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Singer, Bella Shmurda Shares Adorable Photos Of His Newborn Baby

Popular Afrobeats star, Bella Shmurda has shared an adorable photo of his son.

The singer welcomed a child with his baby mama some months ago, prior to his best friend, Mohbad’s death.

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared father-son photoshoots with his adorable baby.

Bella Shmurda in the photos could be seen rocking the customized pendant he made to immortalize the memory of the late Mohbad.


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My Mum Asked Me Not To Return Home Immediately After Mohbad Died – Bella Shmurda Reveals

Abiola Ahmed Akinbiyi, the NIgerian singer who is also known as Bella Shmurda, has revealed that his mum asked him not to return to Nigeria yet after his close friend and frequent collaborator, rapper Mohbad passed away in a controversial manner.

He said he was in Canada preparing for his tour when he received the news of his friend’s demise from Nigeria.

Shmurda spoke at the candlelight procession in memory of Mohbad in Canada, on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

He said, “Mohbad is my brother and best friend. Sadly, three days after I left Nigeria, I got a call that he was dead.

“My mum had to call me not to come back to Nigeria yet. I understand what she’s saying.

“RIP Mohbad. God bless wherever you are, even in your grave. I don’t know what to say. Thank you all for coming. And justice for Mohbad!”

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Mohbad: Autopsy Or Not, Bring Out Those Who Oppressed And Maltreated Him When He Was Alive – Bella Shmurda

Popular Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda has said that he is unbothered about the autopsy being carried out by the police on the exhumed body of late singer, Mohbad.

In a post shared on his X handle last night, Bella Shmurda who was a close friend of the 27-year-old stated that ‘’delayed justice” is injustice.

He said the main goal now is for the authorities to bring to book, those that ‘’oppressed” Mohbad and ”maltreated the hell out of him while he was alive.”

See his post below…

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I Will Go ’Street’ To Avenge MohBad’s Death – Bella Shmurda Blows Hot

Bella Shmurda

Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, the Nigerian singer who is popularly known as Bella Shmurda, has vowed to avenge his friend’s death.

He said that the spirit of his friend, late singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba popularly known Mohbad will not let him rest until those involved in his death are broke to justice.

He threatened to go “street” if the Nigerian police does not arrest those involved in his death.

Shmurda made this known via his X (formerly Twitter) handle on Sunday, September 17.

He further beckoned on the Nigerian police to make sure that justice is served.

He wrote: “In the past few days have tried my best not to carry phone nd type anything but Mohbad spirit won’t let me rest knowing I’m the only one make his spirit calm by making those of them who make him live in fear nd almost with nothing to feed on never also get rest nd he don start yes I mean wahaLa just wan start like this I NO GO GREE nd I mean it Samlarry nd whole marlians music must be arrested make all of us Dey police.

“nd(sic) if the Nigerian police too weak as body to fish this people out we do it street, legal or illegal any which way like this war don start.”

“If they all ran out the country which shows that they’re actually guilt of whatever crime were said to have committed by them then it’s they’re guilty nd they all know they should never come back nd they should ban from entering the country for life”

MohBad, who passed on Tuesday, September 12, was a former signee of Marlian Records.

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Bella Shmurda Narrating How Mohbad Attempted Su!cide Due To Issues He Was Having With His Label Surfaces After His Death

An old video of singer, Bella Shmurda revealing how Mohbad tried to take his own life has surfaced online.
This followed the death of the singer on Tuesday.
He said Mohbad attempted to take his own life due to issues he was enmeshed in with his music label.
In the interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Bella Shmurda revealed that Mohbad who got fed up with the issues his contract with Marlian Music brought up, tried jumping down from the building they were in.
He backed out of the suicid£ attempt after his girlfriend walked in. Bella Shmurda went on to tell the music executives at Marlian Music to stop claiming that “all is well” as it is not that way.
Mohbad has now been confirmed dead at the age of 27.
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I’m A New Daddy – Bella Shmurda Says As He Announces Birth of His Son

Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda is now a dad.
The singer announced it on his Instagram page saying he welcomed his newborn with his partner on Monday.
His statement: “A few days to the drop of my album last year, I was an emotional and mental wreck.”
“I’d just gotten to the UK where I was scheduled to do some promotional activities when I heard the news that I’d lost the child I was expecting at birth.”
“At the same time, I started getting threats to my life. The mere fact that I was in the UK was an opportunity for certain people to hurt me, and I saw a video of a group of guys that had been sent to a location I was supposed to be to attack me there.”
“I was hurt, angry and confused. It was the darkest place I’d ever been in my life, but somehow, light found it’s way through to me in that tunnel.”
“It’s a few days to the drop of my project this year. This time, I got news that my little boy is here. I’m happy and blessed.”
“What’s lost can never be replaced, but I have another chance, a new lease on life. A new purpose. I’m a new Daddy; DO NOT DISTURB.”
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I Pulled Every String Myself, No One Helped Me – Bella Shmurda

Superstar Nigerian artist, Bella Shmurda has said that he became successful without receiving help from anyone.

The singer, who stood up for his friend, Mohbad during his label clash revealed that he has worked hard to get all he wants.

Taking to Twitter, Bella shared a tweet where he affirmed that he built his way up and pulled every string by himself. He added that if anyone comes forward to lay claims on something they did for him, it’s false.

Bella Wrote:

“I Pull every strings myself, no one I mean absolutely no one,so if you come to me know how you speak I never try to take Glory for what I didn’t do I work for it. Incase you hear anyone trying to say they did or that for Bella Lai lai its not me,they just wan tap”

See Post Below;


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Bella Shmurda’s top five songs.

Take a look at Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda’s musical journey thus far. Every music lover in the world has cherished his top-released hits.

Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, but to the rest of the world, he is Bella Shmurda, the musical prodigy who set the world on fire in 2018 with a remixed song “Vision 2020” with Olamide. Olamide was already a well-established rapper at the time, while Shmurda had a lot of potential and a lot to prove to the world with his street pop styles.

Bella Shmurda

This Nigerian musician was never your typical performer, and his distinct qualities set him apart from the rest of the world. He takes pride in being the voice of the voiceless streets. He witnessed the power of music at a very young age, and he appreciates this magnificent form of art by employing it and making it impressively overwhelming. Bella Shmurda’s top five songs will demonstrate his potential; these are the songs for which the world has bowed to him.

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Bella Shmurda

Bella Shmurda has released a number of singles and collaborated with some well-known music artists her age. Popular artists such as Davido, Olamide, LAX, DJ Consequence, Dangbana Republik, MasterKraft, DJ Spinnal, and others collaborated with him, giving us the Top Songs of Bella Shmurda. He has remained consistent in his career and will continue to provide us with his well-narrated and impressive tracks in the coming days. Here’s a list of his top five songs that the world has danced to.


Out There

This is one of Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda’s brilliant releases featuring Dangbana Republik. This song conveys a powerful message that anyone can relate to. “Don’t stop, soldier man; life is a battleground, and you have to win the war.” The idea is to keep fighting and keep your fighting spirit alive because life is an unpredictable battleground and you must survive. A song like this will only serve to boost a man’s motivation for any upcoming battle.


Far Away

‘Far Away,’ another Dangbana Republik musical collaboration, is one of his outstanding releases that has elevated street pop to a higher level. This track is from ‘High Tension 2.0,’ and it is quirky while also displaying some impressive grooving vibes. He values finding love in a foreign country. Coming from Nigeria, he has always held the Brenin culture dear to his heart, but he is also accepting enough to love someone from a different culture. This song’s earthy vibes will truly move you to your core.


Vision 2020

This was the first song that drew attention to itself. This collaboration with Olamide is a charming expression of street culture. The highly regarded artist was already a star at the time, but in ‘Vision 2020,’ Bella Shmurda has flourished thanks to his undeniable talent and gripping rapping deliveries. In this song, he criticizes how various governing authorities have discredited Nigeria’s youth. Many people can relate to the gentle criticism of the Nigerian government.



This musical masterpiece is one of Bella Shmurda’s Top Songs featuring Dangbana Republik. This song was written specifically for his fans; it is a hit-back number that has been well received around the world. Furthermore, this song includes amusing musical elements such as a wonderful tempo with a blend of Pidgin, English, and Yoruba. And the entire mix of music has a great dancing vibe to it.

Shmurda expresses his feelings about others talking behind his back in this song. And how he’s unconcerned about it? He also slams critics who claim he lives in the fast lane. He declares that he is unconcerned about their opinions and will continue in this manner. He also discusses a viral video in which he claimed he was too drunk to perform on stage. And it’s not surprising that over 4 million people have viewed the same video on YouTube.


Cash App

The combination of lovely tunes with Afropop and Afrobeats has made this song extremely appealing to all music lovers. His collaboration with the iconic Zlatan Ibile and Lincoln has to be by far his biggest hit. This massive hit broke records and sparked numerous controversies. Despite this, the song was a success, garnering over 21 million views on YouTube alone.

Choosing an unusual theme for the track’s video, this song quickly became one of the most popular. The song depicts a scenario in which a group of bank robbers commits a heist to make up for their poverty. In this video, they use an American flag to depict capitalism. Overcoming poverty is a big deal in Nigeria, and choosing this topic has made the song very appealing to everyone. However, the video also depicts the other side of being a part of such a robbery. Getting caught and the subsequent events in any fraud procedure. Critics have praised them for portraying a strong image to the public.

Being one of the prominent faces of the Nigerian musical scene, his tracks have happened to be one of the most loved tracks within a very short time. And getting this much traction within a very short was truly a great way to kick-start a career. When it comes to the musical list of a prolific star the numbers cannot be limited to 5 to 10 numbers.

Some more tracks that are truly brilliant and have been getting a lot of attention were ‘Only You’, ‘Dangbana Orisa’, ‘Sho Mo Mi’, ‘Colodia Drive Us’, and the list can go on. He is surely one of the most loved artists in Nigeria, yet the world is slowly falling for his daunting lines and vindictive musical nature. The gravity of his music is surely a lot of. With him, street pop styles have gained a great singer and performer.

Let us know what you think about Bella in the comment section.

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Zlatan Ibile drops RESAN album

Zlatan ibile has finally released his long highly anticipated album RESAN featuring Bella Shmurda,Buju,Davido,Ms Banks,Phyno,Flavour,Ravvanny and Sho Madjozi.

resan zlatan
resan zlatan
zlatan ibile
zlatan ibile

After his successful show at indigo in London the rapper dropped the 12 song album and he revealed in a long heartfelt caption on Instagram his appreciation to his fans and also naysayers that said he wont last long in the industry.

zlatan ibile
zlatan ibile

“Resan The Album…12 songs, 35 minutes, maximum fun, absolute connection. There were predictions that I won’t be here for long, but God and my fans have proven all naysayers wrong. For this, I’m joyous and grateful. I’ve burnt the candle at both ends to ensure that our album is top-notch. I worked my ass out to please my fans and not let y’all down. It’s been hard but it’s been worth it. Huge thank you to everyone that worked with me on this album…my team, the featured artists, the producers, sound engineers etc. You guys made it easier for me. My people, RESAN drops on 5th November. I present to you the track list. Y’all should anticipate nothing but good music. Love always.”

listen and download Zlatan Resan here