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Rapper, Nicki Minaj to Dump Hip-hop For Pop

Superstar rapper, Nicki Minaj has revealed her plan to dump hip-hop.
According to the rapper, she’s considering switching to pop.
Minaj stated this at her recent concert in Vienna, Austria, after seeing fans’ reaction to her performance of her pop song, ‘Starships.’
“Vienna, Austria, you guys were so amazing. When ‘Starships’ started playing, that’s when I knew the kind of crowd they were,” she said per Pop Crave.
“Because you should’ve seen, they were doing circles in the crowd and just having their own moment. It made me feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, maybe I should make a couple more pop songs.’”
Nick Minaj is regarded as arguably the greatest female hip-hop star of all-time.
In recent years, top rappers such as Drake, J.Cole, and Kendrick Lamar have incorporated pop into their sounds.

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