my favourite food on the planet because also I’ve had it in America.”

Recall that Adesanya pushed for an increment on his $50,000 performance bonus.

He has received eight $50,000 checks in 15 fights, making him a frequent recipient of the UFC performance bonus.

For each event, the UFC frequently awards two to three “Knockout of the Night” trophies, one “Fight of the Night” prize, and a $50,000 incentive to each fighter.