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On Burna Boy’s “Last Last” and The Artist Breakup, Stefflon Don shares her opinion on New York radio station, Hot 97.

Stefflon Don, a British rapper and Burna Boy’s ex-girlfriend, opened out about their breakup in an interview with media personality TT Torrez on New York radio station, Hot 97.

After being directly questioned by Torrez, Stefflon Don revealed about their broken relationship, saying “So we all know, your last boyfriend Burna Boy, y’all no longer together, what happened?” To this Don replied saying that while they were together for two and a half years but had to part ways.

Then Torrez questioned if she believed that his number-one single, Last Last, was about her. Then, after asking what she believed, Don informed the media personality that her assumption had been accurate. Stefflon Don claims that Burna Boy made a misleading statement on the record, but she generally felt neutral toward the song.

In interviews, Burna Boy and Stefflon Don frequently referred to each other as their husband during their two and a half years of public dating, which began somewhere in 2019 and ended in late 2021 or later. 

Since this is Stefflon Don’s first time going out about their breakup, the world is still unaware of the reasons for it.

However, there were rumors about Burna Boy’s adultery and a post-breakup tweet from Stefflon Don in which he said that people weren’t always what they looked to be and occasionally switched up with money and fame. 

Check out the interview below:

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