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Sleeping With Men For Money Is Old-Fashioned – Actress, Lizzy Gold Tells Ladies

Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, the popular Nigerian actress, has advised ladies to stop trading their bodies for money.

Best known for her role in the movie “Agaracha the Lioness”, Lizzy said the practice was no longer in vogue, urging women to rather consider other legitimate means of earning incomes.

She recommended social media as one of the platforms via which ladies could now make money without having to sleep with men for it.

The former Miss Delta posing with her ride wrote: “Hey ladies ….sleeping with men for Money is now old fashioned ….don’t do it ..

“There are lots of ways to make money legitimately…you can even make money from social media platforms….”

But one Instagram user @ don_miko92 challenged the film star’s admonition, accusing her of being guilty of it.

“You are doing it and advising people not to do it…so ironic”, he wrote.

Albeit, many ladies concurred with her words while others pleaded with the actress to share such platforms where they could really earn from.

agudo_mirabella asked: “Mama, please how can we achieve that which platform is that?”

priceless2602 said: “Which of the social media platform because I done tire to f^ck for money when not reach person chop a day.”

chidimma.ibe wrote: “Nah mumu Dey sleep around now.”

princessmicheal9154 stated: “Loud it my darling

somina.jumbo said: “I don’t do that, but I need to make money cos I’m a student , please ma’am teach me @lizzygoldofficial.”

peace_fancy wrote: “How na put me through.”

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