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Foolish Boy With Talentless Lyrics — Brymo Fires Back at Burna Boy

Nigerian musician, Brymo has replied Grammy winner, Burna Boy.
Burna had yesterday warned people not to fall like Brymo while mocking him during a live performance.
Reacting, Brymo fired back at Burna Boy on Twitter, calling him a foolish boy with talentless lyrics.
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@Sire__Gift said: Burna boy and talentless lyrics in the same sentence? Them need to arrest you fast
@Juicceyy wrote: lmao, you came for him in an interview on national TV and he has responded. why are you hurt? or you want to lie that you didn’t fall off too?
@dera_theking said: He’s more talented than you while he sleeps.
@DonK1ddy said: Dem say make you hold. You don fall off 😂
@bigdaddyvinz said: You can say whatever you want but saying burna boy doesn’t have lyrics or talent is big cap big bro
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Brymo’s ‘Unguarded’ Comments Indicate Struggle Of Women In Industry – Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold, the popular Nigerian singer, has addressed his colleague, Brymo’s ‘offensive’ statement about his wife a couple of days ago.

Gold addressed Brymo’s statement while touching on the hardship women encounter in the entertainment industry as well as other sectors of the economy.

Amid the promotional tour of his recently released fifth album, ‘Tequila Ever After’, Adekunle Gold made a guest appearance at Cool FM where he was asked to remark over the issue involving his wife and Brymo’s ‘unsolicited’ statement.

Speaking, AG Baby indicated Brymo’s comments and ‘desire’ were absolutely senseless and biased.

He suggested the incident was a perfect example of the many struggles women have to contend with not just in the industry but across all spheres of life; confirming all the claims made by his wife and other women on social media on the stated subject matter.

The “Ogaranya” songster said: “I’m as confused as you but I’m going to say one thing. I know for a fact that it’s a lot harder for women in the industry.

“I feel like they have to do extra, extra work to get attention; you know?! And it’s not talked about often but when people speak about it, they bash them.

“Every time Simi talks about the hardship of being a woman in the industry, I see the outrage on Twitter. Not just Simi, people talk about it, women generally.

“And I’m here to tell you guys that it’s hard. Like it starts from s3x for grade, things like that. Not even in the industry basically, it’s just everywhere.

“You want to take advantage of women and stuff, I would never subscribe to that. I think it’s total bias. And yeah, it’s really hard. I see the struggle every day.

“You want to make music and then you have to be involved s3xually with the person, it makes no sense to me”, AG baby stated, totally condemning Brymo’s confession where he claimed he craved to have s3xual experience with the females he collaborated with at the time.

Wrapping up, the Def Jam Recordings act said: “I want women to be left alone, let them thrive; please!

Last month, Adekunle Gold warned his colleague, Brymo against disrespecting his wife, Simi and family following his unsolicited exposé about her.

In his response to a tweep who suggested that AG baby should have featured him in his anticipated album, Brymo claimed he once asked for s3x from Simi when she requested for collaboration.

One Maskill tweeted: “Brymo suppose dey ur album.”

But the ‘Ara’ crooner, reacting to Maskill recommendation of featuring on AG baby’s upcoming album, ‘Tequila Ever After,’ claimed Adekunle Gold and his wife, Simi, had reached out to him for features, but he turned down their request.

He said he declined to work with Simi in particular because she refused to “get intimate” with him claiming he didn’t know she and Adekunle ‘were together:.

He revealed it all sprang from his desire to have s3xual experience with the females he collaborated with.

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Adekunle Gold Replies Brymo Over Disrespectful Tweet About His Wife

Nigerian musician, Adekunle Gold has asked singer, Brymo to get help over a disrespectful tweet he made about his wife, Simi.
Brymo had shocked social media users by revealing that he turned down his colleague, Simi’s request for a feature after she refused to have s3x with him.
In a voice note he released, Brymo said a part of him wants to feel remorseful about the condition he gave Simi even though he didn’t know she was with Adekunle Gold at the time.
The singer further revealed that he gave Ghanaian singer, Efya, same condition and all he wanted was to experience what it feels like to make music with someone he’s bedding.
Reacting on Twitter, Adekunle Gold wrote:
“Do not disrespect my wife and my family. Get Help!”
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Brymo speaks following loss of AFRIMA awards

Nigerian artist Ibrahim Olawale, also known as Brymo, has opened up after losing the All-Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA.

Recall that some social media petitioned the award organizers to drop Brymo from their awards nominations after he waged a war against the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi saying that an Igbo presidency would be a “pipe dream” because of the drive for Biafra.

As long as there (are) talks by prominent people from Igboland about Biafra, an Igbo presidency will be a pipe dream, he tweeted.

After about 47,000 had signed the petition to be removed from the award list, Brymo rendered an apology to the public but eventually lost the awards to Mali-based Iba One.

In an interview with Cable, Brymo disclosed that he wanted to win that award before that petition could go viral. He added that his loss was not associated with Southeast brouhaha but was the result of a number of factors.

He also announced his retirement from the music space making him unqualified for the award.

In his words;

“I think, months before, I’d announced that I was no longer a musician and that I was instead a sonic artist. It meant I was no longer eligible for awards that musicians get.

“However, AFRIMA nominated my work ‘Esan’, so I forgot all that and looked forward to the event. But in truth, I’m no longer a singer so I didn’t want it.

“There’s a songwriting category but they shouldn’t nominate sonic artists. I was looking forward to it anyway, and then something happened. I got into trouble talking about Biafra leaving and staying.

“So, I stayed out of AFRIMA and didn’t attack the award afterward. Not winning had nothing to do with southeast fracas. Everything only just came together.”

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Your post is insulting to your father – Brymo blasts Peter Okoye

Following his feud with Seun Kuti, singer Brymo has slammed Peter Okoye, also known as Mr. P, for disrespecting his father.


Peter Okoye and Seun Kuti clashed on social media yesterday after Seun Kuti described The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi as an opportunist. His comment caused a banter between himself and Peter Okoye.

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In response to Seun’s statement, Peter Okoye, lambasted him in a series of posts, claiming that he would be a nobody if he removes his father’s name “Kuti” from his name.

“My late Father was a nobody but today everyone knows the OKOYES! Dude try removing “KUTI” from you name make I know weda anybody sabi you!
Remain in that your Local SHRINE while people like us and others continue excelling Globally! YOU CANT SHAME THE SHAMELESS!” he wrote.

Singer Brymo has berated Peter Okoye for disrespecting his father during his banter with Seun Kuti. According to Brymo, Peter Okoye insulted his father just to prove a point that he has made it in life.

Brymo tweeted, “Bros .. you never delete ? go keep this post wey trifle your pops, just cause it reads like you are self-made and he inherited fame ?..that’s your point right ?.. this belittles yours.. this is quite self serving, I doubt you own your successes, you belong to your sponsors?”

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Brymo apologizes for his anti-Igbo remarks.

After receiving harsh criticism, popular musician Brymo has apologized to the Igbos for his remarks against the tribe.

This comes after the singer was widely condemned by Nigerians for his anti-Igbo remarks, prompting thousands of Nigerians to sign a petition to prevent the singer from winning the All Africa Music Award in the ‘Songwriter of the Year’ category.

According to reports, the singer insulted the tribe by claiming that the country isn’t ready for an Igbo presidency, among other things.

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He recently took to his Twitter to apologize for his comments adding that he meant no harm.

Brymo wrote;

“Forgive my assertions that came across as bigoted spewings against the Igbo tribe, I did not mean to do harm, I am sorry!! ..”

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Brymo Explains His Side Of The Story and Apologizes for His Anti-Igbo comment.

The singer shared his side of the story regarding his initial anti-Igbo comment.

Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi lfr, popularly known as Brymo, a Nigerian sonic artist, has apologized to the Igbo community for recent “anti-Igbo” remarks he made online.

The controversial singer has been in the news all week for his questionable and controversial comments that were tribally motivated. Brymo has decided to apologize to those who were offended by his tweets like “F*ck The Ndi Igbo!! To Hell With It!!” and other disparaging remarks about easterners.

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During an Instagram live session, the singer explained that the whole saga began when he expressed his opinion on the fact that popular author Chimamanda Adichie accepted a traditional Igbo chieftaincy title but ignored a national honor, implying that this shouldn’t have been the case given that the region should be clamoring for the Presidency.

Brymo afterwards claimed that that commnent was taken out of context after which he received insults, death threats and a petition was launched against him. The sonic-artist went on to state that someone asked him to apologize to the Igbos, to which he responded, “F*ck The Ndi Igbo!! To H*ll With It! a statement he used to refer to those who were championing that movement for his downfall.

According to Brymo, the word “it” referred to that movement and not the whole trobe itself. He said: I didn’t insult the tribe (Igbos), I will not do that. I apologize to any one who is saddened by such tweet. I was trying to weigh in on very important matters

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Brymo responds to Fireboy DML’s tweet on him.

The sonic artist only recently responded to Fireboy DML’s tweet regarding his music, which was published more than a year ago.

Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi, better known by his stage name Brymo, is a Nigerian sound artist who responded to Fireboy DML’s tweet about his music.

The incredibly gifted singer, songwriter, and performer, whose debut album as a musician, titled “Mansa,” is anticipated to be released sometime this year, is well known for being very active on the social media platform Twitter. He used that platform to respond to the Fireboy post.

Back in February 2021, Fireboy acknowledged a song by Brymo. Curiously, Brymo didn’t respond until October 2022, referencing the post and asking rhetorically why he hadn’t spoken earlier.