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Nigerian Journalist, Joey Akan Backs Police Report On How Mohbad Died


Joey Akan, the popular Nigerian journalist, has backed the police report on how singer Mohbad died.

In a tweet he shared, Joey Akan said the police report confirmed all he knows about Mohbad’s death. He went on to outline how Mohbad died.

The journalist tweeted; “Nigerian police finally confirms all I know about Mohbad’s death:

* Sustained an injury during a fight with his childhood friend at a branded experiential marketing show/activation in Ikorodu to market a product

* Instead of going to his hospital, his friends and handlers called in a quack nurse to “disinfect” the wound.

* Nurse gives him a cocktail of intravenous injections, he collapses. Everyone panics and starts rushing him to the hospital they should have gone in the first place.

*Hospital rejects him because he was already dead.

* Friends then make a video of his lifeless body, crudely announcing his death before even family is alerted. Really sad way to go for a person with enough resources that get the best care in the world.”

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