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Adekunle Gold: “This year, all of my songs will be produced by my wife, Simi.”

The musician Adekunle Gold from Nigeria has released a statement.

He announced on Twitter that Simi, a fellow musician and his wife, will be mixing every song he releases in 2024.

With the simple tweet, “Simi is mixing every song I drop this year, btw,” he made this revelation on Wednesday, February 21st.

The news delighted Simi personally. She reassured her spouse that she would be delighted to carry out the task and that she wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.

“Simi” “It wouldn’t be for anyone else 🌼,” she answered.

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Brymo’s ‘Unguarded’ Comments Indicate Struggle Of Women In Industry – Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold, the popular Nigerian singer, has addressed his colleague, Brymo’s ‘offensive’ statement about his wife a couple of days ago.

Gold addressed Brymo’s statement while touching on the hardship women encounter in the entertainment industry as well as other sectors of the economy.

Amid the promotional tour of his recently released fifth album, ‘Tequila Ever After’, Adekunle Gold made a guest appearance at Cool FM where he was asked to remark over the issue involving his wife and Brymo’s ‘unsolicited’ statement.

Speaking, AG Baby indicated Brymo’s comments and ‘desire’ were absolutely senseless and biased.

He suggested the incident was a perfect example of the many struggles women have to contend with not just in the industry but across all spheres of life; confirming all the claims made by his wife and other women on social media on the stated subject matter.

The “Ogaranya” songster said: “I’m as confused as you but I’m going to say one thing. I know for a fact that it’s a lot harder for women in the industry.

“I feel like they have to do extra, extra work to get attention; you know?! And it’s not talked about often but when people speak about it, they bash them.

“Every time Simi talks about the hardship of being a woman in the industry, I see the outrage on Twitter. Not just Simi, people talk about it, women generally.

“And I’m here to tell you guys that it’s hard. Like it starts from s3x for grade, things like that. Not even in the industry basically, it’s just everywhere.

“You want to take advantage of women and stuff, I would never subscribe to that. I think it’s total bias. And yeah, it’s really hard. I see the struggle every day.

“You want to make music and then you have to be involved s3xually with the person, it makes no sense to me”, AG baby stated, totally condemning Brymo’s confession where he claimed he craved to have s3xual experience with the females he collaborated with at the time.

Wrapping up, the Def Jam Recordings act said: “I want women to be left alone, let them thrive; please!

Last month, Adekunle Gold warned his colleague, Brymo against disrespecting his wife, Simi and family following his unsolicited exposé about her.

In his response to a tweep who suggested that AG baby should have featured him in his anticipated album, Brymo claimed he once asked for s3x from Simi when she requested for collaboration.

One Maskill tweeted: “Brymo suppose dey ur album.”

But the ‘Ara’ crooner, reacting to Maskill recommendation of featuring on AG baby’s upcoming album, ‘Tequila Ever After,’ claimed Adekunle Gold and his wife, Simi, had reached out to him for features, but he turned down their request.

He said he declined to work with Simi in particular because she refused to “get intimate” with him claiming he didn’t know she and Adekunle ‘were together:.

He revealed it all sprang from his desire to have s3xual experience with the females he collaborated with.

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Adekunle Gold Replies Brymo Over Disrespectful Tweet About His Wife

Nigerian musician, Adekunle Gold has asked singer, Brymo to get help over a disrespectful tweet he made about his wife, Simi.
Brymo had shocked social media users by revealing that he turned down his colleague, Simi’s request for a feature after she refused to have s3x with him.
In a voice note he released, Brymo said a part of him wants to feel remorseful about the condition he gave Simi even though he didn’t know she was with Adekunle Gold at the time.
The singer further revealed that he gave Ghanaian singer, Efya, same condition and all he wanted was to experience what it feels like to make music with someone he’s bedding.
Reacting on Twitter, Adekunle Gold wrote:
“Do not disrespect my wife and my family. Get Help!”
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Pharrell Williams Changed My Life Completely, Says Adekunle Gold

Popular Nigerian superstar singer, Adekunle Gold has revealed Pharrell Williams as his legend and inspiration.

AG, inspired by the works of different legends, admires the works of Pharrell whom he credits for changing his life through his words.

According to AG, 12-time Grammy-winner Pharrell Williams changed his life through his inspiring words.

“Pharrell changed my life with this tweet I think it was as far back as like 2011 or 2013 he said something about ‘you are that person already, just put yourself in that place’, and ever since I found that tweet, my perspective of life changed.

“I stopped being afraid and I started to put myself out there more, moving like a superstar.

“One of the things I tell people is if you believe in yourself, you rig the game. You rig the game by just being yourself. Those words changed my life and working with Pharrell on this album? An absolute beauty. “Everything about this album is a manifestation that’s happened already.”

AG has enjoyed an impressive 2023 with the release of his chart-topping single ‘Party No Dey Stop’ which he followed up with two impressive singles ‘Omo Eko’ and ‘Do You Know’. He will be aiming to drop the most distinguished album of 2023 come July 28 when ‘Tequila Ever After’ drops.

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Nigerian Singer, Adekunle Gold Explains The Meaning Of ‘Tequila Ever After’

Adekunle Gold, the Afrobeats Pop star, also known as AG Baby has explained the reason behind his anticipated album ‘Tequila Ever After’.

In an interview with Apple Music Africa Now Radio, AG Baby tells the host Nandi Madiba about the inspiration behind his new album.

According to Adekunle Gold, he wasn’t in the best of moods after his last album ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was postponed and to help lift his mood, he was handed a bottle of Tequila.

That was his first time taking that brand of alcohol and according to AG, the alcohol put him in a whole new mood.

“I discovered tequila for the first time last year yeah, I know. We had moved my ‘Catch Me If You Can’ release that day, and I was so upset about it. I wanted the album to come out at a certain time, so I was just upset and obviously, they knew I needed an antidote or something. They brought me a bottle of Patron and I had just one shot… I’m telling you, tequila makes everything better.

“My mood lifted so much and I’m like ‘sheesh!’. It felt so good.

“I pay attention to things a lot and I’m like wait, this experience should not just happen like this without me talking about it. I wondered what if people listen to my music and this is how they feel? I made a song that day and it was a beautiful song and I’m like you know what, I’m going to carry on with this energy. I’m going to let people feel this way after one shot.”

‘Tequila Ever After’ is AG’s fifth album which will fully usher in his Tio Tequila artistic era.

According to AG, the album is the fifth level of his adventure, and he’s at his most happy, cheerful, and confident.

“I’m on level five of my adventure game and it’s all fun. It’s happy, it’s a party, it’s more confident, all better off. When you take tequila, it’s all better off you don’t give any damn, you just say whatever you want to say, and that’s what ‘Tequila Ever After’ means.

“It’s a metaphor for where I am in my life right now. I’m in a very happy state – like very, very happy and I want it to shine through the music.”

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Singer Simi reveals how she met her husband Adekunle Gold

Sensational Nigerian singer, Simisola Kosoko better known as Simi, has revealed how she met the absolute love of her life, singer Adekunle Gold.

The mother of one shared the heartwarming story during a recent interview on Beat FM.

She disclosed that when she was involved in gospel music, Adekunle Gold was a huge fan of hers and sent her numerous messages on Facebook. However, she didn’t see those messages and didn’t know him at the time.

Their paths eventually crossed at one of her musical performances when Adekunle Gold attended the show to watch her perform. After the event, he approached her to express his admiration as a fan.

According to Simi, her husband was very persistent in his pursuit of her as he explored every means to get her attention. She said she eventually became his friend because she was attracted to his kindness.

She said he asked her to be his girlfriend that same year, and the rest, they say, is history. The celebrity couple dated for five years and tied the nuptial knot in 2019.

Her words,

“In the gospel community, I was pretty well known. And he [Adekunle Gold] had heard my album at that time as well.

“He has been reaching out to me on Facebook, DMing me on Facebook. But I didn’t see those DMs until we started dating.

“I don’t remember how we eventually linked up again. I had a show Bogobiri, and he turned up. He was very slim at that time with white BYC and jeans. He came to see me perform. I was like, ‘Oh hey! He was like, ‘Oh! I’m such a fan.’ And I was like, ‘Okay!’ [laughs].

“I don’t know, he must have been persistent because there is a friendship that came out from there. I thought he was a really nice guy. We became friends and later that year, he asked me out.

“I mean, as much as I was sounding like all that, I still didn’t really have nothing. He was a nice guy and I was like, ‘Okay, I don’t mind a nice guy’ [laughs].”

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Adekunle Gold Ignores Dancer Who Threw Her Backside At Him During Performance

A viral video has captured the moment superstar singer, Adekunle Gold ignored a dancer who attempted to get him on stage with her backside.

In the video, Adekunle Gold was spotted performing for his fans when the female dancer decided to make a romantic move.

She moved closer to the singer and threw her backside to him on stage, an action which Adekunle Gold wasn’t pleased with.

In reaction, Adekunle Gold lifted his hand as if crying to God for help, before shifting away from the lady immediately.

The video has caused a frenzy online with many applauding Adekunle for respecting the fact that he was a married man.

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Why I Borrowed Adekunle Gold’s Clothes To Perform At Davido’s Concert — Pheelz

Phillip Kayode Moses, the Nigerian producer and singer, who is popularly known as Pheelz, has made a revelation about himself.

He revealed that he borrowed the clothes he donned to perform at Davido’s O2 concert in London last year.

He disclosed that he borrowed the outfit from his former YBNL record label mate, Adekunle Gold who was also in London for the show.

The Finesse crooner revealed this on a recent episode of the F&S Uncensored audiovisual podcast hosted by Feyikemi Akin-Bankole and Simi Badiru.

He said: “I talked to Bhadest [Davido], David my visa don comot. He was like, Bro if you can take the next flight to London, take it. So, I pulled up. The same cloth I wore to the visa office. I didn’t even pack my bags or anything. As I landed in London, I knew that AG [Adekunle Gold] was there, I hit up AG like, Bro, come to save me.

“If you look at the pictures from that show, my hair was rough. I didn’t even get a haircut. My trousers was, like, short because that was AG’s cloth. I took clothes from AG.”

He said after his performance at the show, over 20 record labels reached out to him but he signed for Warner Music because it “felt like family.”

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See What Adekunle Gold Did To Hair Vendor Who Got Robbed

The hair vendor who was robbed earlier yesterday has expressed her gratitude to Nigerian Afropop star, Adekunle Kosoko for reaching out to her and sending her money.

In the video that went viral, the hair vendor displayed the stark emptiness of her store after it was robbed the previous night.

In her words:

“Guys everything, see they cleared everything. But make una relax I’m going to sort out everybody. Don’t fear. It’s me bah. I will sort you guys out”

In a new update and a video shared online, the hair vendor including her family was seen kneeling down and thanking the artist, Adekunle Gold for helping her.

Although the amount of money given to the hair vendor was unspecified, it could be seen from the reactions of the hair vendor that she was grateful for the kind gesture of Adekunle Gold.

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Adekunle Gold Surprises Simi With Customised Diamond Necklace On 35th Birthday

Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold is celebrating his wife and colleague,  Simi, as she turns a year older today.

The couple woke up in Marrakesh, Morroco, where Gold flew her to in celebration of her 35th birthday.

The singer gave his wife a customised diamond necklace while stating that she has been his magic for 10 years.

Gold reminisced on how the singer stood by him, and how rich they are now.

”God bless the day I met you at Bogobiri 10 years ago. 10 years of being my magic. I’m grateful for you, for everything you do. Been through it all with you so as we start to dey chop life now, we go live it up to the fullest. Orente mi, Ati lowo, Ati nile lori, Ati bimo, Alafia njoba ninu ile’wa, Aye wa dun bi oyin. 😇 Happy Birthday Girl of my youth,” Gold wrote while celebrating her on Instagram.