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“I Can Show My Love Life Anyhow I Freaking Want,” says Nkechi Blessing.

Nkechi Blessing, an actress, is not taking trolls lightly as she flaunts her younger lover on social media.  She stated that she can flaunt her love life anyhow she wants.

Nkechi Blessing with her lover

The actress has been receiving backlash recently for dating a younger man and flaunting him on her social media page.

In reaction to this, the actress stated that the fact that her trolls can’t find happiness doesn’t stop her from finding happiness.

She added that those trolling her over her love interest are not happy with their own lives, otherwise they won’t have time to troll her.

Her words,

“The fact that you can’t find happiness won’t stop me from finding…..I can show my love life anyhow I freaking want…. leave me to the fuk alone….if you are happy with your own life, IM not sure you will have time for what I choose to do with my life…face your life and let me breathe for fuk sake”.

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