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Take a listen to Davido’s top 10 well-known songs.

Davido has provided numerous soundtracks throughout his musical career. Among them are the top ten songs that have been praised by a global audience and have helped him gain exposure.

David Adeleke, better known as Davido, is a well-known Nigerian-American artist. His outstanding song “Dami Duro” made him famous in 2011. This musician has achieved great success in his musical career. He has demonstrated his talent by creating various soundscapes. He is only 30 years old and has already established himself in the industry. Davido has also received honors throughout his career. BET, MOBO, Headies, and AFRIMA are among them.


He has given his listeners many songs. All of them are enhanced by his distinct flavors. Now, let’s look at his ten best creations.

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Coolest Kid in Africa:

He created ‘Coolest Kid in Africa,’ in which he collaborated with the artist Nasty C. He demonstrated his ability to synchronize the song with the beats and lyrics. This characteristic has made it even more prolific and appealing.



Among all of his hit songs, ‘Aye’ stands out. It received worldwide attention only a few times after its initial release. The profound lyricism has added to its allure, and the catchy music is unavoidable. The artist has demonstrated his creative side with this track.


Blow My Mind:

‘Blow My Mind’ is a song that features Chris Brown. This track debuted in 2019 and literally blew everyone’s mind with its ecstatic music. There is no doubt that Davido is a great singer, but Chris Brown also contributed significantly to this song, making it even more appealing. Its intense music has helped it gain more fans.


Like Dat:

With his magnificent piece of music titled ‘Like Dat,’ the talented artist Davido has wowed everyone. This song was also a big hit in the Nigerian music industry. His flawless delivery has distinguished his works from those of other artists. Teni wrote and Shizzi produced this fantastic track. This captivating creation has reached out to listeners in a very short time and has helped him gain widespread attention.



‘Risky’ is yet another massive hit in his career. In this song, he demonstrated his ability to freestyle. In it, he also collaborated with one of Jamaica’s biggest artists, Popcaan. This song has the potential to instantly get everyone on the dance floor. Davido demonstrated a different artistic side of himself with this song, which was praised by all. Along with that, the upbeat tune and well-versed lyrics have made the song even more appealing, which is why he has received a lot of attention from everyone.



Assurance is a track on which Davido has been seen with Chioma. The brilliant presentation drew listeners in a short period of time. The enigmatic lyrics and catchy tune have given the song a new twist. Aside from that, the video was brilliantly shot. Meji Alabi shot and directed the video.



Davido has done some amazing things in 2017. During this time, he created the soundtrack ‘FIA,’ which became a huge hit in the international music industry. The groovy music has elevated the song to a whole new level. With this track, he has amplified the true essence of hip-hop music. His innovative approach has helped him garner a lot of attention from music fans.



Davido created ‘If’ when he realized his creations were monotonous. As a result, people were not enjoying the songs as much as they used to. That is why, with this soundtrack, he introduced something completely new that no one had heard before. He collaborated with renowned producer Tekno to create the song, which received widespread acclaim. Overnight, this song became the Nigerian anthem, and he regained popularity.


Stand Strong:

Davido collaborated with The Samples on the song ‘Stand Strong’. This was released in mid-2022. People can tell a big difference in his writing style here. In this piece, the artist attempted something completely new. His varied approach enabled him to gain the greatest number of listeners in the shortest amount of time.



‘Fall’ is his most successful creation to date. This song came out in 2017. He never passes up an opportunity to amuse his audience. He is the first Nigerian singer to reach 100 million views with this song. He eventually received 200 million views on this song. Billboard has also certified it Gold. Without a doubt, Davido’s music is well-known all over the world.

These are the artist’s top ten most popular songs, which are not only well-known in Nigeria but also have a strong following in the international music industry. His contribution to the world of music is both irreplaceable and unavoidable.