Man Narrates How His Haircut Messed Him Up During S3x

An American man has taken to Facebook to narrate how his haircut messed him up during a s3xual encounter.

According to Ben Daryl, the lady he was having s3x with suddenly started screaming while pointing out that “something” is dripping down his head.

The Facebook user who shared photos of hair dye on his face blamed his barber for the embarrassing incident.

He Wrote;

“Maaaan i’m over this chick house, we started having s3x, I started sweating she started screaming. All a sudden she said nigga wtf!!!Get off of me, what’s that dripping from your head? I said hunh, what you talmbout? She said Ben it’s 3 adidas stripes drizzling from yo hair. So I jumped out her bed and ran in her bathroom, looked in her mirror N see this shít, i swear my Barber got me fked up”

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