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France football federation President, Noel Le Graet says Karim Benzema’s international career will not be affected by whatever verdict from his alleged sextape scandal

The President of the France Football Federations, Noel Le Graet made it known that the Karim Benzema’s sextape drama will not have effect on his international career and he will only be sanctioned based on sporting merits.

The Real Madrid striker has been in sensational form since returning to the French fold following a five-year hiatus, taking his place in the Euro 2020 squad and also being a key member of their recent Nations League success.


Graet further explained selections for the team is solely the responsibility of the coach Didier Deschamps but whatever the verdict says wont affect his national team career.

he said ;


‘The coach will always remain responsible for his selection, and Benzema will not be excluded in relation to a possible judicial sanction,’ Le Graet told Le Parisien in an interview. Even if he receives a penalty, a suspended prison sentence, he still has the possibility of appealing a conviction. So his selection, or not, in the coming months will not be linked to this judgment. I will never intervene to say that we do not take him. After that, it is up to Didier [Deschamps] to consider whether, on a sporting level, he is fit to play with les Bleus.’

Benzema is accused of attempting to persuade Valbuena to agree to an amount blackmailers were requesting for which made him a suspect in the crime but if he is found guilty, with prosecutors seeking a 10-month suspended sentence and a €75,000 fine, this will not affect his his France career.

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