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According to Harrysong, 90% of friendships in the music industry are fake.

Harrysong, also known as Harrison Tare Okiri, has declared publicly that 90% of friendships in the entertainment world are made up. 

In an interview with Frankly Speaking Podcast, the singer of “It’s Not A Lie” expressed this depressing viewpoint in support of the assertion that friendships in the entertainment industry are made up. 

He stated: “90 per cent all the friendships, my guy, my gee, all are fake. They are people that I’ve been working with for years. If you call their names, you’ll say they are Harry guys. But they are not my guys, they are my real enemies.”

Harry lamented the “false friendship” that permeates the business, claiming that one of his pals actually works against him and sought to ruin him.