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According to Joke Silva’s daughter-in-law, “Obedience Is Better Than Sack Of Rice.”

Blessing Joke Silva’s veteran daughter-in-law, Douglas, has spoken out about her involvement with Tinubu’s Support. 

Joke Silva and Foluke Daramola gained Twitter attention after they participated in the women’s protest in support of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate. 

The demonstration, which started on Monday, October 3rd at Onikan Stadium and covered Lagos Island, attracted celebrities, businesswomen, and professionals from a range of disciplines. They were sporting t-shirts with the APC’s logos and phrases written on them.

However, there was substantial debate over Joke Silva’s support of Bola Tinubu. Others questioned her moral rationale and questioned where she had left her hurt husband, Olu Jacobs, while some internet users expressed their joy that she spoke out in support of her candidates while showing their entire breasts. 

Blessing responded by discussing how she was bullied as a result of the seasoned actress’ engagement in Tinubu’s campaign in her Instagram story.

The veteran was also mocked by the single mother who said that obedience was preferable to a bag of rice. 

“Just like that, a stray bullet touched a person. Obeying is preferable to a sack of rice. 

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